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selfie, ec 

now y'all can finally see what I look like (hope no one is too scare) 😆

I am sitting on the stairs of my house on two pillows (as it was only reasonable looking background) with the phone at arms length or the front camera "adds weight"

My hair is probably too long and untidy but at my age I'm glad to still have it 😆

took *ages* to get a OK one and had to avoid falling down the stairs..

comments/boosts OK (I doubt anyone is going to want to flirt with this "old uncle")

Gibt es hier Klempner*innen?

Wir haben eine Bodentiefe Dusche im EG, der Fliesenleger erstellt das Gefälle mit Gefälleestrich.
Mittig in der Dusche ist der Ablauf, aktuell ein Loch im Boden, darin weiter unten ein KG-Rohr, DN100.

Können wir da so etwas benutzen?

Oder gibt es Gegenvorschläge?


There is another legend. The Zwischenahner Meer was being build by the devil who was angry and grab a big piece from the ground. He throwed it and a the place where it landed nowadays is a forest. I don't remember the forests name. This story was told by my grandma who died age 104. (sry for my bad english)

Some stages of the current WIP. I think I'll need 2 or 3 more sessions. Maybe more. #mastoArt #traditionalArt #art
(hidden bc eye contact and artistic depiction of political events in the US 2020)

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there must be some secret torrent site that only deals in ISO/IEC/IEEE standards documents.

I find it hard to believe there are no pirates in industry.

Noch ein paar Bilder zum Philips P2000C.

An der Rückseite gibts ein kleines Fach für die Kabel. Das Spiralkabel für die Tastatur löst sich langsam auf, aber es funktioniert noch.

Leider fehlt der Griff des Gerätes, ansonsten ist es in einem guten Zustand.

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Neuzugang in der Sammlung: Philips P2000C

Letzter Fang des gestrigen Ausflugs ist ein voll funktionstüchtiger P2000C, was die tragbare Varianter des P2000 ist. Läuft unter CP/M
. Alle, die ich bisher gesehen habe, wurden in den Niederlanden produziert, der hier in Österreich. Da muss ich mal nachrecherchieren...

CPU: 2x Z80 4MHz
RAM: 16kB + 32kB VRAM
ROM: 4kB

2x Diskettenlaufwerk 5.25² 160kB, Grünmonitor mit 80x25 Zeichen

Mehr Bilder folgen.


"feeling awake and high-energy" is a myth invented by the neurotypicals to make people feel bad and unhealthy so that they purchase more vitamins

NeXTer Neuzugang in der Sammlung: NEC PC-8801BD mit externem Diskettenlaufwerk

Auch Teil der Ausbeute vom gestrigen Ausflug. In Deutschland nicht so bekannt, die wurden eher in Japan verkauft. Über die Geräte gibts nur wenige Informationen, soweit ich weiss lief CP/M darauf.

CPU: µPD780C-1 (ähnlich Z80) 4MHz
RAM: 64kB + 48kB VRAM
ROM: 72kB

Das Gerät läuft, hat aber eine seltsame Auflösung/Frequenzen, muss erst mal einen Monitor dafür finden.

Weitere Detailaufnahmen folgen.

> “You have to understand they are very scary,” Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab Executive Director David Li says, referring to the grandpas and grandmas who make up the tiny car’s target market. He is completely serious. “They’re Mao’s Red Guards. Do you think they care about officials cracking down on them when they’re in their 70s?”

In China, Tesla's a niche player compared to the homegrown industry of tiny, low-powered, often kinda illegal electric cars: 🐘

@sean @liaizon

Please support Mariah, let's federate couchsurfing:


and then it would appear on the sick ActivityPub map I am doing now for redaktor in the other window.
Would be nice if it has an `icon` property with e.g. a couch svg … :)

The Zwischenahner Meer is also called 'The pearl of the Ammerland'. With a water surface of 5.5 km² (550 ha), the Zwischenahner Meer is the third largest inland lake in Lower Saxony (after the Steinhuder Meer and the Dümmer). The shore zone provides habitat for many native #bird species. The #lake is mainly fished for eels, which, served as 'smoked eel', are one of the culinary specialties of the region.
Since the late 1970s and early 1980s, a legend has been circulating about a huge catfish, 3.50 meters long, that is said to live in the lake. It is compared to the Loch Ness monster, with which it has in common that no one has ever seen it 😉
#EastFrisia #BellaOnVacation

Registering a device costs around 2000 TL (~240$ as of 2021) regardless of how cheap your phone is. Even if you are a student with limited budget, you got to either pay 240$ to register your phone, or buy a crappy phone that costs just as much. Tax on smartphones is close to 90% in Turkey.
600$ iPhone 12 in USA becomes 1120$ in Turkey.
A very appropriate price for Turkey's economy that is in freefall.

@shonalika just tried an experiment to see how YouTubes ad algorithms treat your videos; on some of them I get ads for one regional business + one UK wide company aimed at a family audience, however there are 0 ads on your videos about coping with chronic pain nor on the video about Section 28 nor those on Obama or JK Rowling, clearly showing the more "controversial" videos are being actively avoided by the advertisers..

@vfrmedia Given how well they normally work, I assume EPOS stands for electronic piece of shit
@edsu @aral

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