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Allez, on va essayer d'aller dormir. Pas évident avec cette chaleur. Good nite all. Prenez soin de vous. 🌝

Americans can't switch from pounds to kilograms overnight. That would cause mass confusion.

I managed to get the FM transmitter in the N900 working with postmarketOS :D

Langsam wird es was...
Nachdem ich auf ein paar Teile warten musste, habe ich heute das Gehäuse gemacht. Morgen bau ich die Platine ein. Es wird ein #baby8 #StepSequencer 🤖

can we all just stop giving money to companies that put out shit and then get mad when you point out that their products are shirt and/or sue you for trying to fix their shitty products?

If you're looking for an alternative to #PokemonGo, no need to ask @switchingsocial - I have the perfect tip for you.

It is harder, more complex, more fun, doesn't track you and you can play it on any device that has a camera: It's called #WildLifePhotography.

Or if you don't have any such device try WildLifeDrawing instead, which the former is a fork of.

I'm already a Lv 2 #Butterfly catcher. Check out my collection @paulakreuzer

Gotta document them all! #Biodiversity

Unionize everything.

Delivery apps like DoorDash are using your tips to pay workers’ wages - The Verge

as promised: my extremely long and rambly thread on black shuck, the east anglian demon dog! if you think you're gonna read it all then good fuckin luck lmao, no actually that'd be amazing, i'm not the best writer but i had fun reading up about this.
it's folklore, so general CWs for evil dogs, death, religion and the like.
this is gonna be a lot of posts, so muting the word "shuck" will remove it from your timeline

Jetzt noch ein bisschen raus gehen und Empfangsqualität mappen. 😎📡

Ach, da ist er. Danke fürs Finden. Hab nun aber einen Neuen.

Heat Exhaustion/Stroke PSA, Mayo Clinic source 


Honestly the worst thing I recall happening was a friend's pregnancy scare. It turned out to be nothing, thankfully.

And it was a safer space than most of the adults realized. There was no smoking, no hard drugs and a single drink limit. Nobody could break these rules, though some tried.

Nobody ever got caught doing anything that WAS allowed, 'cause the ghosts totally had our back in exchange for nature magazines and romance novels.

They cared more about us than some of the living folks.


The Candel house had a reputation.

Long abandoned, small and overgrown; generally considered hazardous by the community, with an easily bypassed fence, no matter how many padlocks or chains or boards the counsel added to it.

Teens always found a way in. The adults warned that one day they might encounter an axe murderer, sneaking in there like that.

The more superstitious insisted it was haunted by malicious spirits.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy #Paranormal

on "but X isn't a problem here!", meta 

If you’re struggling to think of what to get someone for Christmas. Get them a fridge and watch their face light up when they open it.

fascist massacre of utøya 2011 

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