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Mit deutschen Untertiteln würde ich mich noch mehr beömmeln. 😂

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Trump’s Rambling CPAC Speech, 2021 Virtual Golden Globes

Vitalium builds ready!
Now in the KXStudio repositories, direct deb files in as usual.

Still a few quirks to iron out, but looking very promising.

There are no presets, not sure about license for those. But you can rename/copy `~/.local/share/vital` to vitalium and have those accessible in the forked version.

BODY 21 by MoMA Ready

Wyatt D. Stevens aka MoMA READY is an audio visual artist & film maker as well as the Owner of the lifestyle and music label Haus of Altr.

All Music Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Wyatt D. Stevens

Downloading music from YouTube is now BLOCKED by BT, EE, Virgin Media, Sky and more

These tough new bans are designed to stop users from downloading music from YouTube videos and listening offline without paying for the privilege.


The new Andrew Huang video unexpectedly has a Linux coming-out as the top comment:
Maybe you want to join in the discussion? :D
#FOSS #Linux #MusicProduction #AndrewHuang #YouTube

Time for a new release of the #FOSS #Glitch effect #Sequencer #LV2 plugin #BOops.
What's new:
* Drag and drop slots
* Check dependencies / versions before building
* Compatibility with older compilers
* Compatibility with older LV2 versions
* New factory presets:
* Bugfixes


cancelled my spotify subscription. Going to move to free alternatives and use the $10 a month to buy an album from bandcamp every month.

Die ersten hochauflösenden Fotos vom Mars-Lander sind wirklich erstaunlich. 😂

oh man ist das Scheiße kalt in der Schule.

Die SchülerInnen sind wieder da und alle Türen und Fenster offen.
Richtig schöner Durchzug bei draußen 3 Grad macht das lernen bestimmt richtig geil.

Danke ihr Ministerpräsis für Nichts, Danke ihr BildungsministerInnen für NICHTS

Coron dämmt man nicht duch Kopf in den Sand, ein


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