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WhatsApp AGBs auch gelesen oder nur zugestimmt?

"Im Einklang mit geltenden Gesetzen stellst du uns regelmäßig die Telefonnummern von WhatsApp Nutzern und anderen Kontakten in deinem Mobiltelefon-Adressbuch zur Verfügung, darunter sowohl die Nummern von Nutzern unserer Dienste als auch die von deinen sonstigen Kontakten. "

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Following EFF’s recruitment drive for Google Policy Fellows, Greenpeace is seeking new Exxon Mobil Policy Fellows. Also, the American Lung Association is looking for new Philip Morris Policy Fellows.

Of course they’re not. Because they’re not bullshit.

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I was wrong about Google and Facebook: there’s nothing wrong with them (so say we all)

It’s always difficult admitting you’re wrong. But sometimes you have to in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. So, today, I admit that I was wrong about Google, Facebook, & surveillance capitalism in general being toxic for our human rights and democracy … it simply cannot be true given how they are endorsed by some of the most well-respected organisations in the world.

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What @conservancy is doing here is unconscionable:

Just wrote to RMS to try and understand what the fuck is going on and why the FSF logo is being used to whitewash Google and Microsoft.

#InstitutionalCorruption #SurveillanceCapitalism

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If you're into Massive Attack and Portishead you have to give "Archive - Londinium" and maybe "Crustation" a try 😏 🎶

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This is exactly what I was reading in this book the other day. Everyone tries to act like a designer and the final design ends up being a design by committee.

#design #ux

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"Privacy is a team sport." - Cory Doctorow

timestamp 30:33 for awesome context.

@doctorow why use youtube instead of or .org?

From a typographical point of view you could refer to most wikis as pure "Link Salad". 🤢

Never – NEVER – pay attention to how often tutorials use the word "just". That repetition can never be unheard.


Oh, sorry – too late now I guess.

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Week highlights: @inkscape gets fallback for SVG2 features, @GIMP team merges smart colorization for the next stable release, there's more HDR work in @krita, Shotcut and Olive video editors get new releases, and more.

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Pixelfed federates now! 🎉

Merry Christmas fediverse. #pixelfed

. If you're not a coder – don't use it. There have to be better distributed versioning systems!


, literally repelling: " got kicked. Reason: IRC error on : err_needreggednick"

Sorry for trying to just join a chatroom via matrix!

If you think only "Free Software" can be ambiguous, think twice...


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