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Statement von fff Göttingen: Wir sind Antifa 

Statement von fff Göttingen: Wir sind Antifa 

Absolutely! That's why #ShellMustFall!

George Monbiot: *Shell is not a green saviour. It’s a planetary death machine*

"Don’t buy the greenwash. #Shell’s initiatives, which have won over many conservation groups, are dwarfed by its investment in oil and gas"

"It is hard to believe it needs stating, but it does. The oil industry is not your friend. Whatever it might say about its ethical credentials, while it continues to invest in fossil fuels, it accelerates climate breakdown and the death of the habitable planet. You would think this point was obvious to everyone. But over the past few weeks, I have spoken to dozens of environmentalists who appear to believe that Shell is on their side. I’ve come to the bizarre conclusion that there is more awareness of the oil industry’s agenda within the arts than there is among conservation groups. …"

#GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #oil #gas #fossilFuels #greenwashing ,,,

friends in their 40s say "you’re probably too young to remember this" to me when they’re talking about something that happened in like, 2008

Pour un inspecteur du travail, la #SNCF « n’est pas en mesure d’évaluer les risques liés à une collision dans la situation d’un seul agent à bord ». Il rappelle que l’entrave au #DroitDeRetrait est punit d’une amende de 10K € x le nb de salariés concernés

Suite à l'accident, des conducteurs exercent leur #DroitDeRetrait prévu dans le code du travail. Alors qu'il est reconnu par le secrétariat d’État aux Transports, #EdouardPhilippe accuse les #cheminots de « détournement du droit de retrait, qui s’est transformé en grève sauvage »

La dénonce la politique menée par la direction de la #SNCF «dans le seul but d’abaisser ses coûts de production». Ces choix «contribuent à détériorer fortement le niveau de sécurité des circulations, la sûreté dans les gares et les trains».

Le 16 oct un #TER percute un convoi bloqué sur la voie. L'avant du train est détruit, le conducteur, blessé à la jambe. Le système radio ne fonctionne plus. Sans radio pour arrêter les trains se dirigeant vers lui, le conducteur doit marcher 1,5km et poser les agrès de protection

#SNCF l’accident qui montre que le « train sans contrôleur » est dangereux pour tout le monde. 3/4 des #TER dans les régions et tous les trains en #IDF roulent avec le conducteur comme seul agent SNCF à bord. Un dispositif qui pose de graves pb de sécurité

Hot Pol Take, not my dadgum comrades 

Hot Pol Take, not my dadgum comrades 

Bad idea of the day: every year representatives get together & choose which properties are most culturally influential, & then they are placed in the public domain

Wien, 22. Oktober: Es so warm, dass ich mir das Ibuprofen mit einem Matcha Smoothie runterspüle, während an mir Leute im T-Shirt vorbeispazieren.

Zum Glück ist die Erderwärmung eine Erfindung der Grünen, sonst müsst man sich fast Sorgen machen.

uk amazon alternative 

uk amazon alternative 

Excerpt from the paper "Challenges in the Decentralised Web: The Mastodon Case". I didn't know Vocalodon was financed this way! That's neat

You arrive to an unknown #unixlike box for a first time.

What is your favourite of checking which operating system is the machine running?

(Greetings to @ben and thanks for running

“Newman and St John were mentally and spiritually in love; sharing a long-term same-sex relationship. They were inseparable. They lived together for over 30 years, like a married husband and wife,” Newman called St John his “earthly light” and said, “From the first he loved me with an intensity of love.,,”

In 2008, the Vatican decided to dig up Newman’s remains and move them out of the grave he shared with his “priest friend” in preparation for sainthood.

Shipped with a monochrome monitor, so I don't get to experience the glory of the Tandy Graphics Adapter today (I guess unless I hook it up to a TV like the commodore monitor sitting next to it) but it is all set up and it is perfect and I love it.

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