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I'm launching my new disruptive venture today: "Startup Decelerator".
If you are the lucky selected applicant, you are allowed to give me 10,000 AUD for me to tell you to do nothing except think about the possible negative consequences of the technology you are currently developing, for four weeks. Just sit around, think about it, maybe read a book that has nothing to do with what you're working on, drink lots of water, sleep well and do some gardening too.

Wotan is a good boy and deserves boosts. If you don't boost him he will be sad

i am the sort of person that carries a ti calculator around

and actually uses it

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Dear lazyweb: what kind of electrical plugs would a house built in japan in 1939 have, assuming it was built out in the sticks? Would newly-built houses in the country generally be electrified at that time?

In Confluence, Ian Teh's sweeping yet sometimes chokingly personal portrait of Malaysia's Selangor coastline, he allies powerful social commentary with details that seem suffused with melancholy.

Everywhere in Ian Teh's photographs, I feel the vulnerability that permeates Roland Barthes' strange yet seminal "Camera Lucida."

> In order to see a photograph well, you need to look away.

#photography #art #Malaysia #IanTeh #landscape #commentary #lookaway

The Selangor coastline is unchanging in its foreignness, its difference from Kuala Lumpur. Yet in its conception and its evolution, it represents exactly the arc of Malaysian society. It tells, starkly, the tale of migration, both of arrival and departure, and of carving out a place in the world. The flimsy roadside restaurants and old timber village houses anticipate the passing of things in a strange habit of becoming permanent.

#photography #art #Malaysia

Blockchain? Psh, back in my day a blockchain was a weird necklace that some of the artsy/hippie types from my high school would make that had their name or some weird cutesy thing on it.

Cursed be they (ISPs and endusers alike) who set a 2,4 GHz wifi AP to "odd" channel settings (other than 1,6 or 11), thus polluting the whole band for everyone else (I suspect TalkTalk deliver their routers like this out of the box as this seems to be a common thing with TalkTalk default SSIDs)

Welcome to the dystopian future, where even homeless people you meet at your recycling bin have YouTube channels.

**Extinction Rebellion blokkeert ingang hoofdkwartier Shell**

"In de vroege ochtend van Goede Vrijdag, 19 april, hebben ongeveer 50 rebellen van Extinction Rebellion de hoofdingang van het internationale hoofdkwartier van olie- en gasproducent Shell geblokkeerd. Sommigen van…"

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