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"My primary evidence for the death of the reader is the death of my own reading."

“Is genetically modifying your offspring so they can more efficiently farm potatoes on Mars likely to be something they desire?”

"If there were police with gunshot wounds we would know by now."

"How did Boba Fett (Darth Vader, Darth Maul, stormtroopers, that droid) become a Star Wars icon?" —Well, Disney didn't have to pay an actor to license their face, for one.

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fun fact: the german article “die” is read by most english trained algorithms as "die"

this legitimately means you can get a 12 hour ban for talking about "the boomers" auf deutsch on birdsite

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Monk's enemies quarrel
and thus save him.

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Oh, right, Frozen II: Still Chilly, that's why there's a bunch of people reading this again.

"The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen may have been passed by the National Assembly, and the king himself executed by guillotine, but there still wasn’t enough food to go around."

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I have a public Patreon post about these murals I always forget I painted when I was a teen, and the small avenues of escape we find.

"You know, everyone takes off their clothes and pours on the corn oil, and then we all just sort of squish together."

Truth Climbing Back Into Her Well, Having Failed to Shame Much of Anyone at All.

"You absolutely must date those whom you most want to date, and not a single person that you don’t."

"I feel so much empathy for so many of these people that truly hate me, not in the Christian sense that I want to turn the other cheek toward them, but out of an honest admiration for their comic timing."

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There's a reason they have cops check fares instead of transit employees. I have never seen a bus driver kick someone off for coming up short.

"Why create a fantasy world in which race is real to talk about how racism is bad?"

"—fantasy’s chronic inability to understand what race is—"

Wonder if the Republicans are tired of winning yet.

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