Roughly 90k new users per week means we'll get to 1m mastodon users in about 6 weeks?

Here you have me in honest:

I run services like , for some years now and so far i don't remember that something really bad happened. Xmpp is currently at around 90-100 active users. Now i have a server with nearly 7k confirmed users ... well yea i am a bit scared about this responsibility and i have fear that something could go wrong, this usersize is new to me. :)

@liate @joonian first of all, no-one here is acting, least of all me (see attached photo).

Second, those toots by @ZeroOne @OneZero are far from random, you should translate them for a laugh

How many of you Mastodoners are concerned about how your instance admin is handling your data?

funnily enough the mastodon web app doesn't recognise new gtlds like .social so they aren't clickable

what are the mastodon instances with the most interesting rules that you have seen?

You might be looking for something like that:

A directory of #Mastodon users

RT @symac:
My contribution to the mastodon universe: a directory of mastodon users, with username, display name and bio. Search 55,000+ users from 600+ instances on (still work in progress, might crash anytime)

What other instances are as cool as 🐬

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