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In einer gemäßigten Demokratie sollte man wenigstens so Werbebanner tragen, damit alle wissen, für wen man arbeitet.

Ich habe das eben im Parlament gezeigt, wie das aussehen könnte.

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Hey! plumbers! How feasible would a peertube livestream be? Twitch style.

seems to miss basic editing features like:

* edit text after posting
* add more images to a post later on
* change the order of images

Is that on purpose?

#Inkscape rant 

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As of yesterday #Microsoft's #DRM server is gone. If you have any ebooks through their store . . . bid them adieu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Users will be given refunds but the books themselves will no longer be readable. If you made notes on the titles, you'll get $25 credit as a, "we're sorry you'll no longer have access to the notes you took on all those books. Here's $25 and we'll call it even!"

#DefectiveByDesign is a campaign run by the #FSF to combat Digital Restrictions Management and they work to prevent this exact kind of thing from happening.

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…so how can one account follow another when they are not on the same instance? :pixelfed: 🤔

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A smarthome concept that wasn't absolute hell: the mid-80s Soviet SPHINX project, based on the idea that there would be a central, modular PC and appliances in the house like the TV would connect to it via the LAN. Everything was designed to be easily-expandable or pared-down as needed. It was purely conceptual but the props looked cool as hell.

@alx I wonder: do you know "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" with Jerry Seinfeld? Not sure what a true CARdiologists view would be on that.

Having to deal with too much "meta" is a real motivational bummer. 😖

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New Delta Chat releases rolling ... today: stable Desktop releases for Ubuntu, Mac, experimental pre-release for Windows, all featuring: RPGP, a full Rust-implementation of OpenPGP (independent security review underway) and many other good things


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@Inkscape Never heard of the competition before. Why was only members of a closed, proprietary forum allowed to vote?
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The second #Inkscope :inkscape: podcast is live! Meet the team and learn about the hackfests⌨️, the bug hunt🐞, swag👕, contributing❤️, and more!

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I followed Greta Thunberg's birdsite do matodon bot for a while, then did the same for Cory Doctorow's.
I had to unfollow both, it was completely destroying my favourite thing about my mastodon tl:
it's manageable scale. I feel on top of the feed, I'm able to keep up with the people / things I care about and nothing more.
Birdsite feels like a shouting match now more than ever.

Turns out the person turning down my proposal for a logo at the is now president of the – the very organization that motivated me to create a counterpart of its logo – because I can't stand that "open source" has a logo while "Free Software" has not. Maybe I was asking teh wrong organizations for permission and should try to just release it and see what happens.

So cynical: All those Github stickers on laptop lids suddenly advertised a proprietary Microsoft product despite people putting it there for completely different reasons… and only few care. A truly funny way to show your appreciation for creating code in the open... 🙈

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