@Clifford the ears would look different 😉
i was actually just playing around with him, this was just a funny snapshot

the kimsufi support is pretty quick, nice

@bsod thanks for the hint, i made me a note to try it out - i am currently doing rsync with compression

@DerMario sounds pretty quick, i am copying some zeros more of little matrix uploads since .... two days ago or something - sadly only net storage as i couldn't find a suitable cloud hoster without creditcard

moving a huge number of small files is a pain ... a looooong one

netdata asks me to sign in ... i am ... at least curious ... maybe some day, after making sure it is a good idea^^

@bigl0af this is just some memory monitoring... updated my toot sry

this restic restore kinda looks cool
to avoid confusion (oops): this graph shows memory usage

wondered for like hours why the new server wasn't popping up on my munin ... turns out i as always wrote 'adress' and not 'address' lol
never ending typo

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