CWs aren't "censorship" or putting your toots behind some kinda wall, they're basically equivalent to lowering your voice so only the intended people can hear you in this crowded bar, as you talk about stuff that's potentially upsetting, TMI, or whatever.

People don't want CWs on "politics" (which really means "the news") because they're oversensitive and afraid of seeing the news, they read they news, they just don't want it to be a 24-hour punditry vortex in here.

I think I'm gonna move to @tobascodagama, so be sure to follow me over there as well.

Much love to @milan for running a great instance on It's just, you know, *witches*.

TIL that searching Google for "did you see that ludicrous display last night" does this:

We get the local newspaper at work every day and when I walk past it to go to my office I glance at the headlines. When I log onto twitter they're usually all talking about the same headlines without much more depth than just the headline and for pages and pages... maybe I just follow the wrong people there but like I'm still getting the news and the worlds' a fuck. But I don't need it 24/7 I'm already keeping up with local bills and going to activist meetings

When in doubt, CW.

If someone asks you, CW.

If you hesitate at all, CW.

It's one click. And it helps keep this amazing journey we're all on amazing for all of us.

Remember Mastodon is not the place to have private conversation and exchange secret cake recipes. Security wise it (currently) is not build for this!

I think we should encourage Mastodon for social use. But keep using the appropriate tools for private conversations.

@spiderrobotpig cause the ability to surprise ppl w/content that, given an informed choice, they'd prefer not to see right now, is core to the viral mechanic that consolidates social media influence? ppl whose entire persona is "exploiting brain glitches for attention" don't like having to ask first :-/

RE: Politics CW: I budget time in the day to read news from vetted sources. If I wanted it shouted at me with color commentary, I'd still be reading Facebook.

Free speech discussion 

After looking at some of the timelines of the 'free speech' oriented GNU Social instances, I'm definitely glad that I settled where I am.

I totally support their right to free speech, but god am I glad that I have the right to not see or deal with their shit. Free speech ain't as black and white as they like to make out.

GARY: thanks for coming over! you can leave your shoes by the door
YOU: why
GARY: oh, uh, I just don't like people to wear shoes in my apartment?
YOU: *in the kitchen, walking all over the plates in your filthy boots* lets dialogue gary

PEOPLE ON MASTODON: hey, as a practice, we'd like to encourage people to put political toots behind a content warning.
MASTODON USERS: yeah, this is great
YOU: *nodding* okay but why should i. lets discuss it.
EVERYONE ELSE: we' you to? we're asking you?
YOU: yes but whyyyy shouuuld i

Hey, you there, you that fav and boost my toots, I like you. And you obviously like me too.

Could I ask you to just read, just look at, my patreon introduction? Let me tell you what more I am about, what other than communicating and supporting here on mastodon I do with my life?
Just for me? Thank you :sparkling_heart:


Has posting incessantly about Mastodon on Mastodon become enough of a thing that we can start calling it "masto-bating" yet

Lots of people talking about the care required to select a instance that suits your values and priorities — which I *completely* agree with — but not so many recognising how difficult it is to operate any service with even just a few hundred users, without downtime, being responsive to their technical needs and expectations (which in reality means 24/7 on call), not to mention adequate funding, etc. I expect some instances will crumble in the long term. is hard, yo.

Last thought before bed:

The fact that you can't easily transfer identity between instances means _you have a stake in your community_. If you get kicked out, that has real cost - you lose your followers.

That means picking an instance requires care and commitment. I want to see how, as this thing grows, instances can develop individual flavor and values. I see this working really well.

There is no volume at which I can play Sleater-Kinney's The Woods that stops me from thinking "maybe I should turn this up some more".

Hey, server hosts/admins. I'm probably going to make a #patreon roundup post with a server list / similar to the list in this post

The aim is to help you pay for your servers and spread the love. 🎺 me your info (patreon + instance domain) please!

#fediverse #mastodon

(I'll accept non Mastodon servers too ofc <3)

There is something which scares me on mastodon. I see more and more people installing instances while they don't have a clue about what they're doing.

Then their instance is going to be listed on the website and people will be randomly redirected toward them when someone wants to use mastodon.

But then what happen?

Hosting someone's services is not fun or anything. It's a liability and I hope you have that in mind.

Also, pick carefully your instance.

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