Just wasted half an hour because an API uses US English and my spellchecker uses UK English. How's your day going?

In case you are tired of depressing political news in the US, and want to know about depressing political news outside the US, one of the biggest questions in the next week's presidential elections in Portugal, is if women are allowed to wear red lipstick.

"threatening journalists with legal action and asking a court to muzzle a political rival over a tweet."
Oh look, the nationalist authoritarian has fascist ideas. Surprise! /s

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One of the candidates vying for Merkel’s position — Friedrich Merz — has a hard time coping with criticism.
Just ask his lawyers. politico.eu/article/friedrich-

If you have been partying, doing unnecessary travels, not wearing a mask, or being a covidiot in general, I cannot visit my 5 month old son in the hospital because of YOU. I hope you feel proud. I also hope you die. Not of COVID though, that would be too nice and easy.

What @secupp@twitter.com just said is important: "What happened was not just predictable it was predicted".
Everyone that enabled Trump need to suffer consequences.

.@markrutte@twitter.com you know what you would have screamed if this was in Spain or Italy? You can still do it on a mirror.

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The Netherlands began its Covid-19 vaccination program - almost two weeks after most other EU countries euobserver.com/tickers/150527

This is the kind of person that likes Kissinger. No further comment.

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@joaomcsantos@twitter.com Kissinger was not a criminal, let alone a fascist. Realpolitik is the only game in international relations. Only the mentally retarded, religious and MEPs think you can change things through wishful thinking

Nationalism rots your brain.

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The UK is paying $37 per dose of the Moderna vaccine. The EU is paying $18 per dose. Both buyers ordered 40m doses. The EU offered the UK to join its buying consortium, but the UK turned them down. This is the team negotiating Brexit terms of trade. telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/12/1

Between the @awscloud@twitter.com and @Google@twitter.com outages, I think 2020 is trying to tell us that monopolistic walled gardens are a terrible idea.

It seems @Google@twitter.com decided to give extra vacations to everyone working from home.

TIL that some German bureaucrats don't know that Germany is part of the EU (or at least got into their heads that EU citizens needs a residence permit which is equally stupid).

Apparently transparency and ethics are swear words at @Google@twitter.com.

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@debarrosmarcelo@twitter.com Easy. 1 Tell us exactly the process that led to retraction order and who exactly was involved. 2. Have a series of meetings with the ethical ai team about process. 3 have an understanding of research parameters, what can be done/not, who can make these censorship decisions etc.

The way and reason @timnitGebru@twitter.com was fired shows that @Google@twitter.com, like Shrek, is like a onion. The difference is that every single layer is greedy and evil. (technologyreview.com/2020/12/0 is a good summary of what happened)

"If consumers even know there's a DRM, what it is, and how it works, we've already failed."

—Peter Lee, Disney Executive in an interview with The Economist in 2005.


Next time they do a pro-covid protest in Berlin, can we put whoever authorizes it in the middle of crowd? I'm tired of everyone going surprised Pikachu when they don't follow the law and put innocents at risk.

.@eucopresident@twitter.com maybe the idiots that came up with the CAP should read aljazeera.com/news/2020/11/17/
Please bring it up to the next meeting.

Little known fact: German bureaucracy is responsible for 92.7% of the world's deforestation.
/me prints another form filled online

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