TWITTER: “use first name last name if you can — it looks professional”
MASTODON: “Hi I’m fluffy at homosexual dot party”

To me, Mastodon proves how well the web works as an app platform: it’s fun to use on Mac, iPad, iPhone.

OK, so replies *are* hidden from followers. Same rules as on Twitter?

1. If you start a toot (any toot, not just replies?) with an @-mention, only people who follow you and the mentioned account can see the toot.

2. Removing the @-mention, moving it to the end or prefixing it with a dot shows the toot to everybody.

I really enjoyed this blog post about how the best OOP and FP solutions to the expression problem are really the same approach:

Unfamiliar with the expression problem? That's okay, the author explains it very clearly. No background necessary!

If there were more than one way of favoriting a toot, one could already do simple polls in Mastodon.

Hey admins of smaller servers, i have to tell you something!
In the first days of i explored some gnusocial and mastodon servers for interesting and active users and followed them from here. So the these where about 20people from random but maybe 8 different instances and about 100 from boosts. Everything else happened by itself. I stopped with this weeks before the twitter update and never needed a bot. My server knows 601 servers atm and my federated timeline is hyperactive.

macOS shell tip: if you drop a folder on a tab of, it cds to that folder.

@gargron Banküberweisung auch denkbar für regelmäßige Spenden?

It looks like Mastodon will work out: lots of new users, still working well for me.

Twitter features I miss:
– Polls
– Quoting tweets (=embedding them via their URLs)
– Shared accounts (a “business” account is operated/shared by multiple user accounts)
– Scheduling tweets

PSA animated gifs cause issues for some folks, please use static images for avatars and put gifs under a CW

From the PR person's email: "Knowing it'd be their biggest hurdle, the company has already transformed voice personalization using AI and speech synthesis — so now your virtual doppelganger not only sounds like you, but it can also sing like you, but better… and in Chinese."

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Hi all, I put together a short list of articles and tips for Mastodon newbies. Trying to make it easier for folks to get started here; hope it helps!

Okay, the Mastodon mobile web app is actually amazing. And it allows me to use multiple instances just by clicking 'add to homescreen' on each site! I'll still keep Tusky around, but for now this may become my preferred method of Maston'ning (🤔) on mobile.

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