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Ask your doctor if following morganth is right for you.

I can’t vote in my own poll, but FWIW, before I got married I totally would have. I wouldn’t now, because it would make me a fundamentally different person than the person my wife married, and I wouldn’t do that to her. But before that, the idea of becoming part of this greater mind, the idea of continuing past my current body, would have been very appealing.

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If the Trill, from Star Trek, really existed, and you were given the opportunity to join, would you take it?

(Somewhat legal) drugs 

Was up in RI visiting my wife’s family, so we crossed the state line to MA so I could buy some legal marijuana. First time I’d bought it legally in the US! Two little vials of oil. We’ll see how they are.

in “Batman Returns” where Batman tries to take a pair of pants back to the store, that he only wore twice, and still have the tags on?

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Here is this weeks Animals of the Apple. This is another story where I try to really get into the head of the animal in question, and speculate on what it's thinking. Like what on earth that mandarin duck that about us when it was paddling around the Pond in Central park. As always you can also read it at

#art #comics #webcomic #mandarinduck #ducks #centralpark #NYC #quack

Alcohol, NYC 

Saw a guy in the subway pouring a full Lime-A-Rita can I to an empty iced tea bottle. You do you, subway Lime-A-Rita guy.

Turns out that Fred Savage did make a body switch movie, but sadly, not with Robin Williams.

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I had a dream last night involving a Fred Savage/Robin Williams body switch movie, from when Fred Savage was a kid. Williams was this super rich guy, and when Savage got into his body, he was doing all this crazy stuff with the money. It also had Christopher Lloyd as a robber who was in debt to the mob, because so many movies back then had that kind of add-on plot.

When I woke up I had to make sure that the movie didn't exist, because it seemed very real.

TIL that "Baywatch" eventually turned into a show (technically a spinoff, but with a lot of the same characters) where the former lifeguards were now fighting vampires and werewolves and stuff.

The mind boggles.

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Lewd, “Remember That Scene” 

in “Coming to America” where someone gets...a little too excited by the song “Horse With No Name”?

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Jingūmae 27 - ink & marker

While Shinjuku in Tokyo is mainly known as "electric city" and Otaku culture, its side streets are home to lovely residential areas such as this little alley in Jingūmae.

#drawing #city #urban #architecture #japan #tokyo #ink #marker #MastoArt #art #TraditionalArt

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I just realized that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have an increasing number of syllables. Leonardo “leads”, one. Donatello “does machines”, three. Raphael “is cool but rude”, four. Michaelangelo “is a party dude” five.

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in “Iron Man” where they try it, but it turns out that you can’t get rid of a man’s wrinkles by ironing him?

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#RememberThatScene in Black Hawk Down where they collected the soft fethers from a hawk to make a pillow?

in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” where Ultron goes to one of those “Guess Your Age” booths at Six Flags and they totally get his age wrong?

in "Rumble in the Bronx" where there is, very unusually, a small earthquake in New York City?

in “Fargo” where they travel to somewhere that’s a long way away?

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