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Following morganth is not for everyone.

People who are allergic to BODY ONCE TOLD ME jokes should not follow morganth.

Side effects of following morganth may include mild amusement, bafflement, and reinforcement of the stereotype that people who live in can’t shut up about NYC.

Ask your doctor if following morganth is right for you.

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Yay turtles! Today is my birthday, so you have to forgive me for still being a week late. And as always you can read all of these comics at too.

#art #comics #webcomic #turtles #turtlepond #centralpark #henryjstern #belvederecastle #happyturtle

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Hey, this new Netflix Christmas movie has a gay character, and everyone treats that like it’s unremarkable!

…and he’s literally silenced by the plot for almost the entirety of the movie.

I’m not sure that’s even worth an “at least you tried.”

LB: The entrance of new works into the public domain every year is a bit like bonus Christmas. And there are some good ones coming up.

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The Public Domain Review has a "festive countdown" highlighting works for which copyright will expire on Jan 1:

I’ve been watching through “The ”, and I am solidly into the bad seasons now. I just watched an episode making fun of the movie “The Social Network”, which included a song that I assume was in the movie, a scene of rowing on the Thames, and end cards about what happened to everyone. Which wouldn’t be notable except that literally 3 episodes before that, they did an Itchy and Scratchy parody of the same movie that included all of those same things. Do the writers not talk to each other?

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I just randomly remembered that time when one of my client companies opened their new corporate headquarters, except that they called it the "Innovation Center of Excellence" or some such. The people who worked on the floor I visited thought that was hilarious, and had gone around labeling things like the "Exit Door of Excellence" and the "Water Cooler of Excellence" and so on.

Over the thanksgiving vacation I read the novella “Binti”, and OMG, you should all read it. I got it from the NYPL and as soon as I was done with it I checked out the sequel. It’s one of these sci-fi stories where it’s clear that you’re seeing a little bit of a very big setting, that has a past and a geography that are not just about the main character. Although the main character is great, and I want to spend more time in her head.

Just finished Mark Twain’s “The American Claimaint”, and aside from some unfortunate racism, it’s quite a clever book. It would make a good musical, to the point where I was surprised to discover it has apparently never been done. You’d have to leave out the racist caricatures, of course, and I’m not quite sure what you’d do with the whole “manifesting” thing, but those are solvable.

Now, if only I knew anything about composing music.

I have seen a lot of Warner Brothers movies over the years, and I only just today noticed that the tune that plays over the WB logo is “As Time Goes By”, from Casablanca. Mind blown.

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We should have named her Obi-Wan rather than Dame Judi, because she always wants the high ground.

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13 year old me who owned like 4 floppy disks worth of storage would have been absolutely flabbergasted and thoroughly covetous of this 128 gigabyte microsd card, and i grant you that i am incredibly jaded, but every time i take one of these out of a package i still think: how in hell did something that's roughly as hard to lose as a fingernail clipping become the de facto standard for portable storage again?

People: Targeted knows everything about you!

Targeted advertising, to me: Your native language is Spanish, and you want to buy bottom of the barrel health care.

If I had a nickel for every pair of Star Trek occasional guest characters where one is a relatively short character with a great deal of power who talks a lot, and the other is a tall, mute manservant, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t much, but isn’t it weird that it happened twice?

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Reminder that it's okay to be a generalist; knowing how to do a bunch of different things in different areas because those things interest you is a delightful way to interact with the world. don't feel like you have to apologize for having a thirst that can be quenched at multiple wells

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