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Facebook doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with your private WhatsApp chat groups being easily accessible by anyone.

Two researchers scanned pop-song texts for emotional words and arrived at the conclusion that pop songs got sadder over time

For example: the usage of ‚love“ practically halved in 50 years

It’s not yet clear why this happened, but the researchers speculate that this is due to a „preference for negative content plus some other, yet to be discovered, causes“

@kensanata first time i visited europe i was surprised by how much people in a 'first world' country could actually live their whole lives thinking they are 'good people' and 'do no harm to others' (and really, they're not doing anything wrong) and recycling and being nice to their neighbors. without realizing they were working for companies that actively engaged in social exploitation in far-away lands, buying things made by someone that makes 1 dollar a day etc.

because in these first world country everything is so clean and orderly. and the trains come on time and you don't see poor people on the streets. poverty is elsewhere. but it's hard to see how much your life impacts poverty across the globe in these situations. we need to remember, as david harvey always says, how did the food we eat was produced. the things we buy. why are they so cheap? how can i buy a shirt for 5 dollars if getting a haircut where i live costs 4x that?

There will be a lot of finger pointing. People will claim that "they didn't know." Like the Germans and their collaborators everywhere, after the war. Or perhaps: "we knew something was wrong but what are you going to do?" I don't know. But we better be doing *something*. The first thing to do would be to stop working for the companies that are actively destroying the world we know. Then we stop supporting them. Then we vote and legislate them out of business. Let's end those planet eaters.

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The future people of Earth will look back and describe the events unfolding now as a successful last-minute turnaround, a miracle, ignoring the fact that we could have done all of this back in the seventies when people realised that the whales were dying, that Smog was killing us, when the trees started dying, when the hole in the ozone layer was discovered. But we found a way to manage the damage. We changed, as slowly as possible. Finally, we're picking up speed.

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I guess I'm one of the kids that grew up knowing better. I knew that the environment was important, but my generation was also too weak to affect real change. It was slow. I remember when I was 18, our history teacher asked us about our votes. I would have voted Green (but couldn't, because I was foreigner living in Switzerland). One guy had voted for the Car Party "for balance". 🤦‍♂️ Change is extremely slow. But as the old generations are dying, real change is ever more plausible.

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We Ruined Status LEDs; Here’s Why That Needs to Change

Ah, the humble status LED. Just about every piece of home electronics, every circuit module, and anything else that draws current seems to have one. In the days of yore, a humble indicator gave a su…

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Real life does not normalize all sound to a -3 dB upper limit. It's all loud. Your inner ear does not have tape saturation or clipping.
it's funny that USB was invented to replace serial ports but we still ended up with all these non-universal vendor specific drivers to talk to serial devices using USB

Do you use a screensaver on your primary computer?

Taking a nap with a cat, expectation: warm, gentle cuddles, soft purrs.
Reality: crushed by the weight, purrs way too loud, and he can't stop moving

Hey so sales are kinda bad this month, at this rate I won't be able to pay my bills (like rent, or food for the creature I accidentally summoned)
If you like my art and want to help you can either:
- check out my shop
- toss me a coin
- just boost this
Thanks a lot!

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The area were is preparing to build their new factory is in a water protection area.

Environmental protection is the last what tesla cares about.

They're charlatans profiting from this by false promise of salvation. Instead of a systematic change of our transportation systems, they are selling the story of how hyper individualized transportation will safe the world.

What an obvious bullshit, yet so many believe in it, even so called "environmentalists".


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After playing around with the games on display I stopped by to watch a very helpful lecture about the current state of diversity in the games industry and the steps you can take to help make it a better place. Thank you! 💜✨ :heart_trans:

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gonna put up a quick thread about what I did at Goldsmiths Library yesterday!

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