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me, 10 years ago: i love the techology. give me the new technology. the absolutely NEWEST technology. them new gadgets

me, now: i have the gadgets. i have found them. i have them now. they work and they're fine. i've finally solved the problem of the gadgets. because now i have the gadgets and here they are. i want to keep these now, forever, because the problem is solved, so i can just keep using them forever. please let me just use these things. no stop changing everything. for fucks sake

I keep forgetting to listen to Two Shade of Brown that @staticsafe and @chosafine produce, and apparently Android podcasts *do* work in Britain these days.

But I don't want to download a sketchy app full of ads, trackers etc.

Are there compatible podcast apps on @fdroidorg ?

Before and after of one of my paintings.

Pictures show two versions of a painting of a person with a halo. The "before" version looks a bit like a blue lion with closed eyes. The "after" version looks way more human. It is also very scribbled on! #mastoart #fineart

You know how the DMV usually has this letter/number system to call you to the front?

So... I get really bored waiting to get called. To liven things up, I bring a bingo card and some little carnival toys (finger puppets and the like). Whenever my number gets called, I yell "Bingo! I won DMV Bingo!", skitter up to the front, and hand my clerk a prize. Sometimes I give out prizes and cards to anyone else who looks bored as well, so they can participate as well.

@TheGibson this level of drab office vibe needs a "hang in there" cat poster.

@brogepi my sisters used to get in trouble for doing weird shit with autocorrect on the family computer and one time one of them made "bee" autocorrect to "big beefy bumbly rumbler" and the other handed in a science project without realising that had happened and the teacher handed it back with that phrase circled and annotated only "?" but uhh the point of this was that i think this *is* the big beefy bumbly rumbler

@tom @masklayer someone in a convo w/ me referred to you as International Tom and Domestic Tom

The development of the 15 most valuable companies over the last 19 years offers some interesting insights:

- demise of big tobacco (Marlboro)

- Fast & strong growth of Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, …

- some „older“ companies manage to be relatively strong over long time horizons (GE, Mercedes-Benz, …)

milk..... it's great until the cheap carton container ruptures in your bag.... and gently soaks all the paper in it

Awoo! Kind hearted dam workers in fished out a "young pupper" from a freezing river and took it to the local vets, where it was discovered they had in fact rescued a /wolf/ 🐺

(the vets still treated the animal which wasn't aggressive, and after recovering was succesfully released back into the wild with a tracking collar)

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