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"No matter how obvious the irony, there's always someone who won't get it" - "Seriously ?"

denver was invented by john denver in 1805 when he decided "i wish there were a city that had legal weed" and made it himself

Trans-Atlantic? I didn't realise an ocean could be trans. Good for her!

Robb (MACHINE HEAD) und Jesse (KILLSWITCH ENGAGE) haben sich zusammengetan, um einen intensiven #BlackLivesMatter-Support-Track einzushouten:
Der Track zeigt zudem, wie geil es klingt, wenn man die Stärken beider Bands kombiniert.

Racism against Germans 😆
(I feel called out by the dancing. That's hitting too close to home.)

back in the 50s when data storage was less dense, one CD took up an entire room thats why they called it a CD-ROOM

Biden's "can't you shoot them in the leg instead of in the head" comment as a solution to police brutality is basically a perfect distillation of liberalism. like. I swear to god I've seen someone come up with that exact idea but as a joke to show how toothless liberals are

Wollte 2020 5kg abnehmen und von den 5 muss ich nur noch 9


President Trump and his allies are now openly threatening violence against Americans — it’s time to remove them from the internet: Ban them all

2020, the main way of information is twitter, which is freely monitored and censored by multiple entities with various goals in each country, and is full of accounts massively operated by various lobbies who manipulate opinion for profit

real life cyberpunk is depressing eh

"So, do you think one day robots will have human rights?"
"Perhaps," the robot said, "but first I want to see all humans have human rights."
"What do you mean? All humans do have human rights. It's in the name."
"Then I first want to see all humans considered human."
"Oh. Yeah."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

I'm so fucking tired. I just want to post about cats and old computers and instead I need to constantly yell at adults to get their heads out of their asses.

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