Due to maintenance of Sakura VPS server, service of uaa.org.uk/ and XLX765 will be stopped from 19-Jan-2019 1100Z to 20-Jan 1100Z. Time may be changed without notice by status of maintenance.

new year greetings from Japan, may all world have good year!

Today I go to JARD's measurement center to check spurious emission of my Radioddity GD-73A handheld.
This radio is lighter weight (147g) than Retevis RT80 (217g). And lower output (2W/0.5W) is suitable for operating with MMDVM hotspot at home.

If I have enough time I will also go to TRON symposium 2019.

It took long time, but I did MMDVMHost displays user information (from RadioID.net) to LCD panel.

Testing code is at my GitHub repo (github.com/jg1uaa/MMDVMHost), and LCD panel is sold at AliExpress (surenoo.aliexpress.com/store/9).

Current XLX765 has IPv4/v6 dual-stack feature. I am waiting the day that IPv6-based MMDVMHost or XLX server will connect my reflector...

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testing IPv6 UDP support for xlxd (XLX reflector): github.com/jg1uaa/xlxd

Now XLX765 is working with this code. Currently XLX765 is on IPv4 because of MMDVMHost does not support IPv6. XLX765 will migrate to IPv6 in the future.

testing IPv6 support for DAPNETGateway: github.com/jg1uaa/DAPNETGatewa

*this repository will be deleted in the future*

I found this problem is server-side issue. here is the result: uaa.org.uk/gomitext/2019/20190 (article itself is written in Japanese, but you can read the result not so difficult)

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I got HELP message of BrandMeister's SMS from NL server. MD-380 can receive, but RT80 couldn't.
Send a
Keyword +
HELP to get
more info
about a
function e.g.


Is BransMeister's SMS service is limited? I tried it on 2042(NL), 3103(US) and 4401(JP) servers, only NL works.

started to use POCSAG(MMDVM/DAPNET).

I do not use Pi-Star 24h running hotspot, so I cannot receive message anytime.

I hope the day that we can receive DAPNET message on Android/iOS smartphone will come...

Retevis RT80 with JumboSPOT(MMDVMHost on OpenBSD/amd64) is now working!

Listening TG91 is very exciting. DX station is near.

Now testing Retevis RT80 and JumboSPOT with MMDVMHost on OpenBSD-6.5/amd64.

It looks working. Where TG should I monitor before press PTT button my rig? TG91??

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