Missed today to write one of the @instructables I talked about last week (while taking pictures for the second one at the same time): instructables.com/Stool-Made-F

Taking this thing for a spin before selling it. I just don’t have the use for it anymore 😕 anyone need a lovely retro two-gear folding bicycle? Probably not even retro, it really is old 😅

Tonight is once again dedicated to closing tabs. Already listened to two podcasts episodes, ordered a bunch of screws, and read some other stuff I had put off 🥳

Only took me 5 tries to set this up 🙈 but this is such an awesome spot 😍

Just bought the exact same pair of jeans I already own again online because I don't want to go out shopping...

Falling down the live concert recording youtube rabbit hole again  🙈

Hey @thingiverse, the contrast on your sign in page is a little low. I know there are two input fields, but you have to search for them. Can you add a border or something to that?

I’m not a big fan of 3D printing, but this stand for my indoor LoRaWAN gateway just fits perfectly 🤩 Thanks @LittleJoeMuc for the design

Just another reason to finally learn proper breadboard etiquette I suppose 🤷‍♂️

Byebye @arduino Nano33 IoT 😭 Argh, this was unnecessary, I probably touched one of the wrong resistor wires when connecting the 12V battery, pushing 12V straight into one of the SAMD's analog input pins💥

F*ck, I just released the magic smoke from the Arduino board for my @E14Community project 🤦‍♂️ and I didn't even take a picture or video 🙈

I'll try some different filament tomorrow, otherwise it's back to PVC pipe and hotglue 🤬

Quickly going back to disliking 3d printing 🤷‍♂️

First loaf of homemade bread in more than 3 weeks. Not sure how I survived that long. And almost forgot the recipe 🙈

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