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“Anvil,” but never mind the sooty faces. —Jo saves Ysabel from direst threat, but also, perhaps, vice-versa.

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"The police claim Mr. Williams fired at them with a rifle. Other witnesses claim his hands were in the air in a sign of surrender and he had no weapon when Officer Harmon shot him twice."

"These aren’t always just good stories, full of poetry and symbolism, but vessels that transmit the collective memory of those that lived through it, and inside which there may be factual evidence as to what might have happened thousands of years ago..."

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You enter a moldy, dark yellow parlour. There is a STEP STOOL by the wall. You see a RUBBER DUCK here, near the door. There is a VALKYRIE here, sharpening a pencil.


"Karl Geise fled with what he could carry; everything else would perish by fire."

“Freeway,” what do you think they're yelling for. —The boar, escaped, is found, and put down.

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"We appreciate that you are a proficient, private volunteer security group with vast experience in event security."

"I’m told that streaming platforms have identified 5,071 different music genres—"

"Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am Ende Menschen."

"Genderfluid implies the existence of gendersolid, gendergas, and genderplasma. I think that’s beautiful."

"—the cultural role of the episode as a literary micro-unit, one that forces us to read individual narratives in terms of an always partial and fraught development toward plot."

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“a-Hunting,” though you or I daren't go. —A boar is hunted in the Lloyd Center (after hours).

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"Rule 5: Twins and phonies may appear only after the viewers have been duly prepared for them."

Jesus, the extent to which the phrase "You are on the Global Frequency" can still fucking wreck me.

So you get the Global Frequency, but you lose Leverage. Choose.

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