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Hello everyone. Please note that we have decided to postpone the Libre Graphics Meeting in Rennes to 2021.

For this year still, we are evaluating the possibility to make an online event, as some have expressed interest in doing so.

Stay tuned. Stay safe. #LGM2020

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I am amazed by my seemingly endless ability to spend hours upon hours at the computer, accomplish nothing of any value, and feel exhausted as a result.
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So remember when I was saying Zoom is a privacy and security train wreck? Apparently, that was an understatement:

“Zoom has ‘rolled their own’ encryption scheme [with] significant weaknesses … [and transmits] meeting encryption keys through China.”

Via @ScottMortimer

Still no news on (Open Source Design) clearly endorsing use of Free Software. "Ethical Design" by comparison is a big step ahead by mentioning Free Software in the very first paragraph as a human right. OSD seems not to see a problem in using proprietary design tools when designing FOR "open source". What a pity.


@hergertme builder seems to know nothing about *.sass but everything about *.scss – how can I teach it to highlight both?

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Heute kommen wieder die Forderungen nach verpflichtenden digitalen Datenerhebungen zur Pandemiebekämpfung: Nutzung der Kreditkartenabrechnungen, verpflichtende Installation von Apps, Zugriff auf die Betriebssysteme der Handys. Dazu ein paar Gedanken:

matrix rant 

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Handydaten gegen Corona? WDR “Aktuelle Stunde” vom 30. März 2020

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Double-week recap is out: major new releases of darktable, FontForge, LuxCoreRender/BlendLuxCore, and LilyPond, new release candidates of Natron and Dust3D, first milestone for VR support in Blender is done, enve is becoming SVG animation authoring tool.

Featured artwork by Matt French (made with @krita)

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@xorman While it is technically feasible to change the color-set of GNOME, this is not something the GNOME and GNOME-friendly apps' designers and developers intend to support when they create their apps.

They have created a website to ask for distributions not to change the GNOME default theme:

@tbernard also made an insightful blog post about the scalability of our beloved hacky solutions:

– the desktop environment with the 1GB - clock app… 🤔

@codeberg What about the "berg" in your name? Does it relate to the german word for mountain in terms of "amassing" things?

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Hey guys! I just found out you can adjust the kerning when making text in #b3d like in other apps by using the Alt key with the arrow keys. I don't know how long that feature has been in there, but immensely pleased to find it there now. #typography

@opensourcedesign does "Open Source Design" support & encourage the use of "open source" design tools? The manifesto does not clarify this.

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The #smithsonian institution puts 2.8 millions photos and 2000+ 3d models online, under CC0 license!!! (for 3d), (general access)
#culture #heritage #sharing #3d #resources #usa

FOSS vs. design rant 

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Finally! Delta Chat on F-droid has caught up with Google Play releases. All platforms now use the fast and safe Rust-core, resolving slight eco-system incompatibilities and allowing to switch to Ed25519 keys soon. Thanks to the many who spent tens of hours to make this happen!

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