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I struggle with deep work. I think many of us do. There are so many buzz-buzz happening. Today, I tried to fight back, and work went well! I'm going to try and cultivate this "focus" more.

(This is a note from yesterday, apparently the webmention never came through)


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The new OnionShare is out!

It adds a bunch of great features like tabs, anonymous chat that never logs anything, and better command line support.

Here's the blog post:

Download OnionShare 2.3 from:

Install it on a headless server:

`pip3 install --user onionshare-cli`

Read the amazing new docs that are translated to a bunch of languages:

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Do you want to learn Penpot fundamentals? Thread with our short tutorials. We’ll be adding more!

1. Workspace Interface 📹

#OpenSourceDesign 🖥 🎨

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Dear, when your cookie consent dialogue requires me to state that "I am happy" you either don't understand how dark the world is or don't want sensible people reading your articles.

What's wrong with "I'm okay I guess, excuse my tears, I have sth in my eye."?

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A 19h45 je fais un live-test de @penpot par ici =>

Et je vais tenter de créer un espace pour tchatter en direct, mais je ne suis pas sure de réussir encore !

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Liebe Künstler: Falls ihr wollt, dass Menschen Eure Songs hassen: Einfach Lizenzen für Warteschleifenmusik vergeben. Geht dann ganz fix!

OK. Peer pressure. Tons of projects deserve it, but my explicit thanks go to Maurycy Liebner and contributors to . A free AfterEffects solution from a one man show? Wow. THANK YOU!

Ordering my first Pepper & Carrot book. Done! 🤗 Looking forward to hold it in my hands.

Thank you @davidrevoy for doing what you do!

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RT @FlorianFlade
Deutsche #Influencer wandern nach #Dubai aus - warum? Angeblich wegen Freiheit, Sonne und Kultur und so. Was wirklich dahinter steckt, erklärt @janboehm:

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New tutorial! Penpot Dashboard Interface explained in 3 minutes.

This video is part of the Penpot Fundamentals series.

Any suggestions for new videos?

#OpenSourceDesign #DesignFreedom

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To the point ✊ danke @TerryReintke 💚
RT @TerryReintke
The situation of the LGBTI* community in Poland is getting harder and harder as we speak.

No more time to waste while EU citizens' rights are under attack.


🇪🇺 🏳️‍🌈


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Vor ca. 10 Jahren hätte man Windows 10 noch als Schadsoftware (Spyware) bezeichnet. Heute machen die Hersteller ein rosa Schleifchen drum und nennen es "Verbesserung Ihrer Nutzererfahrung". Vielleicht sollten wir zum ursprünglichen Begriff zurückkehren.

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Before you can do bad things to people with a clear conscience, you must dehumanise them. In Big Tech designers and developers can build systems that track, profile, and exploit people then go home to hug their kids because they’re not people to them, they’re “users” and “data.”

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In Baden-Württemberg mach eine Partei Wahlkampfwerbung gegen die Taten ihrer eigenen Spitzenkandidatin.
Kann man sich nicht ausdenken.

If only I was allowed to change one tiny detail on… 😌

@penpot …just found out that by searching on you find a bridged matrix chatroom. :)

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