And then I step out to the corner store for batteries and it's August but the weather's a full-on soaking October drizzle, which, I mean.

But then we turn off the episode and the ten-year-old finds out about the Brazilian cattle barons burning the Amazon, and has a full-on emotional freakout over all of us dying, which, that's not wrong.

Ha, so, I says to myself, I get it: Assassination Classroom is all about how neoliberalism has given our children the impossible task of destroying capitalism in the few years left to save the world, ha.

How everyone in Portland forgets over the summer how to drive in the rain.

"—a ballistic missile of pure humanity—"

"…the relationship between wealth workers and their customers is easily exploited and often impersonalized—an oddity considering the intimacy of the work, which involves feeling hair, touching nails, massaging skin, entering a stranger’s home to assemble his bedroom, or welcoming him into your car."

(There are people out there who don't know John W. Campbell was a fascist?)

Damn there ought to be more love out there for One Night.

It's the birbsite, but it's Starfleet captains as flavors of schnapps, so, you know.

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prisons, politics 

What even is “delivering value” supposed to mean, anyway.

"…most people believed in a strong state, as long as it didn’t involve itself in their personal lives."

"Wouldn’t it be quite strange if one man in eighteenth-century Königsberg managed to figure out the nature of morality for all time by thinking very hard about it in his living room?"

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Portland pol, -, one last thing and then I'll be done 

It is staggering to contemplate we're this close to declaring the state of being against fascism as a terrorist organization.

Welp, the pre-fab trollbot army has it in for Portland and antifa today, hoo boy.

“But at the heart of it all is one basic, almost banal truth: billionaires really shouldn’t exist.”

“It remained unclear on Thursday if the object was a gun.”

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“The behavior attributed to me regarding raising my voice, berating employees and contributing to a hostile work environment does not represent the person I am or have ever been.”

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