Did you know that you can switch between 12 color palettes on the Game Boy Color and Advance? 🤯


If someone is looking for a tool to publish readme's to quay.io and/or dockerhub github.com/christian-korneck/d works well for me.

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RT by @hetzner_online: I'm pleased to announce the release of @hetzner_online hcloud CLI v1.19.0 including a complete refactor of the shell completions, improved handling of server creation with deprecated images, and a few more things!

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A big thanks to the orga team for organising this year's #FrOSCon.

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Coming up:

Hacktoberfest 2020 - Open source is changing the world, one pull request at a time!

Find it in an Internet near you, real soon!


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Challenge for today: Migrate my static Ansible inventory file to a dynamic inventory script for . Need to check how the group handling will work through a parsed "Notes" filed on the PVE Guest.

If you're still using Proxmox VE 5 (like I did till today) you should upgrade as soon as possible. EOL was 7 2020 🙈

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Im Auto kann der Salat nicht bleiben, da wäre er in ein paar Stunden hin 🤷‍♂️ #greenenergy #rechenzentrum

Does my account (GitHub login) really depends on my primary email address in GH? After I changed my primary email in my GH account I could not log in to my digital ocean account anymore... Well done!

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Just for those who wonder: Riot was renamed to Element today: element.io/blog/welcome-to-ele

Flathub will provide the application under new name, I just have to talk to the right people to get the renaming/new repository done.


#Riot #flatpak #flathub #element

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Das podman-compose Projekt braucht unterstützung! Nutzer*innen, Bug-Reports und am besten auch ein oder mehr Contributor.

Als pendant zu #docker-compose ermöglicht auch dieses Projekt das starten mehrerer Container als Service/Gruppe im #podman Umfeld.

Vom Feature-Umfang braucht es aber noch ein wenig fürsorge. Vielleicht kannst du ja was mit #Python und #Container|n anfangen und hast bock dich in einem #OpenSource Projekt zu engagieren?


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Fedora's response to covid-19 

I try to avoid the topic myself, but I think it's the right message for everyone:


TL;DR: When you can, work from home. When you work from home for the first time, adjust yourself to it and don't feel bad if it doesn't immediately work out. Work might be important, but your health is more important, so if you have to make a decision always go for health.

Stay safe and healthy :)

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