alpha release of Salut à Toi, that is more then what you're used from a federated social network:

- based on wide adopted industry standart #xmpp
- multiplattform
- encrypted chat
- forum
- blog
- events
- file sharing
- phote album
- ticket system (for support etc)
- drag/drop for personalizing
- merge system as you know from git
- screen splitting (for masto view)

#SàT 0.7 alpha by @Goffi and others


Nextcloud 14 has arrived and it is awesome!

✅ Video Verification 👁‍🗨
#Signal #Telegram & SMS 2FA 💬
✅ Add note to share 🗒️ & recover shares 🗑️
✅ New #GDPR app - Terms of Service 🖊️
✅ Lots of Accessibility work ♿️

pleroma and mastodon-style content warnings (a reminder) 

mastodon's take on content warnings is the exact opposite of where things should be going.

instead of giving the author control of how the message is processed, the *recipient* should be in control. this means tagging the message with a subject, but allowing the recipient to make their own decisions on how that message is displayed.

what we want to do is give that control to the recipient, using the keyword mute system as a basis. this is done by adding a couple of new preferences:

- [ ] collapse messages with subjects by default
- list of keywords which cause the opposite collapse behavior as an override

if you want messages with subjects to be processed as if they have a CW, you just check the box. done.

if you just want specific messages with specific keywords to be collapsed, you just do it as you would now, with a keyword mute.

if you want messages to be uncollapsed, then you just put keywords there.

everyone wins, because everyone gets what they want.
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You've ever wonderd how or why to build a social network based on #xmpp?
Maybe not. But in case you're a dev. you might enjoy reading Timothée Jaussoin blog post, with experience of years developing a such a network.

It will also present reasons why xmpp was choosen and what the advantage/disadvantage over #activityPub are.

Be it for curiosity or inspiration, I highly recoment reading this blogpost:

You're not a dev?
Take a look here:

Looking up some random NFC ring, it can store 888 bytes. My exported public key is 640 bytes. So maybe it's feasible to get a GPG public key onto NFC.

And following yesterday's release, we are happy to open the beta-testing phase for YunoHost 3.0 on Debian Stretch, as well as the migration mechanism for those on Jessie ! 🎉

It should now be relatively okay to run YunoHost on Stretch, as long as you are comfortable with command line and prepared for a few bugs and apps incompatibility 😅.

Hoping for a stable during June, depending on how things goes 😉 !

More details on the forum post :

Getting angry here on #Ubuntu and #Gnome (after upgrading to 18.04). Now on IRC to see if someone knows how to fix this!

Asked this question, so maybe the fediverse knows how to fix this:

"I can't start GDM and login into Gnome3 (only Lightdm and fallback). GDM error is:
kernel: [ 2333.410289] gnome-shell[7027]: segfault at 1fffffff9 ip 0...d sp 0...0 error 4 in[7...0]"

And no, I'm not using another distro, cause Ubuntu is the only distro that doesn't display my fonts blurred.

Still looking for someone to help me build our internal developer self-service system! It's going to be built on top of OpenFaaS, Nomad, GraphQL, NodeJS, and Go so if these are technologies that interest you and you'd be open to working in San Mateo, California, let me know!

Anyone has a copy of 1989's #USENIX Conference Proceedings to lend?

I'm looking for pages 147-156, a paper from David G. #Korn and Eduardo Krell titled "The 3-D File System".

Despite the age, I cannot find a copy.

Please boost if you know someone who can share such article. I'd like to read it as I'm working on a new #filesystem #protocol for my #Plan9 derivative, #Jehanne, and I'd like to know relevant prior art.

people are fuckers. is offering free service, unlimited private repos, open source software, and when the site is slow, not even down but slow, ppl on twitter are like "you guys sucks / why u so slow, etc…" Come one cut them some slack, they do their best !!

For people wanting to help updating/unblocking/adding apps, have a look at our issue tracker: and request for packaging tracker:

You'll find docs here: and drop by on #fdroid on freenode if you need help.

One of the #GSOC projects from @matrix is building an altenrative to GCM push for #matrix. This will directly benefit the #fdroid version of #riot!

Onion based federation is now working with #pleroma on #freedombone. This means that it's now possible to follow users on "onion only" installs.

This type of federation is quite significant, because it means independence from the DNS and CA systems. It means that even if you don't control your local internet router or don't have money to spend on domain names you can still create a social network. It significantly reduces the complexity barrier to entry for running a home server.

Release of MapMap 0.6.0

the cross platform libre software for (interactive) video mapping adds some details and options, lots of bug fixes all toward a better usability

catch the tarball sources or W$/OSX bin :

(hopefully soon some .deb on the ppa ?)

#videomapping #vjing #digitalarts #floss #artwithopensource

Demonstration am 24.2.18 in "wegen konkreter Gefahren für die öffentliche Sicherheit und Ordnung" untersagt. "Versammlungen, mit denen die verbotene PKK unterstützt wird, werden von der Dortmunder Polizei verboten", so der Polizeipräsident.

Posted 23. February 2018 - 22:57 on Twitter

Mastodon admins: DB since 2.2 

Am I the the only one who notices an increase in database connections since v 2.2.0? I know increased it to 150, but it still wants more. I noticed it cause of this backup error:

"pg_dump: [archiver (db)] connection to database "mastodon_production" failed: FATAL: remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections"

#mastoadmins #mastoadmin #mastodon #mastadlin #mastoadins

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