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This is just to check in how much interest there is in the following:

Would you like to see Tails to run on mobile phones such as the #PinePhone?
(boost also counts as a yes)

What's Tails?
Tails a portable operating system that protects your privacy and helps you avoid censorship.

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#Opensource is a development methodology; free software is a social movement. For the Open Source movement, non-free software is a suboptimal solution. For the #FreeSoftware movement, non-free software is a social problem and Free Software  is the solution
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We've reached 500 followers on @Mastodon!Thank you for your interest in Nitrokey! We keep you posted. Exciting times ahead. :)

#opensource #cybersecurity

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There's a new version of Ardour, the professional-grade digital audio workstation. Congratulations to everybody at Ardour for your fantastic version 6 from the KDE Community!

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Yesterday, the Open Build Service experienced a downtime of 11 minutes for build.opensuse.org
Here is some insight into what happened - openbuildservice.org/2020/05/1 #obs

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Two different responses from #node developers.

1. Very common response - we are special and we only support installing via #npm/#yarn/the binaries we produce. github.com/postcss/postcss-fil

2. Rarely we get a response that is supportive of building from source and using the package manager of choice.

Fortunately, and the true power of #FreeSoftware, we are not restricted to the choices developers of a software make and we are empowered to make our own choices.


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Coin flip poll: toss a coin IRL, and let's see what the distribution looks like.

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RT @LiveLawIndia
Calcutta HC To Hold Special Sitting Tomorrow For Hearing Plea Against Hooghly Internet Shutdown [Read Petition]

SFLC @sflcin has moved the Calcutta HC against the Hooghly internet shutdown.



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RT @SubinSiby
Introducing Vett (പൂജ്യം വെട്ട്), the online multiplayer version of the Dots-and-Boxes game you played in school !


Unlimited number of players can play together ! Works P2P with WebRTC & WebTorrent trackers 🔥

Source: github.com/subins2000/vett

tube.tchncs.de is down?
Thanks for maintaining all the services.
Hoping to see it back up soon.

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:mastodon: ℹ️ Partypeople, the spread of misinformation, hate and fear around covid-19 and other stuff is getting out of hand. We want this instance to be a happy place and do not support conspiracy.
Starting today, we will go after this more strictly. Affected accounts may get a warning for their behavior first, missing insight will result in suspension.
Some accounts may get suspended without warning, if they act too aggressively.
We will act based on proven facts.

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This Saturday we have class on "Introduction to NodeJS"

Speaker: Mugunthan
Date: 02/05/2020
Time: 4PM
Join: https://youtu.be/xi-USXYaoSs

We invite everyone who are interested, to participate in the upcoming knowledge sharing sessions online.
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Reminder: Emacs APAC virtual meetup, Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 14:00 IST with Jitsi and #emacs on irc.freenode.net. Await Jitsi video conferencing URL announcement prior to the session.

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