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I probably would have guessed Jurassic Park, on the assumption that there would be other dinosaur movies.

So back in the 90s, if you’d asked me, “which movie will spawn a whole genre”, I would not have guessed Groundhog Day.

Ok, now that I’m at the theater I understand why they’re charging $20 for a ticket. Still wouldn’t pay it, mind you, but I understand. It’s a fancy theater with reclining seats and loads of leg room.

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@morganth And it’s not a 3-D showing or anything. Perfectly ordinary ticket. In the middle of the day, which at least used to be cheaper.

Going to see “Alita” tomorrow because I have a coupon to get a ticket for $4. Without the coupon the ticket would have been $20. Is that seriously what movie tickets in cost now? No wonder I never go to movies in the theaters anymore.

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if you're wondering what song is stuck in my head, I just realized that the first three notes of the Simpsons theme song are the same as "Maria" from west side story:

The Simpsons
I've just watched a show named "The Simpsons"

At the Chinatown Chinese New Year parade today, there was someone dressed in a full-body Winnie the Pooh costume. In the context of other cartoon animal characters, yes, but I assume it was still meant as a political jab.

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Incidentally, if you live in the US, there’s a very good chance that you have access to Kanopy for free via your local library. I get it via the NYPL. If you do, use it. Lots of classic movies (like High Noon) available for streaming without having to spend any money.


What I actually said was “Hey Siri, when was the last person executed by guillotine?” I have no idea how she got to what she did.

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I love my wife for many reasons, but one is that whenever we get into something, she immediately starts researching it and telling me interesting things about it.

Brought to you tonight by the 80s sitcom “Wings” and the 90s Broadway revival of “Guys and Dolls”, both of which she taught me interesting things about tonight.

Hey, I crossed 2k toots sometime when I wasn’t paying attention.

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Redditors the least valuable social media users

Twitter: ~$9.48
Facebook: $7.37
Pinterest: ~$2.80
Snap: $2.09
Reddit: ~$0.30

HBO is doing a show about the rise and fall of healthcare company Theranos, and if they don't call it "Game of Theranos" I don't know what's wrong with their marketing department.

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