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Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK

Il est possible de pirater des millions de chambres d'hôtel, au modèle de serrure utilisé par les chaînes Hyatt, Sheraton, Radisson, InterContinental, Fairmont...

please try mewing today if you have never done it before! it is fun. you do not have to be a catte to do a mew!

:mew: :blobcat:

I’m suddenly getting a lot of “your privacy and data is important to us” emails that may as well add: “And this sudden interest in privacy totally has NOTHING to do with the GDPR, honest.”

<ircuser> enum Eggs { Six = 6, Ten = 10 }

Companies are currently sending me a lot of mail in which they are playing a fun game called „how can we spin 'the EU GDPR is forcing us to show the barest minimum of respect for user data protection' into it sounding like we‘re doing this because we‘re good guys“

Every Bavarian administration will have to have a christian cross on their wall from now on thanks to #MarkusSoeder and #CSU...

RT Das ist meine neue Lieblings-Doppelmoral

The VT-180 has a z80 running C/PM onboard

So I just met one of the 3 (!) maintainers of F-Droid. They are desperately looking for more volunteers as they are responsible for 1500 repositories between them.
#fdroid #foss

I enjoyed this article, which frames dwindling artist revenues as a labor v capital dispute (as it should be.)

back in my day, the shop would pay YOU to have a freddo

NIKON D850 衝動買い記念
なお、レンズはDX用(30mm f/1.8)ていうね…

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Because I live in fear that there exist people who don't know about this:

Want to know what a compiler actually does with your code? Find out, with nice highlighting of sections! Supports C, C++, Haskell, Go, Swift, Rust, and various other languages.

See. Explore. Understand.

Hack to get 1970s style testcard on modern with :

1. Select BBC red button on 200. When this appears press yellow and green buttons.
2. Move to another channel
3. Select channel 200 again. when this appears press green button (an extra menu appears, press the green button again)

You then see the testcard - its not full HD res and lacks the moving bits and tone, but its still reasonably useful for adjusting colour/contrast on a telly