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Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK

why YES, I was hoping the cats would disassemble an entire bag of cat litter which I accidentally left accessible, and spread it across several square feet of carpet!



ah, a swarm of wild active directory domain controllers. nature is beautiful.

looking through some pics, and i found this one from when tycho was a kitten and used to sleep with his arms straight down his sides and tucked underneath him.

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Where is all that yak wool from all the shaving going?? Follow the m̶o̶n̶e̶y yak wool people

The tiny keyboards on some pay phones, boost if you agree

the entire gender api thing is pretty shit even without the transmisogyny, since it sounds like it'd double down on all the questionable assumptions programmers have about names (cf.

So without /really/ knowing I think I have a general idea of how those old "push two parts of a battery with 10 tons of force and it tells you if it's good or not" things work

I *think* it involves a short circuit and a liquid crystal that changes colours when heated

Let me check if my hypothesis is correct

Ah my hypothesis was almost correct, uses a conductive ink in a wide to narrow pattern and a leucodye to complete a circuit and indicate the charge level. Nifty!

@Gargron I know, right? That's probably the most tech-BS thing I'll hear of the week.

"I couldn't pin down a blue nail, my hammer was only designed for uncolored nails"

Unsozialer geht es wohl nicht mehr: Obdachlose werden kriminalisiert. In Dortmund werden 20€ Bußgeld fällig, wer auf der Straße schläft. Wer nicht zahlen kann, dem droht im schlimmsten Fall eine Gefängnisersatzstrafe.

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I've always been a firm believer that any open forum, whether that's Reddit or Birbsite or a comment section, needs to be well cuirated or it *will* turn into crap. Kind of a conversational entropy.

Sometimes the Coastguard use search dogs, but this time they searched for the owner of a pupper who ran way from her owner in along the beach (she was successfully reunited with her owner 🐕 😎 )

broke: having passionate opinions about operating systems

woke: thinking computers are just bad in general actually

Jemand Interesse an zwei 45L Samla Kisten voll CT/IX Hefte aus den letzen Jahren? Landen sonst nämlich im Müll.

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