I'm very sorry for the crashes in the past few days. The cause of the outages was this bug: issues.prosody.im/1279

... which is resolved, now :-)

Happy XMPPing!

Did you experience failing file uploads in the past?

This issue is now resolved! 🎉

(will be merged into the next official "Prosody Filer" release, soon.)


Deleted > 3,800 inactive accounts.

As many user just register to try XMPP, this has become a regular annualy task for me.

Sorry for yesterday's outage!

There was an error in one server module that caused the whole XMPP system to crash.

Seems that webchat.trashserver.net is broken. I'm working on it!

Tor connectivity restored!

Unfortunately there are plenty of XMPP clients, which connect via trashserver.net A/AAAA IP address and not via the SRV record. Using Tor can be one cause, since Tor DNS does not support SRV records.

Therefore a redirection for these clients has been created.

Welcome back, Tor users! :-)

Dear trashserver.net users, currently there are connectivity problems for TOR users who do not rely on the hidden service.

TOR cannot resolve SRV records and therefore connects to the wrong server at this time.

A fix is in works.

There will be another short service outage due to database maintenance in the next couple of minutes.

I'm sorry for yesterdays service outage from 2018-10-02 8:55 pm [GMT+2] until 2018-10-03 9:34 am [GMT+2].

The server's RAM resources were fully utilized and most processes could not allocate any more memory. This lead to a crash of several services, including XMPP.

Unfortunately I could not handle the situation during night.

Service has been restored this morning.

By the way, I met people in #Nicaragua telling me excitedly about @trashserver, so you are doing a great service all around the world. Thank you for that, with your articles you brought me into the #XMPP world.

@thomas Did you know that @trashserver is blocked in Iran? It is reachable through @torproject, though.

My own XMPP server isn't blocked there, so, I guess, congratulations on your popularity. Thanks to #Tor, your Iranian users can still participate in the network.

My tool for TLS connection analysis with pcap captures is now available! 🎉


It helps e.g. XMPP server admins to find out which TLS versions / ciphers can be dropped.

trashserver.net dropped TLSv1.1 support. Please report any issues.

Today I did some analysis of secured connections to trashserver.net.

Here are the results: transfer.sh/butgm/tlsresults.t

The numbers on the right side show the count of connections using a certain TLS version / Cipher.

As you can see, clients announce quite a lot of ciphers/versions, but negotiation makes server and client choose strong encryption mechanisms. :-) (server choosen cipher is, what counts!)

The tool for creating these stats will be published, soon!

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