HE: Kein MS-Teams mehr ab dem 1.8.
BY: Bald kein MS-Teams mehr in München
BB: Ab sofort kein MS-Teams mehr
NRW: Freie Software ab jetzt Standard in Dortmund

Hier und da kehrt Vernunft ein.

Gründe gegen Microsoft an Schulen: digitalcourage.de/kinder-und-j
#twlz #DigitaleBildung

Richard #Stallman a.k.a. #RMS is the founder of the Free Software Foundation (#FSF), author of the original versions of gcc and Emacs, and perhaps best known for his creation of the GNU Public Licence a.k.a. #GPL.

Thanks to the pioneering work of Richard Stallman, Android has a freely available kernel that can boot it, and companies like Samsung are forced to release their augmented kernel source code to us every month, so that we can build — using Stallman’s compiler — a working custom recovery like TWRP.

Richard Stallman is currently under coordinated attack by the cancel culture mob. They have him firmly in their sights and have set their hearts on trying to get him removed from the board of the organisation he founded in 1985, and which has been his life’s work.

The reason for the attack is that Stallman is alleged to hold views that are “problematic” in the eyes of his detractors.

My own stance is that to even engage in debate of Stallman’s views would be to lend credence to the notion that they are somehow germane to the work that Stallman does in support of free software. I contend that they are not, which is not to imply that the accusations leveled at Stallman would otherwise require intellectual or moral contortion to refute. They would not. Stallman’s views, even if they were relevant, have been grossly misrepresented.

The attempted silencing of free speech is always painful to behold, but this ill-conceived attack on Stallman is particularly stomach-turning, given how much of his life he has devoted to the freedom of others, including those who accuse him now.

His contributions to free software and his consistent, uncompromising commitment to his beliefs regarding software freedom have made millionaires of others, including many among his accusers now, while Stallman himself continues to lead a life of subsistence.

#Android would not exist if it hadn’t been for Stallman.

Without Stallman, we would not have the assurance that important software like #Magisk will continue to exist long after the project’s creator has moved on.

Without Stallman, #TWRP would not now exist.

Were it not for Richard Stallman, most of the cheap electronic appliances and gadgets in your home would simply not exist.

Without Richard Stallman’s groundbreaking work, the world would be a different and much worse place.

Now you can do something in return. Richard Stallman needs your support.

Please consider signing the petition below:


If you need more background before signing, please take the time to do your own research and reach your own conclusions.

Hier steht es. Klar und deutlich. In der Zeitung. Aber später will wieder keiner der Steigbügelhalter etwas gewusst haben.

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GitLab announces spyware in new version:

"... Starting with GitLab 12.4, ... customers who use our proprietary products (that is, GitLab.com and the Enterprise Edition of our self-managed offerings) may notice additional Javascript snippets that will interact with GitLab and/or third-party SaaS telemetry service (such as Pendo)."

Good I didn't jump there when GitHub was bought by MS.

Again and again it turns out that is the only sustainable way.

In Facebooks Trackingtools steckt eine wenig beachtete technisch-juristische Schwachstelle (👏 Paul-Oliver Dehaye). Betroffene können damit universell gegen Websites oder Apps mit Facebook-Tracker vorgehen. Selbst wenn vorher eine Einwilligung eingeholt wurde. rufposten.de/blog/2019/10/20/d

Wir haben heute eine Musterbeschwerde gegen Facebook-Tracker zur allgemeinen Nutzung mit Anleitung veröffentlicht. Ein Leser hat damit bereits gestern in Hamburg eine Datenschutzbeschwerde gegen @zeitonline eingereicht.

Er hat eine Datenschutzbeschwerde gegen Zeit Online eingereicht: Im Interview erläutert mir ein Informatiker aus Bayern, warum das notwendig war und warum die Zeit für ihn trotzdem eine tolle Zeitung ist: rufposten.de/blog/2019/10/24/i

"Everybody in that court yesterday saw that one of the greatest journalists and most important dissidents of our times is being tortured to death by the state, before our eyes."


Tor Browser 9.0 (auf Basis von Firefox 68 ESR) wurde veröffentlicht.

Ich brauche mal kurz Eure Hilfe für meinen Podcast @denkangebot@twitter.com: kattascha.de/podcast-helft-ihr

"Software Freedom in Europe 2019", don't miss FSFE's yearly report with a breakdown of important things the #FSFE has done and achieved during the last 12 months. fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201910 #FreeSoftware #Europe

“Ubiquitous computing is still a fantasy, but not because the technology isn’t ready. It is. The fantasy is that any system mediating someone’s personal experience of the physical world that uses a modern corporation’s digital infrastructure would be objective or neutral. Humans are data and data is money, and this is the business model of many of the technology firms up to the task of ubiquitous computing.”


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@Avenir_Suisse@twitter.com @SchnellFabian@twitter.com Merke: wenn wir uns von ideologischem Ballast befreien, fliegt Überwachungskapitalismus raus, nicht das Menschenrecht auf Privatsphäre.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/claudioluck/status

Seeking contact to experienced #apache and #nginx developers. I want to get a feature like #anonip into the #webserver's core to boost #privacy. I'm esp. interested in how "early" in the stack IP-addresses can be anonymized to avoid logging by reverse-proxied/upstream systems.

I am an experienced developer myself, but not so much in C and don't have contact to these communities. Of course I would could provide some draft.

Please #boost #followerpower


Prima Material von @reticuleena wenn du dich für "digitale Bildung" interessierst.

echo muendigkeit.digital/ >>gute_urls.txt

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