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Following morganth is not for everyone.

People who are allergic to BODY ONCE TOLD ME jokes should not follow morganth.

Side effects of following morganth may include mild amusement, bafflement, and reinforcement of the stereotype that people who live in can’t shut up about NYC.

Ask your doctor if following morganth is right for you.

If you were making a movie, and wanted a scene satirizing modern art, you could film it in this room at the . Not pictured: Even more white canvases behind me.

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Food, meat 

Felt like making an English breakfast this morning. Fries eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, and beans. Not pictured: Toast and a pot of tea.

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Work software gripe 

Using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook at the same time, on the Mac at least, is a miserable experience. Both programs like to have things float in the top right and bottom right corners of the screen, meaning a Teams video screen is covering up an Outlook meeting reminder, or whatever.

This would be understandable among two different pieces of software if they weren't made by THE SAME DAMNED COMPANY.

Microsoft, your left hand and your right hand need to have a chat.

Weird Al Yankovic hot take 

And of course I mixed up “Closer” and “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” but you get the idea.

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Weird Al Yankovic hot take 

"Alternative Polka" may be the best thing Weird Al ever did. Alternative music of that era took itself so deadly seriously, and his polka, without changing a word, completely punctures that. Happy, bouncy "despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage" makes it very hard to ever take "Closer" seriously again.

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Here is my day 20 post for #inktober - coral. This is a bit of a 17 year old memory. I remember when I worked on a cruise ship that there was this beach that you could snorkel from on Grand Cayman, and at the end of the beach there was a mostly sunken boat with coral growing on its rudder.

#inktober2020 #coral #seascape #sunkenboat #art

Covid, good news 

I'm coming down with something--probably a cold--so I went and got a test just to be sure. Still negative.

(I had originally phrased the CW as "covid, +" but realized that could mean the opposite of what I wanted to convey.)

Food, vegetarian 

The CSA fairy brought us, in addition to the collards I talked abut the other day, a massive bunch of cilantro. Far more than we could use before it went all limp. So I made cilantro pesto. I'd never even tasted cilantro pesto before, never mind made it, but it turns out it's delicious.


CSA this week included a bunch of collards, which I love and don’t make for myself nearly as often as I should. So this was a nice excuse. They came out delicious.

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It's PG Wodehouse's birthday today. I am choosing to commemorate it by reading _Leave It to Psmith_ which I have on loan through the library.

A wise person once asked me, "What is your dilly-o?" And you know, to this day, I'm still searching for the answer.

OK, I had intended that to be "Smiles McGee", but you know what, "Similes McGee" might be funnier.

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Let me introduce you to the crew. This here’s Johnny No-legs—it’s ironic, you see, we call him that because he has two legs. Similes McGee there is our muscle. Crashes is our wheels. You know me, I’m the boss, but everyone just calls me “the boss”. Now why don’t you introduce yourself to everyone?

...wait, is that a wire?

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