‘The only uncertainty is how long we’ll last’: a worst case scenario for the climate in 2050

The Future We Choose, a new book by the architects of the Paris climate accords, offers two contrasting visions for how the world might look in thirty years



For Valentine's I got something pink. 

"People who work on social software are closer in spirit to economists and political scientists than they are to people making compilers. They both look like programming, but when you’re dealing with groups of people as one of your runtime phenomena, you have an incredibly different practice."
#ClayShirky, 'A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy'

Y'know, if Microsoft _really_ wanted to court disillusioned Mac users they'd put together a series of 'Macintosh' variations of their existing keyboard layouts.

Mac keyboard layouts are so, _so_ much nicer for typing pretty much any character outside of the basic ASCII range

This is one thing that Desktop Linux does well: its extreme configurability which normally is a UX hazard means it has mac-style variations for almost every keyboard layout in existence.

hello! i wrote (!) about has css has evolved over the past 20 years, at least as i remember it eev.ee/blog/2020/02/01/old-css

Y'all, imma issue a challenge:

Before buying a thing on Amazon, take just two minutes to see if it's available elsewhere online.

There's very often another seller that is price competitive, and free shipping is super common these days.

If you still wanna buy from Bezos I'm not gonna stop you, but it's worth at least checking for alternatives. Divesting yourself can be easier than you might think.

You know, for all of Google’s integration in / tracking of my life, I expect a completely different experience:

“Ok, Google, what is today’s weather?”

“Not enough snow for anyone in Buffalo to notice, so go ahead and wear those sweet new kicks with the suede uppers.”

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Pro-tip for Firefox users: open a new tab, now prefix whatever you type in the address bar with "%" to search your open tabs and switch to one.

Static vs dynamic comic that everyone can enjoy and be just a little bit upset at

Original here: twitter.com/01k/status/1067788

Had an excellent experience downloading and using openshot to make a little video while on vacation.
- figuring out what to download for my OS was trivial
- installation was a breeze, no complications, no "it depends on <whatever>, so install that first"
- UI worked as expected. No weirdness about it.
- got done what I wanted to do

By far the best FOSS experience of recent memory for heavy end-user application.


hot take on FOSS 

So, SourceHut is not hosted in anyone's cloud. I own all of the hardware outright and colocate most of it in a local datacenter.

I just built a new server for git.sr.ht, and boy is she a beat. It cost me about $5.5K as a one-time upfront cost, and now I just pay for power, bandwidth, and space, which runs about $650/mo for *all* of my servers (10+).

Ran back of the napkin numbers with AWS's price estimator for a server of equivalent specs, and without even considering bandwidth usage it'd cost me almost TEN GRAND PER MONTH to host JUST that server alone on AWS.

AWS is how techbro startups pile up and BURN their investor money.

Hearing a foreign coworker be racist as fuck against Egyptians... Wait, I recognize this... This is exactly what Republicans say about Hispanic people, fucking point for point, including disease, crime, and how they "don't want to work"

Rather eye opening, racism is a universal, and it's always lazy and uncreative.

@garbados doesn't dat rely on having an exact byte-for-byte works-like-node json serializer? I thought you couldn't get the needed guarantees about hashes without that.

@garbados well, for bittorrent to work, you have to have one canonical hash for a given piece of data, right? the problem was that while JSON is a decent format for general interchange, it lacks that property, but they used it anyway.

because dat has had only the one reference implementation since it was created, it was an easy mistake to make early on, and now it is too late to fix. and that mistake ensures that no alternate dat implementations can arise, cementing the problem in place.

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