✅ Upgraded Ejabberd to version 21.12.
✅ Upgraded OS to Debian Bullseye
✅ Fixed a network bug for servers not obeying the SRV record

Maintenance took a bit longer than expected because I ran into an issue with outdated Elixir xmpp libs.

The update failed and requires further investigation.

I've restored a snapshot from some minutes ago, so you can continue using trashserver.net :)

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I'll run some more tests in the next couple of minutes regarding TURN/STUN and other "extra" features of trashserver.net.

Btw: There will be some Ejabberd updates for trashserver.net, soon. Just don't want to increase downtime even more this weekend... so I'll wait a little until everything has settled down.

Okay, migration to the main server seems to be successfull. After some issues with the DNS resolver (serverfault.com/a/910160) trashserver.net is back, again! 🥳

I'll move trashserver.net XMPP services back to the main server in a couple of minutes. Expect some short service interruption.

I implemented a quick workaround for mislead XMPP clients, which do not obey DNS SRV records and straight follow A/AAAA records.

These records do not point to the XMPP server (xmpp.trashserver.net), but the webserver.

trashserver.net will continue to run in "degraded" mode (and on the backup server) for some more days, until everything has settled down.

After that, it will be moved back to its original server.

My new server network and firewall are now available. It will still take some time until everything is configured properly, but you should already be able to use metalhead.club with short service interruptions :)

Further technical details have been clarified. We are currently still waiting for our "remote hands" in the data center. They seem to be very busy at the moment.

Due to delays in the provision of the new network connection, metalhead.club cannot go online today.

We hope to be able to offer you metalhead.club again soon.

Just to clarify: Tinc GmbH is not the operator of my current upstream. 650thz.de Services will be integrated into their network more tightly. We hope to improve reliability and cooperation.

Shout-out to Tinc GmbH for their helpfulness! 👏

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I'm happy to announce that my colocation hoster Tinc GmbH and me have worked out a plan how to proceed with the network issues.

650thz.de infrastructure (including trashserver.net and metalhead.club) will be moved to another ASN, operated by a different provider. This will probably resolve some of the issues we had recently.

If everything goes well, all services will be available again tomorrow evening.

metalhead.club will not be restored on another server due to the amount of data, which would cost a considerable amount of money for storage.

We'll need to wait for data center support until the network connection is available, again.

Basic trashserver.net XMPP is available, again!

The core components have been moved to another server.

Upload and website / registration as well as alternate connection methods (TOR, XMPP over TLS) are not priority and therefore left disabled.

trashserver.net will be moved to an alternative server and restored from backup. It is prio #1.

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