I feel like I've reinvented the SX64, and remembering how awesome and how terrible it was at the same time.

I need to go find my glasses.

@djsundog @theoutrider Looking forward to donning my dragon fursuit and scaring all the kids away so that we don't get the chance to hand any candy out. That's happened to us multiple times.

To conclude my rant:

If you build websites, if you have any influence for how you or your company uses the web: Please, actively try to lower this technical barrier. Introduce a UX testing phase where you simulate a gprs-class connection (easy with web-dev-tools).

Make sure that you share your knowledge not only with those that are already privileged by modern (communications) technology, but also with those that might need it the most.

From now on I see myself forced to consider javascript and excessive Image usage to be an actual harmful thing. Not harmful in the sense (that you might be used from me) where I have a personal gripe with the inefficency of modern webtechnology, but being harmful by actively excluding tons and tons of people from the internet, a place that could be so wonderful for free information sharing.

By continuing to build on this technology, we are driving a wedge between people. This must be stopped.

Let that sink in: I am unable to retrieve 5-10kb of text/information, because someone thought it to be necessary to bundle that little nugget of information with hundreds of kb to several mb of javascript bullshit to make some menu glow when you hover over it, or track you for consumer-manipulation purposes.

THIS is what is keeping other countries with low bandwidth internet connections out of our information world/age.

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React, Rails, and the degradation of the developer experience

The web development field is a mess. Tutorials only 6 months old are out of date. I'm dependent on stac


Need to buy new phone. Android, probably, but I'm not thrilled about that.

Stuff I care about:
- Battery Life greater than 8 hours of use. (24 would be ideal)
- Headphone jack
- Verizon compatibility
- high quality video Camera and Microphone, or support for outboard mic
- Removable storage
- As little Google as possible

Stuff I care less about:
- Screen size/resolution
- any single specification
- I don't super care about USB C, or removable storage, if it has everything else.

Gros coup de coeur du moment:"Jésus contre Hitler", de Neil Jomunsi.

Je cherche activement les trois autres tomes, si jamais quelqu'un les a et les revend merci de me contacter ;) RT appréciés ;)

This is one reason why you should tag/describe animal photos you share accurately (whether they are cute pets, unusual wildlife from your country or something you saw at the safari park/zoo) - you can't count on the corporate AI to do that correctly 😆 😸 🐶

Also if its an unusual creature, a link to wikipedia or a zoologists website with more info about it is good too..

**Microplastics nu ook in tafelzout gevonden**

"Meer dan 90 procent van het zeezout bevat sporten van microplastics. Zout dat in Azië wordt geproduceerd, bevat de hoogste concentratie, blijkt uit onderzoek van Greenpeace en de Universiteit van Incheon in Zuid-Korea."


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My current musical find / short-term obsession:

Marshall Hain, Dancing in the City, 1978


Just a nice little mix of liquid pop sugar with an undertone of dark menace. A bit like Kim Wilde's 'Kids In America' but more of a slow burn.

Wonderful video showing a Malayan Colugo (Cynocephalus variegates) gliding from tree to tree in Singapore. This is a rare sight as they usually only glide at night.

#Nature #Video #Mammals #Singapore #Colugo


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