I think I'll start the playthrough tomorrow.

Including some hints on how to get this to work nicely on Linux.

Sunday daytime stream incoming!

@strider Any plans to add something like the manual install of PoL to Lutris?

This is the main reason I keep using PoL. I do not generally use install scripts, as they are always out of date and do unnecessary things.

Schleichfahrt stream upcoming!

Archimedean Dynasty was the international name of this wonderful game by Massive Development and Blue Byte from 1996.

I'll be playing the German version and translate to English on-the-fly.

If you want to prepare yourself:
Manuals (German and English): gog.com/forum/archimedean_dyna

English version of all the cutscenes: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL49

The Linux Audio Conference will start today in about 8 hours, provided I did the timezone calculations correctly. (Standford, California, PDT = UTC-7)

There'll be live streams, a IRC channel and everything!

In space, no one can hear you truck

I'm streaming some Objects in Space on twitch.tv/sir_diealotalot/

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The Linux Audio Conference 2019 will start tomorrow. Three days of Linux audio talks that will be live streamed as well!
See you on IRC ;)

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Many Wikipedia sites are now on a blackout against the upcoming


Thank you :)

Aus beidem geht ehrvor wie sich die Herren besonders schlau vorkommen weil sie das Word "Uploadfilter" nicht mehr verwenden und stattdessen sage "Wie ihr das macht ist euer Problem".

Besonders kritisch finde ich auch wie stark der Fokus auf Youtube gelegt wird, wo es doch viele andere, alle ohne bestehende Inhaltsfilterungsinfrastruktur, viel härter treffen wird.

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In some good news, GDC 2019, the world's largest game dev conference has talks on worker-owned cooperatives!

#gamedev #indiegames

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