The birdsite’s apparently redesigning how replies work and look, and oh, oh how wonderful, I don’t have to be cranky about it.

"It's what urban fantasy might be now, if it'd gone in different directions."

So the giant statue based on the iconic Time Square kiss between the sailor and the nurse at the end of World War II is apparently called “Unconditional Surrender,” which, way to hang the red flag high, boys.

Dammit show that is not a waxing moon that is a waning moon how can you not know the difference.

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Listen, I just want to read about the economies and trade goods of various Dungeons & Dragons lands.

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You enter a spacious, pink room. There is a FUNERAL URN near the door. You see a FLOWER here, on the ceiling. There is a FARMHAND here, drinking tea.


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For example, you could say: “Haiti, the first country in the Western Hemisphere to abolish slavery”

I had not realized Margot Verger was played by Ginger Fitzgerald...

Every now and then I am reminded of that picture of a young Donald Trump photobombing Liberace, who's feeding a candy cane to a stuffed polar bear.

"They only conceive of the world as it is, and work within that frame. They don’t think, ‘Here’s the system; it sucks and we should burn it down’."

"You cannot go offshore, but your money can."

"…it might be here that we can really see the difference between what are intrinsically art projects and projects that bother people to the point where they prefer labeling them as art."

“...the makeup of the Portland jury pool and the anti-police attitudes of many residents appears to have a large impact upon the DA’s ability to successfully bring charges against suspects that are injured in police use of force cases.”

“Angel moms”? —Oh jiminy fuckballs Christmas.

"It exemplifies those twin conditions that underlie all that is American in our building arts: the chronic shortage of skilled labor, and the almost universal use of wood."

Getting real damn tired of the carceral triumphalism of all these “Chapo’s goin’ to the Alcatraz of the Rockies!” articles.

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