Ah, the lovely wildflowers of Oregon: sea thrift, hooker's onion, bitter dogbane, stinking chamomile, and all the lovely milkvetches.

" 'Once you can fully imagine an alternative response agency,' Myrick told me, 'it’s hard to defend what exists currently.' "

"The King of Saudi Arabia is sending hot chocolate to everyone in Mexico City."

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in underworld
from tears
of living.

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because in one deplorable passage the author remarked that Norbert's kisses had left their trace on the Countess's brow.

“Giust,” with such neighbors as these. —Jo is knighted, and Ysabel asks a question. thecityofroses.com/story/?c=Gi

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One year after the RCMP’s highly publicized militarized raids on land defender camps, a continuous police presence is affecting the lives of Wet’suwet’en people who say intimidation and nuisance tactics are being used to suppress opposition to the Coastal GasLink pipeline


"Like their counterparts in the United States, slavers in the Dominican Republic sometimes bestowed classical names on their charges as a mark of their civilizing mission, so the legacy of slavery—and its entanglement with classics—remains legible in the names of many Dominicans today."

Michelle Pfeiffer's poignant reading of "Does this mean we have to start fighting?" in Batman Returns is a singularly cutting critique of the entire superhero idiom.

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This is not a picture of stars. Each white dot in this picture is a supermassive black hole, courtesy of Europe's LOFAR telescope array. sciencealert.com/every-white-d

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elevator pitch: ideally 0°, same as elevator yaw and elevator roll

“Beauty,” of which you should dream. —Ysabel takes decisive action; Jo fights her second duel. thecityofroses.com/story/?c=Be

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Made a fried salsa yesterday, of chilies and seeds, and oh, wow.

"Why, all his virtues are derived from his station only; because he is rich, he is called generous; because he is powerful, brave; because he is well served, he is affable."

Any Batman movie with Vincent Schiavelli is a good Batman movie.

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PHOTO | "New President, Same Imperialism!"

Seen in Los Angeles

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