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selfie, ec 

now y'all can finally see what I look like (hope no one is too scare) 😆

I am sitting on the stairs of my house on two pillows (as it was only reasonable looking background) with the phone at arms length or the front camera "adds weight"

My hair is probably too long and untidy but at my age I'm glad to still have it 😆

took *ages* to get a OK one and had to avoid falling down the stairs..

comments/boosts OK (I doubt anyone is going to want to flirt with this "old uncle")

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. This was a great thread.

I'm going to bed thinking about cheap media and media production. If I don't start shooting a TV show by Sunday I'll be surprised.

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covid-19, omicron origin 

"Dutch health authorities announced on Tuesday that they found the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus in cases dating back as long as 11 days, indicating that it was already spreading in western Europe before the first cases were identified in southern Africa."


All the source code can be found on tig:

Everything there is dual licensed under unlicense or MIT.

The most useful repository is probably mwe, or "minimal working examples":

They are mostly single-file, explorable examples for various multimedia libraries. Can be a great starting point if you are looking for inspirations for audio related projects.

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I don't know. Maybe it's time to make this public.

If you are trying to learn audio programming and DSP from scratch (like, *really* from scratch), these notes might be the place to start:

They were lecture notes for a student-led 1-credit audio programming course that I taught in the spring this year, but it's now a course for everyone. Some sections are still in revision, but the main contents are mostly complete.

It's probably more low level and UNIX-centric than most of the audio programming tutorials you can find, so don't expect to learn how to make an audio plugin using JUCE or how to make fancy GUIs etc. But maybe this can be a good thing.

1. you need to know basic C and UNIX shell utilities
2. it contains math, but at most calculus level

to my mind one of the most insidious conspiracy theories is that mask-wearing is some sort of tool to demand compliance, when individually identifying people is an essential part of surveillance and control, and the trend in Europe has been towards national governments trying to criminalise anonymity, precisely because it makes people harder to control.

calling u all out for using spotify 😉

It's terrible for artists. Please also give money to musicians using ways that actually put money in their pocket.

Found this "message board" function for the Utax and Kyocera MFD (printer/scanner/copier) 😁

Yay! I can play YouTube videos using mpv on my crappy old laptop thanks to mpv and youtube-dl! 😄

I don't need to open the web browser so my 1,6 GHz cpu and 1GB RAM is more than enough. I've spent two days tinkering with the mpv.conf file but at last it has been a success.

No Google spying and few resources spent :)

Now, time to add all the feeds of the channels I follow to newsboat and to add the macro to open the videos with mpv.

#mpv #youtubedl


somebody did a tear-down of the re-introduced FP music box record player, and while it does have a music-box mechanism in it, how it works more generally is wildly different to the original

@ajroach42 @celesteh

Or this one, getting both peripherals in one USB connection:

Really? Does that work?

I have doubts, but I *so* want it to work ...

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Reassurance needed ...

I have an ancient PS2 serial trackball, and I'd like to connect it to my brand spanking new Ubuntu 20.04 laptop. Will this *really* do the trick?

Am I simply being overly suspicious?

Will it also work with my equally ancient but much-loved PS2 keyboard?

@thegibson Approved phrases for the Fucking Millennials to address us:

"OK Gen X" (or any '70s-80s punk band… I'm partial to "OK Ramones" but whatever)
"Have no fun moping and listening to The Cure on oldies stations, gramps!"

Turns out there are a bunch of recent IEEE papers on using #XMPP for power management in microgrids and even creating virtual power stations based on multiple smaller ones.

"In Argentina, cheap government-issued netbooks sparked a musical renaissance
Working-class teens turned junked machines into musical instruments."

Very silly and mildly religious.. 

Lord Jesus he don't use Verizon..
He ain't connected to AT& T...
y'all better just fall on ya knees and start praying...
instead of whining at the FCC (yeeha + banjo solo and reorder tone) 🎶

(inspired by repeatedly reprogram VOIP equipment to send British/European tones rather than defaulting to USA standards)

On est le 1er Décembre donc installation de la déco de Noël avec la guirlande électrique à ampoules incandescentes :)

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