Unplugged the kettle to do baking stuff and then made some tea. And here I am wondering why it's cold "already" 🤦‍♀️

Haven't gotten anywhere with my todo list over the past few days 🙈 I hope things get a bit better next week...

Turns out VCC and GND are flipped on this OLED module, because I couldn't find the one that originally came with the LoRaWAN module. Why? Well, apparently these modules can be reconfigured, using R3 and R4 on the back. Hmm, too late. We'll stay with cables now 🤷‍♂️

So after screwing up mounting an OLED display with 4 pins TWICE, it finally works now 🥳

Ok, hackers out there: Has anyone of you tried to integrate a secure element like ATECC608A with the arduino-lmic libraries? Could find anything in their respective GitHub repos, but I'd be curious to try // @thethingsntwrk

Prepped the weekly @munichmakerlab newsletter, and I'll probably just call it a day now 😴

"I'll just quickly fix that script" leads to about two hours of work, porting from python 2 to python 3, fixing some unit files, and whatnot 🙈 Anyway, @fff_events_muc and @munichmakes should work properly again now 😅

"I’ve seen how the sea changes people. No one steps ashore the same person they were when they left the dock. People reach this almost meditative state at sea; they discover life’s sparkle, its lightness and freedom."

Setup this LoRaWAN node thingie to do some coverage mapping for while out on the bike. Cool to find @hottimuc 's firmware as one of the recommended things to run on it 💪 now I just need to find the matching OLED display somewhere in my mess of parts...

Just realized while doing tax stuff (yay....) how much money I'm paying for domains each year 🙈 Gotta do something about that... (like 19€ for 1 .de domain? wtf...)

Welcome to my little side project nonprofit Facebook page, with only English content. Sure, why don't you send me your very shitty job application in French...

Made some quiche for dinner today, and totally fucked it up 🙈

I should have a little more electronics lab stuff at home I suppose 🤔 and maybe find a more convenient place to store it 🤔 (another one for the project list, @nv1t 🤷🙈)

Just powered up the DC meter LoRaWAN connector, and the DC power meter as well. And after dealing with me forgetting how I changed around the pins on the Arduino when making the PCB, it worked and sent data to @thethingsntwrk 💪 More testing tomorrow I guess 😬

I failed my recent sourdough starter attempts, so I made this thing using dry yeast. To get the spirits back up. And because it tastes good 😉

By the way, did you know @tindie has the cutest 404 page? 😍

Looks like it's World IoT Day tomorrow 🥳 So if you want to get started on some iot stuff, grab a Pro Mini LoRaWAN Node kit at tindie.com/products/makervan/p (and save a few pennies using IOTDAY2020 😉)

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