Today's been rough 😕 Let's hope I get some shit done tomorrow. Bunch of packages to send out and other stuff to put away in this mess of a new apartment...

Frage: Kann man diese "Deutscher Imkerbund" Honiggläser irgendwie zurückgeben? Oder einfach wegwerfen?

Was geht eigentlich bei der Hofpfisterei ab? Also doch weiter selber Brot backen 🤷‍♂️

They are all size M or S, if you want to know the size of a specific one and it's not visible in the picture. Here are some @MakeMunich shirts (2/3)

I'm getting rid of a bunch of nerd/hacker/maker shirts since I hardly wear them anymore. Anyone interested? They can be yours for the price of shipping (you can also pick them up in Munich), and a small donation to @cadus_org. Here we go (1/3)

Noch nicht mal Mittag und ich will schon was anzünden. Dabei muss ich heute nicht mal arbeiten. Man man man ey

Gibt so Tweets auf die willste einfach nur mit "Hä, wat?" antworten und fragst dich gleichzeitig ob das überhaupt noch was bringt... 🤔

Turns out I have 4+ old blogs? Do you people ever consolidate old stuff like that?

Just listened to @sweatpantstech talking about Minecraft, and I have to admit I've been playing a little too much of Minecraft lately, and I was wondering if anyone else in my bubble is in on that atm as well, and would like to join?

Wollte gerade was positives schreiben. Lassen wir das. Mal n paar Stunden Twitter-Pause einlegen.

Ich weiß bei den ganzen Videos aus Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hannover ... nicht was ich schreiben soll 🤬 es macht mich wütend und gleichzeitig fühl ich mich machtlos. Aber was macht man da?

Just watched a documentary ( which covered @BarefootCollege and I was wondering whether their books / learning materials are available to download and/or buy somewhere?

Question: Years ago, I built a thing that can create an automated email out of Trello items in a list, to make a weekly newsletter. I'd like to move that to Mailchimp (or something similar). Has anyone done anything like that? Is it possible to "autogenerate" newsletters there?

Wanted to save a link, and ended up documenting my insect hotel build from two years ago to get there 😅
It's still in use 💪

hm, volume seems to have been part of it, but the YouTube version is still a bit "more real". Spotify version is missing that tiny bit of hum/noise. Not sure if that's by design, different recording, or just some "magic" Spotify does 🤔

I'm also looking forward to the day when I have a proper upright piano 😍

I hate listening to music on YouTube, by why does sound much better than the same track on Spotify? Or is it just me? 🤯

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