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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's my pleasure to announce the new ethical

βš–οΈ πŸ•ŠοΈ 🏳️ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡³ πŸ†“ ©️

It's optimized for Free Software and disallows unethical conduct such as:
- human rights violations
- war crimes
- privacy intrusion
- deforestation
- extensive contribution to climate change
- producing weapons of mass destruction

It's partly based on the Hippocratic and the Do No Harm Licence.

Learn more: πŸ”—

Today I finally used variables for the first time!

It's good practice defining colours once in the CSS file's top section and using them as variables all over the document so that you don't have to make dozens of changes just to implement for example a new accent colour.

The code then looks like this:

:root {
--dark-red: rgb(192,0,0);

.header {
background-color: var(--dark-red);

Progress with goes on and on. Check out to see what has been changed, updated and added already. 😎

And as always, feel free to open a new issue for any feedback, suggestions etc. on ☺️

Psssst: Die scheint offenbar fΓΌr ihr zu benutzen. Unter dem Punkt "Low Poly Grid" lassen sich entsprechende Musterungen kreieren.

Did you know that the "Read more..." elements on 's website don't require any ?

In fact, it's an HTML5 feature and works really well. Basically, it works like this:

<summary>Read more...</summary>
You can put the additional text inside this.

Try it out on

I've just put into a seperate repository so it's now possible to open issues and merge requests for those who have any suggestions: ☺️

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For those who noticed: doesn't load the Bootstrap Icons not from anymore as I've resolved the issue that was preventing me from locally hosting them. The problem was that I forgot to download the Bootstrap font LOL πŸ˜…πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

It's so frustrating doing tests in website development. For example, won't understand that not every bold, italic or large word is a button. In fact, Firefox marked every headline as non-accessible even though they aren't interactive elements at all. That's why I had to sort through dozens of errors that were completely meaningless πŸ™„

Have you ever wanted to see if your friends would fall for phishing?

For this purpose, I have just created a website that you can link to instead of a harmful, real phishing site. warns the user that he/she has just almost become a phishing victim.


Of course, PhishWarn is completely harmless! Also, it's and its source code can be found on @codeberg, by the way:

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#katwarn , #nina und #warnwetter geben mir KEINE Pushs ohne Play Services.

Hackt es eigentlich? Wie wichtig zuverlΓ€ssige Alarmierung ist, sollte mittlerweile auch zu den Amtsstuben durchgedrungen sein...

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programmierer, die gestern nach 22 uhr noch wach waren, dΓΌrfen heute bis 12 uhr mittags liegen bleiben.

Feel free to use the licence for your own projects! All you have to do is copy the full licence text to your repository. You can also use the logo and the banners to state that you're using it.

And if you don't like specific parts of the licence you may just change them to your liking. But then be sure to use another name and other logos etc. to avoid any confusion πŸ˜‰

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Do you have any feedback, recommendations, remarks, additions etc. for the licence? Feel free to open a new issue at : πŸ”—

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Some conditions of the licence:

β€’ the Licence does not provide any warranty, liability etc.
β€’ rights once granted cannot be withdrawn
β€’ the Licence may be amended/withdrawn
β€’ all Licence amendments must be stated transparently
β€’ violations of the terms and conditions result in the loss of the rights
β€’ the Licensor may make exceptions for logos etc. and the name of thework
β€’ software works have to be offered entirely, free of charge, non-obfuscated and in a common form

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Some conditions of the licence:

The Licensee is not allowed to:
🚫 commercialise or patent the original or an adaptation as a stand-aloneproduct
🚫 behave in unethical ways

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Some conditions of the licence:

The Licensee is obliged to:
πŸ”Ή credit the original author
πŸ”Ή maintain the exact same licence for the adaptation
πŸ”Ή document changes to the original
πŸ”Ή make the adaptation distinguishable from the original
πŸ”Ή always comply with ethical principles
πŸ”Ή check the original work for defects before interaction
πŸ”Ή preserve the user’s dignity, privacy and data security

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Some conditions of the licence:

The Licensee is allowed to:
βœ… re-distribute, modify and use the original work gratis
βœ… commercialise and patent an extensive product which also contains the adaptation
βœ… use a custom licence for an extensive product which also contains the adaptation

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