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Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK

Bei der diesjährigen Abiturentlassung sprach ein Redner von den . Dass ich nicht lache. Hier zwei Beispiele von den sogenannten Natives:

1.) Sie besitzen ein 800€-Handy, können aber nicht den internen Email-Client via pop oder imap mit ihrer Schuladresse einrichten und sind somit per Mail faktisch nicht erreichbar.

2.) Sie fragen nach, ob die Schule ein Instagram-Account einrichten kann, weil sie nur so auf dem Laufenden bleiben. Schulkalender via caldav abrufen: Fehlanzeige

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as SCART, is in fact, RGBs over SCART, or as I've recently taken to calling it, RGBs plus SCART. SCART is not a video standard unto itself, but rather another component of a fully functioning open standard made by the French Radio and Television Receiver Manufacturers' Association.

After rewinding half my inductors with the correct number of turns, my little 250mW QRP transmitter works.
7.165MHz an no harmonics, at least none the show up on the scope.

@vfrmedia @nev @jk @gaditb I've heard about that sort of crossover before. We didn't get that over here in the US, but Japanese PBXes were extremely common for years. NEC CO switching equipment was very popular in Latin America and the rest of Asia though. NZ was also a huge customer.

By the way, enjoy this compilation of old NTTPC commercials:

(Yes, they often called DTMF "pip pop pa")

Wow, FileZilla’s bundled installer includes a malware downloader and the dev defends it horribly.

If using FileZilla, uninstall and find something else. Even if this issue is fixed, the morally ambiguous and defensive response is very concerning.

Well, one good thing about this SVFIG session -- I scored three USB-to-RS232 cables/adapters. One is even a USB 2.0 hub with a Centronics parallel port too.


#Kestrel3 #FPGA

Today is Field Day, an emergency preparedness exercise for amateur radio operators! The goal: set up a temporary station, and then make as many contacts as possible over 24 hours.

Check the Field Day Locator to find a station near you. Many stations are set up like an "open house" and welcome visitors.

If you make contact with K2HAX, let them know that Rey said hello :)

#FieldDay #HamRadio

Anyone notice this wonderful canadian product in the IoT? </sarasm>

1) physically, you can unscrew the back off it. And, it uses common phillips screws inside.

2) It's bluetooth key is based on... it's MAC address!? wow.

3) Its IoT website doesn't care who you are once you've logged in. Then you can change the sequential GET id to someone else and program your own access to it.
3b) Bonus: the api will also give you the location of the lock.

dear corps: I think a lot of people under the age of 30 probably hate you and your choice of using emojis or not is probably the least of your problems

🏬: "😐 What do 😜 you mean, Dzuk? 🤠 I am 🙌 a real human 👏 "

Please go away corporations, I'm just looking for real inspiration made by actual humans.

not too bad
(weather fax decoded using audio and fldigi)

Robots de schuld geven, in plaats van de regels van het spel, is een gewiekst verhaal dat werknemers op het verkeerde been zet, met hun de bezorgdheid over een zwakke arbeidsmarkt en gebrekkige instellingen.

here is an actual mix*tape* from some Dutch DJ's and former radio pirates (who even managed to hijack a cable radio network) made in *1988*, using vinyl record decks and also reel to reel tape (literally having to physically cut the tape and stick together bits that must be correct to the very last mm to remain in sync).

(DAW's weren't a thing then, and samplers that could hold just a few seconds cost as much as a car..)

The great @milan receives 18,10 Euro donations per week via Liberapay. In my opinion, this is not an appropriate appreciation of his work. Please think about donating at least 1 Euro per week to support him. It shouldn't be hard to get the 18,10 to 30 Euro:

Scraping together stuff from forgotten live recordings and bootleg youtube music uploads with <1k views
"the internet never forgets"

tell that to the traces of this not even too obscure artist from not even 10 years ago

Teaching someone is never lost time. It's an increase of shared knowledge.