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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's my pleasure to announce the new ethical

⚖️ 🕊️ 🏳️ 🇺🇳 🆓 ©️

It's optimized for Free Software and disallows unethical conduct such as:
- human rights violations
- war crimes
- privacy intrusion
- deforestation
- extensive contribution to climate change
- producing weapons of mass destruction

It's partly based on the Hippocratic and the Do No Harm Licence.

Learn more: 🔗

🇩🇪 : Der, die oder das User Interface?

Sollte je eine Kanzlei gründen, wüsste ich ja schon einen Namen: Ebay Strafanzeigen.

No matter how many times I type or write the word out, I always want to spell SANDWICH with an H, like SANDWHICH.

To this end, we, the , have a duty to immediately deliver heavy weapons to the resistance, especially much-needed artillery and self-propelled howitzers, but also combat aircraft, ballistic rockets and long-range cruise missiles to destroy military targets already on soil, even before they can wreak havoc. There cannot be without !


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Despite countless attempts to talk, the inhumane troops are committing the most atrocious crimes, which can only be stopped by enabling not only to push back the invading troops in the short term, but to permanently halt 's war of annihilation through targeted counterstrikes against russian military logistics.


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Many self-proclaimed “peace activists” are demanding the unconditional surrender of the resistance in favour of a russian dictatorial . They fail to understand, however, that a military victory would not alleviate the Ukrainians’ suffering in the slightest, because ’s goal is evidently the annihilation of the Ukrainian people and culture.


: “Does it make sense to maintain contact with ?”

Kaja Kallas, 🇪🇪 PM:

“For me, the crucial question is whether these talks produced results. Did he de-escalate the situation afterwards? I can't see that he did. In truth, we have seen that even after these talks, horrendous crimes have been committed in . [...] He is a war criminal. Why should anyone talk to him?”

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What I “hate” most about is how it's almost impossible to design a profile banner that's displayed as intended in all clients.

an den : „Um die ohnehin schlechte Moral und die Kampfkraft der russischen Streitkräfte zu brechen, soll 🇷🇺 russischen Deserteuren ein Aufenthaltstitel erteilt werden. Gleichzeitig soll diesen Deserteuren eine dauerhafte Bleibeperspektive in 🇩🇪 und der 🇪🇺 ermöglicht werden.“ Is it just me or does the Mastodon logo look like an incoming fist?

In Gedenken an
In memory of
Til minde om
En mémoire de
In memoria di
Ter nagedachtenis aan
Dla uczczenia pamięci
В память о
В пам'ять про

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Also this kind of breaks my head:

null == 0; // -> false
null > 0; // -> false
null >= 0; // -> true

so null is not 0, it's not bigger than 0, but it is bigger or equal to 0 :|

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almost got me again! № 334 – 6/6

Mozilla will implement many new features from chrome's Manifest V3, but will NOT disable some other old API elements [webRequest vs declarativeNetRequest], that limited (read: completely broke) adblockers and other privacy focused extensions.

#Mozilla #Firefox #Chrome #Browsers #Privacy #AdBlocking

Many, many thanks to @senfcall for providing such an awesome server! It's so enjoying using it for studying! ☺️

Ukraine can count on the EU's full support.

We propose:
🔹 granting Ukraine additional macro-financial assistance of up to €9 billion,
🔹'RebuildUkraine' - a new instrument to finance the reconstruction and accompany the country on its European path.


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