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selfie, ec 

now y'all can finally see what I look like (hope no one is too scare) 😆

I am sitting on the stairs of my house on two pillows (as it was only reasonable looking background) with the phone at arms length or the front camera "adds weight"

My hair is probably too long and untidy but at my age I'm glad to still have it 😆

took *ages* to get a OK one and had to avoid falling down the stairs..

comments/boosts OK (I doubt anyone is going to want to flirt with this "old uncle")

The British empire killed around 148 million people in under 200 years operating under a philosophy of globalist mercantile capitalism, and trade liberalism. These are the roots of modern neoliberal and neoconservative ideologies.

are there any car-owning friends in the seattle area who might be able to help us move in a month or so

perhaps the traitors to america are the friends we made along the way

In Utrecht loopt het nu echt vol. De anti-racisme beweging leeft als nooit tevoren. Wat een mensenmassa's dag na dag... nu is het moment dat er veranderingen afgedwongen kunnen gaan worden. Op de vuilnisbelt met witte supremacy!


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there's the piano part of the piano and then there's the rest of the piano

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FREE CV-19 Testing in Seattle now avail for EVERYONE 

The City of #Seattle, #KingCounty, and the University Of Washington are now offering free #COVID19 testing in two sites across Seattle. Drive-through testing is available, but you must first register online or over the phone.


Belgische politici willen reclame voor vervuilende auto's verbieden. Het gaat om auto's die veel CO2 uitstoten of heel zwaar zijn. Het wetsvoorstel moet zowel het klimaat en als de veiligheid voor fietsers verbeteren. #reclameverbod #voorhetklimaat


Today in: England is the Worst 

The Church of England has ruled that an Irish-language inscription on a Coventry gravestone must have a translation with it to ensure the phrase is not mistaken as being a political statement.

This itself is a horrifyingly political statement! It says "through centuries of political turmoil and suffering that we inflicted on you, English people removed so many uses of your language that the only ones left are, we must assume, hostile to us."

a cute snake 

valentine says good morning and also i got the sense that he hopes you have a nice day today

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