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The ultra wide monitor I ordered got delivered today. Looks like the best viewing mode for Mastodon are ultra wide monitors.

This is the city bus which runs on most routes in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. People here call it as DalaDala. Most of these buses have pictures of famous people or football clubs.
If you look closely on the window of the bus, there is the picture of President of North Korea.
Follow me oon pixelfed for more

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If you have something to translate, don't forget that you can use our #LibreTranslate instance at
The same used for translating toots.

I thought that this file name ending with apk is an installable apk file. Turns out it's a zip file.
Do I really need to compile stuff now?
Is there an apk available somewhere?

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I have been away from here for a while.

Hopefully, will be more active here from now on.

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தமிழ்க்கணிமை வரலாறு, பங்களித்தோர் பட்டியல் தயாரித்தல்

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Students! Get financial support to work on new LibreOffice features, and boost your skills at the same time – take part in the Google Summer of Code 2021, supporting free and open source software projects:

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:mastodon: ⬆️ The server has been updated to Mastodon v3.3.0.
This is a big release, check out the changelog for details:

Consider refreshing the site and enjoy. :)

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« Applications and libraries extending the #GNOME ecosystem - Developers who are using the GNOME platform can apply to have their projects included in #GNOMECircle » />

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Did you know...#GUADEC, #GNOMEAsia, GNOME Onboard Africa Virtual, and the Linux App Summit are all supported by donations? And GNOME Asia 2020 starts next week! Don't forget to register

#opensource #conference #Fundraiser

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GitNex 3.3.0 is out now with:

- open links in GitNex(codeberg, etc)
- grouped notifications
- emoji reactions on issue/pr and comments
- new commenting screen
And many more new features...

Release blog

#gitnex #gitea #android #app @codeberg

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SecureDrop team member @kushal will be speaking about the work we did in 2020 and upcoming features in 2021 at the Tor Project's "State of the Onion" livestream on November 16 (16:00 - 18:00 UTC):

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MiniDebConf Online - Gaming Edition: Lightning talks, shoutouts, tiny talks and MiniDebCamp

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