Current XLX765 has IPv4/v6 dual-stack feature. I am waiting the day that IPv6-based MMDVMHost or XLX server will connect my reflector...

testing IPv6 UDP support for xlxd (XLX reflector):

Now XLX765 is working with this code. Currently XLX765 is on IPv4 because of MMDVMHost does not support IPv6. XLX765 will migrate to IPv6 in the future.

testing IPv6 support for DAPNETGateway:

*this repository will be deleted in the future*

I found this problem is server-side issue. here is the result: (article itself is written in Japanese, but you can read the result not so difficult)

I got HELP message of BrandMeister's SMS from NL server. MD-380 can receive, but RT80 couldn't.
Send a
Keyword +
HELP to get
more info
about a
function e.g.


Is BransMeister's SMS service is limited? I tried it on 2042(NL), 3103(US) and 4401(JP) servers, only NL works.

started to use POCSAG(MMDVM/DAPNET).

I do not use Pi-Star 24h running hotspot, so I cannot receive message anytime.

I hope the day that we can receive DAPNET message on Android/iOS smartphone will come...

Retevis RT80 with JumboSPOT(MMDVMHost on OpenBSD/amd64) is now working!

Listening TG91 is very exciting. DX station is near.

Now testing Retevis RT80 and JumboSPOT with MMDVMHost on OpenBSD-6.5/amd64.

It looks working. Where TG should I monitor before press PTT button my rig? TG91??

wow, we can download old Slackware (2.3 and before) still now. It is good archive to know old Linux history. (thanks to FTP master)

USB-LAN adaptor for Nintendo Wii uses ASIX' AX88772. It is sold with cheap price at Yahoo! auction.

Buying outdated hardware to support even more outdated hardware: Since there's a driver for AX88772 network devices connected to the Atari TT Lightning USB interface, I got an 10/100mbit USB2 adapter that uses this chipset...

Now maybe I should get around installing a recent FreeMiNT one day...

Hmm, XLX itself has automatic reflector directory generator so I concluded that simply configure XLX properly and run it.

Now I am testing XLX765 server at Sakura VPS Ishikari #1 region.

The number 765 comes from S3 86C765 (S3 Trio64V+), an old VGA card.

X reflector forum says that they maintains non-XLX reflector directory. I want to test xlxd on VPS with OpenBSD and I need XLX reflector number.

Where do I consult that?

In February, I got permission that using Retevis RT80 in Japan. Spurious measurement has passed and application form accepted without problems. Yeah!

I want to make OpenBSD-based DMR HotSpot with MMDVM board, I spent a time to understand softwares which used in Pi-Star.

It looks that only MMDVMHost is mandatory, other softwares such as ircDDBGateway, xlxd and DMRGateway is not required for simple HotSpot (which connects to single DMR network server).

Well, the time to get MMDVM board and write a form to get station license...

Ethernet of Lichee Pi Zero now working on OpenBSD-current. We have to disguise allwinner H3's EMAC by device tree.

The log is here:

is started to work on my LicheePi Zero (Allwinner V3s).
To use EHCI/OHCI host controller, we need to change port routing (default is to OTG module).

Ethernet is not work yet :-(

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