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@Inkscape Never heard of the competition before. Why was only members of a closed, proprietary forum allowed to vote?
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The second #Inkscope :inkscape: podcast is live! Meet the team and learn about the hackfests⌨️, the bug hunt🐞, swag👕, contributing❤️, and more!

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I followed Greta Thunberg's birdsite do matodon bot for a while, then did the same for Cory Doctorow's.
I had to unfollow both, it was completely destroying my favourite thing about my mastodon tl:
it's manageable scale. I feel on top of the feed, I'm able to keep up with the people / things I care about and nothing more.
Birdsite feels like a shouting match now more than ever.

Turns out the person turning down my proposal for a logo at the is now president of the – the very organization that motivated me to create a counterpart of its logo – because I can't stand that "open source" has a logo while "Free Software" has not. Maybe I was asking teh wrong organizations for permission and should try to just release it and see what happens.

So cynical: All those Github stickers on laptop lids suddenly advertised a proprietary Microsoft product despite people putting it there for completely different reasons… and only few care. A truly funny way to show your appreciation for creating code in the open... 🙈

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Firefox has now and “Enhanced Tracking Protection”.


It whitelists Google, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, Adobe and many more.

/via @aral

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Inspired by a presentation by @aiscarvalho and @rlafuente, we ask you: supposing these 3 terms describe the same thing, which one would you prefer? #lgm19

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freieFarbe is a nonprofit working on free color standards, references and tools based on CIELAB. even their color atlasses are CC licenced! #lgm19 #lgm2019 #lgm @lgm

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#Rezo hat niemanden "desinformiert". Bei dieser Behauptung handelt es sich um eine gezielte Desinformation der #CDU. Dieses Spektakel dient der Ablenkung.

Teilen höchst erwünscht!

#Scientists4Future #ScientistsForFuture #FridaysForFuture
BPK: "Scientists for Future" zu den Protesten für mehr Klimaschutz - 12. März 2019
507.683 Aufrufe

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Libre Graphics Meeting official account is on the #Fediverse.

Thank you @rra for the help setting it up and to for hosting us.


I'm looking forward for video recordings of – maybe even on peertube. Please announce when they are available 😄

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Chrome users: your free trial is over. You're required to buy an enterprise license if you want to use an ad blocker.

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Whenever a "FREE AS IN FREEDOM" software is is hosted on a proprietary Microsoft service I wonder: would those people proudly park their electric cars in an exxon-mobile garage and loudly brag about it like "Go to exxon mobile and take an ecological ride!" 🤨

I've *NEVER* used spirals in . Ever. Remind me what they are good for? 🤔

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We reached 6000 followers in the fediverse today! 🎉

Thanks for your support everyone! ❤️

(Meanwhile it's about 2000 on twitter 😃)

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Would you like to learn how to build and maintain a strong, healthy, Free Software Community? We interview Deb Nicholson to find out!

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