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If someone else is also looking for a service discovery for I've implemented basic one in . Releases are available on GitHub, PyPi and Docker Hub. Happy 🚨

If you are looking for your cozy daily bite take a look at

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For those of you who struggle with opening hundreds of browser tabs with #Ansible docs for each module, try *ansible-doc* cli command.

Run `ansible-doc -s shell` and see for yourself.

It is a CLI miracle!

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Oh hey, I really like the latest Firefox redesign! 🤗

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Take #ownCloud Infinite Scale for a spin and install it in a few easy steps on Uberspace by 🛰 Our guest author explains how:

Initial + deployment done 🎉 had a bit of trouble to get basic auth and user auth with 2fa working at the same time, but it works for now

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Apparently just mentioning "" in a channel's topic is enough for the new Freenode admins to join, change the topic, and remove your operator status.

They even devoiced the admin, so he can't talk about what's going on in the channel.

Just wow 🤯

The is complicated these days. Wanted to setup a custom error page with nginx:

- inline CSS is bad due to CSP
- lets use a file instead
- oh cool, thats also not straight foward 🎉

I would be interested in your daily must-have tool chain 🕵️‍♂️ 🔍

Finally! 🙏 terminal is able to open new tabs at the next position (to the right of the active tab) instead of at the end of the list.

Another flawless upgrade to the new v34. I really like 40 and Fedoras new default artwork is just awesome 😍 Thanks!

The new version 0.12.0 of the theme -geekdoc is out! 🎉

Say hello to the new Dark mode 👋

I like but honestly, managing dashboards is a real pain somehow. Grafonnet looks promising but is in a half-done state. Managing dashboards with the UI only is hell as well... Need to think about how to continue. Suggestions welcome.

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