@milan a question or two about Matrix.

1. Can people who registered at say riot.im join a room on chat.tchncs.de?

2. Is it possible to set up a bridge between a channel and an IRC channel belonging to a Twitch account (Twitch uses kind of IRC for chat).

Wow Amazon, really?

So at checkout they suggested that shipping for a certain article would cost ~6 €, all other articles had free shipping.

The checkout also strongly suggested that this was a prime article with free shipping in case of prime. I should have made a screenshot.

I decided to do the prime subscription thing again.

Afterwards any suggestion that this article was a prime article were gone, there was still a shipping cost, but now ~3 €.

What the actual fuck?

Hab mir das grad gegeben. Interessantes Thema, aber wie soll man die ernst nehmen?


I played Dead Cells mostly while it still scaled with your character level, more than I year ago I guess.
Since last night the Bad Seed DLC is finally available for Linux users on GOG (officially released on the 11.).
I have started a fresh profile and finished my very first run successfully in just under an hour. I feel the game must have gotten a lot easier, but it's still nice. I'm looking forward to meeting more of the new enemies and finding more of the new weapons and areas.

Thanks everyone who came by my stream today, it was quite enjoyable! Special thanks to @jookia for his help with virtualisation.

Even I could install multiple old-ish Linux distros, so it's really not hard.

You can watch the video here: twitch.tv/videos/552447040

As usual Twitch insists that Kevin MacLeod's music and my voice is some random music track and muted a few minutes. Sorry about that. If there is demand I could upload it somewhere else.

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Going live on twitch.tv/sir_diealotalot

Plan: virtualise old Linux versions, test game packaging, maybe make and test AppImage and whatever Godot does

So I need to virtualize a couple old Linux versions and maybe some Windows. Virtualbox is easy to use but I'd prefer kvm just because. Is there a nice UI you can recommend? Or some easy way to manage those virtual environments? I don't need anything fancy from them.

I muted the tab as immediate measure but couldn't find a setting in the preferences to turn it off. Besides something like that should be off by default.


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Help, Mastodon just assaulted me with an audio notification! This is the last thing I need.

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[LIVE] Turn Around: I play „ Seal: Arbiter's Mark“ now. Join me for the adventure! twitch.tv/hatniX

Is someone up for a stream? Not sure what I'll do today. Probably start out with the most exciting thing ever, reading manuals. But then? Gamedev related stuff? Just playing something? Reading more manuals?

@jookia You may enjoy this, two German youtubers bumbling about in DOS, trying to install a game since an hour: youtube.com/watch?v=8w7O62Mkjo

If you are Linux it would be nice if you could try to run this little game and tell me how well this way of distributing games works for you.

If it works well enough I will make all my other games available in this fashion.

All further info can be found here:

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Hier veröffentlicht der CCC seine Stellungnahme im Volltext (*.pdf):

Der CCC wendet sich in Anbetracht dieser Schieflage mit einer schriftlichen Stellungnahme an die Ausschussmitglieder (*.pdf):

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