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When you want to contribute to a free software project it's often enough to just have a look at issues and support questions. Try to reproduce the issue and offer help. When you run the software yourself anyway, it's a good training to learn your way around it and fixing and optimizing your own setup will become easier.

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Neue Hardware fürs Homelab zusammen gebaut und VMs migriert. Zeit fürs Bett 😴

Wer behauptet hat Metro Exodus sei ein gutes Spiel... Lange nicht mehr so sehr bereut 60 € raus geschmissen zu haben

My new Xiaomi Poco F1 arrived, I'm waiting now for 3 days before the bootloader can be unlocked... 😩😭

are you kidding?
Searching for AWS AMIs is a joke:
- Searching for "centos" does not list the official image
- Searching for "CentOS" does not list the official image
- Searching for "CentOS Linux" DOES list the official image???

What a crap...

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After some trouble with I decided to switch back to and it rocks 😍

Should testfiles be part of a wheel release package? I've discussed this with some people but didn't find a "best practice"...

After hours of working my Xiaomi Roborock is now cloud-free and runs with Openhab 😍


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