Pretty windy tonight here in Licata, south Sicily.

The whole marina was without power for a while, but it just came back. One headsail blew out on another sailboat, but it looks like someone managed to get on there and wrap a halyard around it for now.

More to come by the looks of it.

Windy just scared the crap out of me. After reloading and some zooming around it's back to normal though.

"Normal" is bad enough, still expecting 50-60 knot gusts here tomorrow night (with rain of course).

Beetroot chocolate. Unexpectedly good. From Lithuania of course πŸ‡±πŸ‡Ή

Interesting concept for a solar/electric hybrid. Weird cabin layout though. And a bit large, but it probably needed the surface area for the solar panels.

How do I follow a hashtag on Mastodon? Surely this must be possible.

Speaking of horrible, someone forked and fixed xinput_calibrator, which hasn't been working at all for some years now. Yay someone!

Of course it took me a couple hours to discover this fact. 😬

Here's the working branch:

Unfortunately it looks like the original maintainers have left the building around 5 years ago, so the fix will probably never get merged and show up in distribution packages.

Compass membrane repaired and oil refilled πŸ™‚

Cost under €15 for everything - a new compass would've been about €300, so I'm very happy.

Passing through the Corinth canal was one of the highlights of last season.

And behind a Turkish flagged tanker named "Kaptan Erdogan" with home port Istanbul...

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2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

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Sagt mal, wer nutzt von euch ? Mich interessieren Erfahrungsberichte abseits von .

Installing new lifelines (guardrails) this week. The old were pretty knackered and the turnbuckles maxed out. Used lashings instead of turnbuckles on the new ones. Works very well now, although I had to invent a new trick to hold them between tensioning and tying off the lashing.

The flush pin shackles are secured with threadlocker and mean there are no split pins/rings or other crap to catch anything on.

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Thanks for the upgrade, I've been looking for exactly these, and in that size!

Amazon Italy's black "friday" sale does not start too well I guess.

OCD catastrophe #576: When the peanut you were just shelling falls into the pile of empty shells.

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