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The ultra wide monitor I ordered got delivered today. Looks like the best viewing mode for Mastodon are ultra wide monitors.

back here after a while, how is everyone doing? 👋

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Disnews #2 - This month on disroot

😍 Yearly report

🛠️ Disroot - Project board. Moving everything to Gitea

🚧 Ansible roles

🤐 Lacre

Read more at:

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Hi fedi, glad to have some more news for you. Today we've launched our webchat and Tor onion services.

Webchat is available at:

And information on connection via Tor is available here:

Please note: Tor requires an existing account with CertFP/ECDSA challenge configured.

We know that these gateways, and Matrix, are a big deal to some projects, so I hope we can continue to welcome projects and hopefully we have news about Matrix tomorrow!

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Libre Graphics Meeting 2021 starts today and will be streaming talks until Sunday, May 30. Don't miss all the talks about @krita, Kdenlive, @inkscape, @blender, GIMP and other amazing graphics applications.

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FSCI challenges new Intermediary Rules, 2021, in the High Court of Kerala | Free Software Community of India

#fsci #sflcin #itrules2021 #itrules

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It’s Saturday, so you know what that means!

I am once again asking that you start your own instance. Just do it. Control your own data, make your own rules, and choose what you see. It’s fun. And as the Fediverse scales horizontally, we will each individually hold a larger stake in the network.

Again, if you are having any trouble, please (!) feel free to reach out to me. I will be more than happy to help you out with whatever problems you have.

Set it up on a server that is yours or will be yours (online installer) (a helpful install script) (official installation instructions)

Pay someone else to host it for you

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i am searching for email client which support multiple email (imap+smtp) accounts at the same time, tried mutt and neomutt with no luck (failed to configure it for polling or even properly display multiple accounts, this should be possible, but non of found hints works)

also pgp support is a requirement.

dav would be good addition.

#linux #imap #smtp #mail #terminal #console
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The day has arrived. I can finally present you all my new project.
Inspired by NewPipe, Nitter, Invidious or Bibliogram, here comes Lingva, an alternative Front-end for Google Translate.

It's a completely Free and Open Source project, so you can host your own instance. The directions are on the project's README.
You can also make any kind of contribution. Feel free to Pull Request.

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We are looking for people with access to two Android phones to help us testing offline sharing of an app. Instructions here:

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URGENT - Need plasma. Any blood group in Defence Colony, Delhi - Oncoplus Hospital.

Contact - Vaibhav +91 99998 02146
(Posting for a friend) Can contact him directly.

Covid recovered patient after 90 days, preferred.

Please help amplify!

This is the city bus which runs on most routes in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. People here call it as DalaDala. Most of these buses have pictures of famous people or football clubs.
If you look closely on the window of the bus, there is the picture of President of North Korea.
Follow me oon pixelfed for more

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If you have something to translate, don't forget that you can use our #LibreTranslate instance at
The same used for translating toots.

I thought that this file name ending with apk is an installable apk file. Turns out it's a zip file.
Do I really need to compile stuff now?
Is there an apk available somewhere?

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I have been away from here for a while.

Hopefully, will be more active here from now on.

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