If you're traveling to a different country that's not covered by your mobile data plan, check out the fantastic "Prepaid Data SIM Wiki". It covers pay-as-you-go options for a wide range of countries and gets constantly updated:


"Why does a device that is essentially a mouse need a privacy policy?"

A blogger found out that his wacom tablet tracked every applications he opens. He also discovered a sort of kill switch, which can stop collection of this data immediately.


Hey, does anyone know of an indigenous or otherwise endangered language a keyboard layout has been designed for, but isn’t available on Linux? I would like to learn how to make keyboard layouts, so I’ll do it free of charge.

Boosts welcome!

*runs a lot of people's toots through Google Translate*


Oh, wow,

es wird im Juli 2020 einen neue "Dresden Files" Roman geben, nach 5 Jahren. Ich dachte schon, das wäre es gewesen:


praxis: this birb shares its food with the fishes..

Picture swiped from a Christian website that had linked it from a corporate adtechfunded gif repository - I wouldn't even have nicked it, had both not misidentified the goose as a duck, I'm sure Jesus won't mind (and St Francis would approve) 😆

Denjenigen, die heute die erste Hannuka Kerze angezündet haben, wünsche ich ein friedliches Fest.

Happy Hannuka!

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

I love this post:

"When we first approached hardware manufacturers almost two years ago with this project most of them instantly said “No, sorry, impossible, we can not help you.”. Others warned us, that it could never work, that it was too complicated, “the industry does not do that” and so forth.

And yet here we are, later than we wanted, but we are actually shipping first hardware! It is possible but it comes at a price." #Librem5


While helping a friend with setting up their computer, I advised them to disable personalized ads in their Google account.

I was intrigued to see that Google actually listed all the categories it assigned this person to on the settings page, I believe it was this one:


It included not only the person's age, gender, but also *a lot* of their (alleged) interests.

Let your friends know about it and ask their impressions:)

#privacy #surveillance

If you're running an adblock-blocker on your website, have you ever measured how many people actually turn it off and come back? And how many people you'll lose as visitors forever?

I'm really curious if someone collected data in that regard.

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