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@sebastian @Hughenknubbel wenn es schon liebevoll für dich ist mal eben ne config zu editieren und den service neuzustarten...

@sebastian @Hughenknubbel man könnte das auch minimieren in dem man den ssh port ändert zb

oh btw little :archlinux: status update:
* i had network connection after suspend this morning, recent updates fixed this issue
* graphics are still unclean even tho related packages were updated too

Kalabrese - Auf Dem Hof

@mtd09 ok had a closer read now 🤔

@mtd09 mixcloud tries to be the better soundcloud? (just had a quick look at the landing page)

@art ah, interesting, thanks for sharing :3

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Finally Friday evening. :) Relaxing with a beer and browsing some timelines here. Hope you all get a great weekend! 😀

@art just randomly curious, what is your reason against the new firefox?

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unexpectedly bad graphics driver (3d) performance on the hackintosh, at least gaming is no fun...and a few other things that i thought are monitor issues but actually appear to be driver related as well. hm. sad.
so beside that i have to admit having a nice time with macOS overall except that, i think i should fix my :archlinux: issues as far as possible^^
(still weird (2d-ironically) render issues/lags and no ethernet after suspend)

aus der reihe "länger nicht getrunken, soeben geöffnet" - heute: Wicküler Bier.

@scops r u going to start a nano vs vim war now?! 😂