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of peace
and justice (
under certain king).

"It was important to get it right the first time, but nobody wanted to."

"I would still like to do this, but I have been reading other things, and watching a lot of TV shows about murder being something that can be solved by flawed but fundamentally good people."

"—over the top, long winded, unnecessary, grossly elaborate and just bloated beyond all proportion."

"I went for all the good things I’d encountered in America, and against all the bad things."

"I could play it more accurately‚ but I couldn’t play it better."

So when does the Trump administration go on trial for genocide?

I am removing a blurb from my books, because I no longer wish to be in associated with the person in question. Am I cancelling them? You tell me!

"I don’t classify billionaires as an oppressor group."

"It was that patch of green protesters saw when they filed through the gate. Mark McCloskey said in an affidavit that he has defended the patch before by pointing a gun at a neighbor who had tried to cut through it."

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(Oh right I need to flip switches and switch links.)

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