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the original Ted talk was held at a high school in San Dimas California in 1988

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Going to see a Cambodian circus! Pretty sure it’s all human performers—I wouldn’t have come if there had been a hint of elephant acts or similar.

Oh, here’s a preview, one of the few photos I took with my phone instead of my real camera.

Angkor Wat is as magnificent as they say, and what we’ve seen of the rest of the Angkor complex is too.

My photoblog has unfortunately had what looks like a permanently fatal Wordpress problem but when I get home I’ll get some pictures up in a format I can share on here, most likely a new photoblog.

Now I’m in Cambodia, a country I’ve never visited before. I’m greatly enjoying the food. Tomorrow, Angkor Wot, which has been on my bucket list for ages. Very excited.

Incidentally, autocorrect thinks “Wot” should be “WoT”. I have no idea what “WoT” is but I’m pretty sure I’ve never typed it before this post. Bad form, autocorrect.

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It has rained a bit every day we’ve been here in Phuket, but always at the perfect time for us.

The first day we were outside, but at a bar under umbrellas. The second day we were on a boat, but doing a craft activity where they could just roll down the rain shields and let us keep going. Today it’s while we’re in the minibus coming back from the day’s adventures.

The rain gods are smiling on us. Guess they’re making up for all of those camping trips when I was a kid.

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Here is a panel from a webcomic I'll be starting this Thursday. It will be about animals in NYC.

#squirrel #animalsoftheapple #webcomic #comics

Apparently Phuket, or at least the part of it where we’re staying, gets a lot of Russian tourists. I’m seeing as much signage in Russian as I am in English, and a lot of restaurants proclaiming that they serve Russian food.

My wife points out that we’re 12 hours from New York, which means we’re on the exact opposite side of the planet.

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@morganth I'm a very minor Harry Potter fan, which is to say I read the books once more than a decade ago, but this sounds like Harry's conversation with Dumbledore in the last book.

I’m thinking of it because I’ve just discovered an exception to my usual dislike of “it was all a dream/all just in the character’s head”-type endings, thanks to a game I just played.

If the emotional arc still matters, if the character will come out of it transformed, then it works for me even if it’s not “real”. Trouble is that most endings like that don’t really earn that.

FOAK: Can anyone help me find or remember a quote? It’s something like:

Character A: Is this real, or just in my head?
Character B: It’s in your head. Why would that mean it isn’t real?

It’s probably Neil Gaiman or Terry Pratchett or someone like that, but a quick Google search didn’t turn anything up and my very limited bandwidth (I’m on a plane) doesn’t allow for deeper research.

I can’t get on the LIRR to JFK without getting that old nursery rhyme in my head: “How many miles to Babylon? Three score and ten.”

Kind of an only toot, I know.

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You shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, so when someone says information is "straight from the horse's mouth", that must mean it's like, forbidden knowledge. Because they shouldn't have looked there, but they did anyway. Unless they paid for the horse, but who would do that? Failure to disclose that you bought the horse is lying by omission. Don't violate the sanctity of horse knowledge 😡

Heading off tomorrow for our big annual vacation! This year, it's Cambodia and southern Thailand. I've been to Thailand before but only the north, and I hear the islands are beautiful, so I'm pumped.

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