wieder einmal ein monströs, epischer vollmod an diesem abend... ob ich eines tages angemessene fotos von sowas machen kann? geil wärs.

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"Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text"

- Zwischen 200 und 600 Millionen Nutzer betroffen
- at least 2000 Facebook employees searched through the files containing passwords

Wer noch einen Facebook-Account hat, egal aus welchen Gründen, tut mir wirklich Leid. Ihr lasst euch wirklich alles gefallen...


double/trible-checked things now, disabled gdm (and lightdm which i was testing in the meantime) ... and now started sway with success... let's see what happens when i attempt gdm again

i mean i can at least switch tty's with nomodeset but that's about all i archived yet - i am so annoyed right now

pff the other problem on this thinkpad with linux was that it started into a black screen but it was usually fixed by a tmp suspend by closing the lid ... this is not working anymore - out of the sudden i am unable to find a way for getting back in ... tried many things already, it is like "hey dude, you reeaaally should use windows"

verleser bei spotify benachrichtigung:

axel voss statt final boss

nevermind, it just switched the boot order!

hahaha i interrupted the windows boot, now i have to reinstall grub once again due to automatic repair 😂 :awesome:

@cringe did u try other de's too? i read cinnamon is doing it well

ok i can confirm for myself that the scaling issue where fonts are not sharp is dedicated to qt based applications :/

second boot attempt worked out - pls be stable now

...i mean if gdm is willing to start this time...not this again...black with only cursor which can't be moved...

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