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Unsere allseits sehr beliebten Holosticker bekommen ein kleines Update. Wir lassen jetzt für alle, die uns noch nicht kennen, auch die Rückseite bedrucken. Die ersten 1500 Stück landen in Erstitüten für das kommende Semester. Haut uns an wenn ihr Bedarf habt!

Even if I like the syspaths concept in SCL why was it only done for a few packages while e.g. PHP or Redis still don't have one?

I mean, it was already introduced in 2017...

Oh boy.....

And of course, basic features like a background sync or auto logout of disabled users will be EE only :mastofacepalm: that will make it quite useless even for small CE setups -.-

pro tip: `sudo dnf remove nano-default-editor -y && sudo dnf install vim-default-editor -y`

Does the know a or who could help me create a simple but unique logo for my personal blog as well as for some small projects? All projects are non-profit, so it shouldn't be too expensive 😄

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Today (last Friday of July) is the System Administrator Appreciation Day. Don't forget your backups, and show your appreciation to your local #sysadmin :-) If you want to know more about DSA, the Debian System Administrator team, you can have a look at their webpage - Thanks DSA for taking care of the Debian infrastructure!

If you have a strict system umask on your server, but you want to install a python tool accessible for everyone to a custom location, check out the pip module docs. There is a parameter to set a custom umask for the particular pip task.

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The ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview 1.8 is here! ☁️It brings ownCloud Web 3.3 - with comprehensive improvements for load times, accessibility and translatability!

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If someone else is also looking for a service discovery for I've implemented basic one in . Releases are available on GitHub, PyPi and Docker Hub. Happy 🚨

If you are looking for your cozy daily bite take a look at

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For those of you who struggle with opening hundreds of browser tabs with #Ansible docs for each module, try *ansible-doc* cli command.

Run `ansible-doc -s shell` and see for yourself.

It is a CLI miracle!

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Oh hey, I really like the latest Firefox redesign! 🤗

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Take #ownCloud Infinite Scale for a spin and install it in a few easy steps on Uberspace by 🛰 Our guest author explains how:

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