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selfie, ec 

now y'all can finally see what I look like (hope no one is too scare) 😆

I am sitting on the stairs of my house on two pillows (as it was only reasonable looking background) with the phone at arms length or the front camera "adds weight"

My hair is probably too long and untidy but at my age I'm glad to still have it 😆

took *ages* to get a OK one and had to avoid falling down the stairs..

comments/boosts OK (I doubt anyone is going to want to flirt with this "old uncle")


After the proposed new 3rd precinct was tagged with graffiti, the owner ended the lease negotiation.

Never forget that it's the insurrectionary force of the rebellion which has forced the city's (still meager) concessions, not activist campaigns.


Does anybody want a cute little black cat? She is friendly and reasonably well behaved. My girlfriend picked her up off the street. She does not have any health issues, but may be pregnant and so can't be spayed or vaccinated and you also may actually be receiving several cats if you take her. I understand that it is not an overly appealing offer but she will likely be headed to a shelter soon if we can't find another home for her. We are in Rochester, NY

postfurry trashpost, also probably someone's kink 

backing myself up to punch cards for archival purposes

simply do not play the shitty transphobe wizard game, it's not hard

fuck the whole harry potter brand, stop supporting that shit

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Mobile monkey business: A lad in noticed his mobile phone was missing - he later recovered it from the jungle behind his house, containng several selfies and video of a (this animal is suspected of having stolen the device) 😆

so...this is one of my favourite sites on the net. it's kind of what the web should be like, and also what i want to leave on the web in some way. i mostly use it for work, as it's awesome for research. it's probably just one person, and that person might have a slight obsession with car radios, but it's so thorough, and they spend time designing every single button, and it's terrible, but...whatever, see for yourself:

In order to preserve privacy of apartment dwellers, subway trains in Singapore block the view from passagers when they pass near residential buildings.


Exactly! It's better to subscribe to service if you can afford than to let them run ads. Don't let them think ads are viable.

electronics debugging 

fixed it! sort of, it reads cds again, but kinda sluggish.
now running on a unholy mix of recycled chinese, east german and one soviet capacitor.
one day the audiophiles are going to hunt me down with pitchforks. 😅

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Es ist doch ein Skandal, wenn Elektrogeräte schon nach kurzer Zeit unbrauchbar sind. Weil es keine Ersatzteile oder keine Updates gibt.

Und daher brauchen wir dringend ein Recht auf Reparatur! - @TabeaRoessner

@xyzzy That’s possible too. Sometimes taping off the radio was the only way to get really new stuff that wasn’t being hyped.

and this is another unidentified german new wave song. there's another super similar case of an unidentified off-air taping from germany in the 80s of a new wave song. but that one that was solved (song turned out to be on the roof by johan lindell)

that case is why i'm convinced this one isn't a hoax

wtf was going on in germany in the 80s to produce so many off-air recording of possibly otherwise lost songs?

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just found out about this unknown 80s german new wave song

proposed titles are "like the wind" and "check it in, check it out" which both feature pretty heavily in the lyrics

most of the words are kinda hard to discern though, i feel like whoever made this song might not know english very well

you haven’t lived until you’ve realized that a crow is skipping out of joy because it found some salami

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electronics debugging 

how is almost every single capacitor i measure in this thing bad

i found one good one so far 😑

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electronics debugging 

finally something nice and solid to work on, i'm happy to not see that 2000s plastics everywhere for once

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