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@ebeth If you want an objective example of how bullshit 'trickle-down economics' is, this is a pretty great example.

The schools make money from merch.

Stadiums make money from the gate.

Networks like ESPN U make money from the advertising.

But the athletes actually doing work and GENERATING the money? A hearty "stay in school" and a pat on the ass.

@mwlucas @somarasu Anecdote: My 19yo nephew fizzled out due to tailbone and rotor cuff injuries. What may have been a promising sports career has turned into a series of lifelong disabilities. Now, college and many kinds of physical work (which is what he was qualified to do - he sacrificed academics for sports) are not an option.

It's a disgusting system that chews up humans.

What brands and products do you recommend for tie dyeing or ice dyeing?

Was für Marken und Farben könnt ihr für Batiken oder Eisbatiken empfehlen?

Please boost, I need to focus on something creative.

An Anglican church in flies LGBT *and* trans flags, in spite of opposition via anonymous notes (and the bulk of the congregation being supporting of the presence of the flags)

BTW this is the first I've heard of or seen a trans flag being flown anywhere in (in spite of hanging round many places supposedly more progressive than churches, and I take an interest in heraldry and vexillology and look out for flags and banners)

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Finally made my first ham contact. VHF simplex , Mt. Diablo to Daly City in CA. Pretty excited to have done so after 48 hours of begging an empty repeater for a signal report.

Now that our most important election in a generation is over and given how it went, I'm thinking of taking a break here for a bit. Please may I ask your opinions: what should I do when I come back?

Après Greta Thunberg sur le photo de 1898, je découvre sur la page d’accueil de Wikipedia l’intérieur de @LaurentChemla sur un tableau datant de 1891

Fahre am 26. Dez mit dem Auto 🚙 von #Heidelberg aus zum #36c3 habe noch 1 oder 2 Plätze frei - je nach Gepäck 🧳

I’ve never seen such big e-ink displays before! About 500x220mm display, no seams. Saw some similar but tiny ones in Christchurch NZ when I visited, but these are tonnes bigger and always operating. Will be interesting to see what the longevity & reliability are like.
They’re powered by a solar panel on top of the pole.

I guess a new instance means a new #intro (although, I am not even sure I did one in the past).

So, @thegibson had the kindness to let me in on that opened registration day, as my current future past instance will be closing soon.

In a very few words, I am an historian turned public librarian, and a hammer thrower turned olympic weightlifter, probably a future coach, tinkering with other’s people body and physiology after destroying mine through experimentations, and also a frustrated geek as there are only 24hrs in a day, which is not enough for me to go through everything I would like to go through and tinker with everything I would like to tinker with.

Anything else?

Will #brexit be:

hello it is my birthday

if you want to give me a present please draw me a picture of a snail 🐌
it doesn't have to be a good one
i want my notifications to be all snails

An example of a hyper-specific niche in a once widely popular platform: Loop cassettes

There are all kinds of convoluted internal pathways, but they do the same thing: Add length to seamlessly continuous playback

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