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Lots of pats for this very good boy who woke me up when I was having a hypo. He may have just wanted food, but he was very, very insistent. Also pictured, my emergency chocolate.

#cats #mastocats #diabetes

based on all the spammer and gab bullshit lately, I just wanna give a big shout out to all the instance admins and mods who are blocking people and instances left and right and doing their best to protect their users. yall the mvps

(ed sheeran voice): 🎶 in love with a girl who manufactures industrial cladding

Wer ist
Automatische Accounts folgen mir in unzählbarer Anzahl.
Domain blockieren!
#spam #abuse

"The idyllic forests in many parts of Germany have not grown naturally, but are the result of a large reforestation campaign in the 19th century. At the time of Napoleon, Germany was largely deforested because wood was the most common fuel and building material until then."

So, we had these big #reforestation campaigns in #Germany!

Mei Personal houd me scho wieder afgweckt, hmmmm....


My butler woke me up... again... hmmmm...

I'm still not sure how to use #dmr #talkgroups

I know how to activate a reflector - I place a private call to a specific ID and the repeater / hotspot tells me about the connection.

But, general talk groups? Do I just set the group, and it works? Maybe? How do I know?
Does it only work if the repeater/hotspot has this "enabled"? (how would I know?)

I can't find a clear answer anywhere online...

gays don't want rainbow lanyards with whistles. gays want pastel baseball caps with embroidered fruit on them. you fools

all the h&m x pride stuff is making me want to lob my laptop through a window

I'm still looking to commission someone for an avatar. The person I initially contacted has disappeared (I hope they're OK) so the search is back on! Apologies for these repeated requests.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

me: oh cool they're putting Alan Turing on english banknotes

also me: ah but it's a £50, a thing i have literally seen once in 30 years of existence, and is rarely accepted in most places, which when i think about it, is pretty fucking par for the course for one of the first openly LGBTQ folks on a banknote on this hell isle

Un homme gare son vélo devant l'Elysée. Un policier arrive.
-Ne laissez pas votre vélo ici. Vous êtes devant le palais présidentiel où passent le président, les ministres, les députés, les sénateurs.
-Ne vous inquiétez pas je vais mettre un cadenas.

Now, that this tweet gets more attention than expected: here is the self-promotion add-on tweet.
If you like science, art or technology, you might like my YouTube Vlog format "Work in Progress" where I document my artsy maker projects:

Obligatory 5555,5km odometer picture - passed that a week ago on the #unuscooter.

Recently had to have the front brake repaired (replaced on warranty in fact - apparently things were beyond repair). Other than that, things still seem mostly fine.

Unu recently announced a follow-up product that's going to go on sale some time next year. For myself, I don't think I'll be looking for a different scooter as long as this one keeps going though.

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