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In 146 Tagen ist Früh­jahrs-Tag­und­nacht­glei­che (Frühlingsanfang). 🌄
Weckt mich dann rechtzeitig aus meinem Winterschlaf. ⏰😴

Hatten wir heute schon ?

🔊🎶💃 Frankie goes to Hollywood - Relax
(Peter Rauhofer Doomsday Club Mix)

Surge is a free and open-source hybrid synthesizer, originally written and sold as a commercial product by Claes Johanson at Vember Audio. In September 2018, Claes decided to release a partially completed version of Surge 1.6 under GPL3, and a group of developers have been improving it since. has published another tutorial in their series about LV2 audio plugins development. B.musix is going through the absolute basics, so if you wanted to make plugins, but didn't know where to start - this series is for you!
#LV2 #BMusic #FOSS #Audio #OpenSource #Programming #DSP #LinuxAudio

Wer ist denn heute Abend wieder mit dabei? 20 Uhr auf #SchenklRadio!

Another custom widget for HexoSynth. The "Connector" widget is there to connect ports of two nodes. This is much more intuitive and easier to use than the previous workflow of selecting the desired output and input from a menu. The widget is still not done yet though.

#modularsynth #opensource #freesoftware #foss #gpl #rustlang #softwaredevelopment #programming #coding #guidesign

Delta Solo Feature in DAW
(Tutorial by Kenny Gioia)

REAPER is a complete digital audio production application for computers. REAPER supports Linux, macOS and Windows.

@sjaehn Thanks for your nice tutorial series Sven.

I coded along and got a first working version last night after fixing ten or so errors I made in ttl and the code.

Today I decided to clean up the lv2lint errors and warnings (the hard part) and make a stereo version of the plugin (the easy part).

I think I should refresh my nearly non-existant C knowledge and finally get into DSP (something I wanted to do for about a decade).

Wir haben den Sommer genutzt, um die FeedBeat-Plattform weiter auszubauen und abzurunden.

Dabei rausgekommen sind viele neue Features und Möglichkeiten, die FeedBeat zu einer einzigartigen Lösung für hybride und digitale Bühnenperformances machen.
Immer im Sinne von Künstlern und Publikum.

#fairstreamen #krefeld #datenschutz

Nehmen wir mal an, ich will Stockfotos verkaufen. Zu welchen Seiten gehe ich da am besten? Die ganz großen?

When it comes to electronics, we all own and use way more stuff than we used to. But what do you really know about the impacts these tiny devices have on the planet and on people?
Take our quiz to find out!


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