If you're running an adblock-blocker on your website, have you ever measured how many people actually turn it off and come back? And how many people you'll lose as visitors forever?

I'm really curious if someone collected data in that regard.

After the attack on the synagogue in Halle, Germany, where the Nazi streamed his attack on the Net, isolating gab is even more necessary. @isolategab

I met a traveller from the desert, late one night
Where their eyes beheld an antique sight
For two vast stone legs from the sand began to rise
And suddenly to his surprise

They did the mash, they did the trunkless mash
The trunkless mash, it was a desert smash
Theye did the mash, it caught on in a flash
They did the mash, they did the monster mash

What year did you first get the internet?

🚨There's a special election in North Carolina today! The R candidate, Dan Bishop is an anti-trans, Gab investor! Be sure to get to vote! A vote FOR candidate McCready is a vote AGAINST hate! #NC09. Please boost and share to any friends in NC!

Voting hours are 6:30am-7:30pm and you can find your polling location here: vt.ncsbe.gov/PPLkup/

We all know that Google (with Chrome-ium) has at least close to 90% of the browser marketshare on the internet.

Which is your primary browser on your computer?

Remember that Brave, Opera and Edge are Chromium derivatives. I consider Safari to be separate since it's Webkit and not Blink.

Retoot this to get more votes in.

#poll #browser #firefox #chromium

Very excited that @purism has managed to keep their promise of a Q3 ship date. This is one small step for smart phones, and one giant leap for free and open source software!


“The answer is rather simple: Don’t. Control. People.” puri.sm/posts/control-freedom- Librem One doesn’t track, doesn’t retain useless data and uses free software while Big Tech strips freedom and causes harm librem.one #purism #libremone

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