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Threema plant im Gegensatz zu Signal übrigens kein Krypto-Bezahlsystem.

"Nein, wir arbeiten nicht an einem entsprechenden Feature, und mit Threema wird es auch in Zukunft nicht möglich sein, Zahlungen zu tätigen – aus gutem Grund."

Und: "Unserer Ansicht nach ist sicheres Messaging daher nicht mit Zahlungsabwicklungen vereinbar."

Sehr vernünftig. 👍

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The day has arrived. I can finally present you all my new project.
Inspired by NewPipe, Nitter, Invidious or Bibliogram, here comes Lingva, an alternative Front-end for Google Translate.

It's a completely Free and Open Source project, so you can host your own instance. The directions are on the project's README.
You can also make any kind of contribution. Feel free to Pull Request.

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> MobileCoin creates fast, trusted cryptocurrency transfers with Azure confidential computing

This is getting better and better.


On the official website ( you can't find an obvious link to . Guess why.

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Facebooks payment system got renamed to . Why? Because already had such a bad name and everybody (including politicians) knew there was behind?

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It's fucked. It's all fucked. Signal is announcing in the newest beta verstion integration of a random crypto shitcoin. Gonna attract all the crazies nobody wants in this.

Gonna trigger a mass exodus after so many years fighting to have people to use the app and all the alternatives are not good enough.

Really tired of changing messaging platforms every 2 years on my life.

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Is there an open source browser that doesn't harvest my organs for google, that isn't attached to a dying organization, that isn't just a clone of one of those likely to share its fate, and that isn't operated by creepy crypto dorks? like anything? Is it just dillo? Am I stuck with Dillo?

"Die KI ist eben keine wirkliche künstliche Intelligenz, sondern nur ein plappernder, «stochastischer Papagei»"

"Aber die Entscheidung über das Bild der Welt, das uns KI-Systeme dann zeigen, fällt anderswo – bei Google, in Mountain View."

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Die Diskrepanz zwischen Aussage und Wirklichkeit könnte nicht höher sein.

"Datenschutz ist uns wichtig". Ja, so wichtig, dass Tracking stattfindet, personalisierte Werbung eingeblendet wird und soziale Medien eingebunden werden. 🤦‍♂️

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2011: The Thinkpad T420 is the best general-purpose laptop ever made.
2021: The Thinkpad T420 is the best general-purpose laptop ever made.

"It's a curious thing about our industry: not only do we not learn from our mistakes, we also don't learn from our successes." – Keith Braithwaite

Seriously. A durable, upgradable, battery-swappable laptop with a bunch of ports, trackpoint, middle-mouse button, good keyboard, and LED lamp that can take advantage of at least *some* of the power efficiency and hardware decoding improvements of the past decade. That's it. That's all I need.
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Not endorsing any behaviour of #RichardStallman #RMS or, but do keep in mind that his ideas and principles have led to all German people got the right to verify an app that the government wants to force them to use, through uncovering of a #GPL infringement.

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I'm slowly making up my mind about the / cancelling campaign.

I consider it harmful for us. More harmful than RMS could be would any of the accusations be true.

But of course is harmful to a diversity of unethical organizations like and .

"Out of fear, many known Free Software projects joined in on the anti-RMS witch hunt because they did not want to be cancelled either."

"Our opponent’s true target is not Richard Stallman; their real aim is to destroy the FSF by thoroughly infiltrating it (like they already have with organisations like the OSI and Linux Foundation)."

Did you sign the open-letter against to the ? Without checking facts?

Give this a read:

And give your moral a chance.

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Hallo liebe Mastodon-Community!
Das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) freut sich neben dem @bfdi als weitere Bundesbehörde nun auch auf Mastodon vertreten zu sein. Als Cyber-Sicherheitsbehörde des Bundes gestaltet das BSI die Informationssicherheit in der Digitalisierung für unsere Gesellschaft. Wir werden hier regelmäßig Tröts zu verschiedenen technischen Themen veröffentlichen und freuen uns auf den Austausch!

#BSI #DeutschlandDigitalSicherBSI

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@resist1984 @freetechproject So #elementaryOS calls themselves "privacy-respecting" as the very 1st opening statement of their #CloudFlare website. #Hypocrisy indeed.

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Dear #fediverse and especially #foss and #activitypub tech enthusiasts amongst you ..

At #SocialHub we're preparing a great event in the form of two webinars and a workshop in April, for representatives of the European Commission.

The topics are #ActivityPub #Interoperability and #FediverseFutures within the EU.

Interest for the event came from EC itself, who via @NGIZero - funder of many great AP projects - approached SocialHub to organize.

You can help prepare and certainly join the Event!

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