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*Clears throat* *best mansplainer voice* well actually... There's always and which is more :)

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The next major release after @LibreOffic 6.4, which will be launched on
January 29, will be #LibreOffice 7.0. The change of numbering is based on
the fact that this will be the first release using the new ODF 1.3 file
format as default. Of course, the change of numbering also fits with the
10th anniversary, which will be celebrated on September 28


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so i understand the need to be protected from radiation & to provide adequate surface area for cooling, and it's not like camouflage is important in space, but the the space force uniform still looks a bit off to me

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It does my heart good to know that this is published in a peer reviewed medical journal

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I gave my fediverse talk last night and it went really well! lots of engagement and audience questions.

someone pointed out the analogy of "you know how you can do @technomancy on twitter and @technomancy on github and they mean different things and they don't interoperate? imagine if you could" which seemed like a really intuitive way to explain federation that people readily grasped.

@alatiera personally I really like dark mode, and I'd even prefer a slightly broken dark mode over a bug-free light mode

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@maya maybe we can make an instance for people like them. maybe

@andrej habe es seit einem Monat. Fine es phantastisch. Hab's auch einem Freund empfohlen, der hat's gekauft und ist auch zufrieden.

@bgcarlisle I guess it's too late now? Otherwise I could try with the most recent LO. (I get them from )

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LibreOffice Impress doesn't seem to include images when exporting to PDF

Anyone got a workaround?

Or like a version of LibreOffice that works and about 5 mins to export a presentation to a PDF including the presentation notes for me? :S

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Where does a mansplainer get his water?
From a well, actually.

@gdkar honestly I've been napping so hard these days.. Doctors hate me

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go hard AND go home

go hard from the comfort of your bed or couch!

go hard with a relaxing cup of herbal tea!

take a hard nap

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I love sales people, you send them an email with clear questions and they respond very happy to the email BUT they don't answer the questions and just offer you some discounts if you make a bulk order while they tell you they are very happy of being again in contact.

WTF I contacted you because I had questions what are you doing?

STOP YOUR MIND CONTROL BULLSHIT, YOU CAN'T... ~I think I'm going for a bulk order beca...~


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