Surprising absolutely no one but their own cult members,'s App Store is a fraud.


Overnight both and released hundreds of pages of new documents, containing lots of colour based on discovery and recent depositions. I stayed up reading so you don't have to. Here's what I learnt (couple *bombshells* in here)

This makes me wonder if it would be better for sites to not set colours at all and for browsers to make the default colour settings more visible.


hi just a friendly reminder that it's not cool or "woke" to be a dark theme elitist. different color themes aren't just about your ""aesthetic"" -- they are important accessibility features.

(sorry for the awful collage of text... also light theme version in comments)

Solitary confinement is a barbaric punishment. With that out of the way, the country that has 20% of its inmates in solitary confinement should stop their crimes against mankind before they try to lecture other countries.


U.S. State Department blasts Cuba for solitary confinement, with some prisoners isolated "for months at a time."

Anyone that thinks that RMS gives a fuck about fundamental rights should read this. (well I know the people that believe this are also the kind of people that believe women are not people, but maybe you care about male workers)

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RMS created non-safe spaces at both MIT & the FSF. When I was at the FSF, RMS had little to no empathy for the staff. The FSF was not a healthy, functional workplace. We formed a union to help protect ourselves from RMS — he controlled our pay, benefits, and workplace conditions. is the kind of bullish behavior you get when you enable people like RMS.
Replacing's board will not fix anything because the entire organization is a cult to a bully.

If you are going to steal someone's cultural heritage at least give credit. (on a side note, how dumb/racist do you have to be to confuse Portugal and Mexico?)


The collection was inspired by purposeful craftsmanship... Based on baskets that hung in my childhood home, we experimented with basket-weave on different materials, including embroidered voile and woven or printed leather.

The Tor Project is joining calls for Richard M. Stallman to be removed from board, staff, volunteer, and other leadership positions in the FOSS community, including the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project. Sign the open letter:

KDE: On the reappointment of Richard Stallman as a director of the Free Software Foundation (FSF)

The entire /#AimeeKnight mess is a good example why the Internet was a mistake. On one end we have a pedophile apologist and f'ing social media company doesn't know how to use a search engine and on the other end we have a transphobic mob.

Parece que os CTT foram a única empresa de correio que conseguiu perder dinheiro com o melhor ano das compras online. Parece que a mediocridade não compensa.

Ireland has become the world's largest pirate port. They will stop at nothing to share in the profits of corrupt corporations, and the entire state is geared towards that goal. Ireland's DPC, in particular, is an obvious front to the Googles and Facebooks of this world.


This data privacy drama is funny. But people on the internet and their data are the victims here.

With the amount of messaging apps has created you would expect them to be good at it. But is still a trainwreck of a product.

We really need to consider if we need this kind of allies.


Biden’s promise of widespread vaccinations by summer prompts frustration in slower-moving Europe

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