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Day 24. I skipped some - sue me.

Sleep schedule still out of whack since mess-with-the-clocks day, attempts at fixing just made it worse.

Feeling a bit down lately. Need sunshine. Maybe tomorrow.

Played lots of Factorio and watched movies. New Guy Ritchie film is good.

Numbers for Italy show curve is flattening, still lots of newly infected every day.

Water hose on pontoon burst, had to patch it up. New one on order.

Out of biscuits, so must shop tomorrow.


Second wave here in the south seems to be leveling off too.

Lockdown in Italy officially extended to April 13 - for now.

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Cheques, the corporate passive aggressive way of saying: fuck you, we know we have to pay you, but we'll make it as annoying for you as possible.

How about you just do a bank transfer like it's, I dunno, the 90s?

Day 21. Three week lockdown anniversary! Time for a drink 🥃

Did laundry aboard today (we have a recycled camping washing machine that we love dearly). Then oil change on the engine.

A sailing catamaran showed up in the commercial harbour today. Looked odd, with no headsail, only a main. After an hour it left again - probably not allowed in, perhaps they at least got fuel/food/water. Then a surveillance plane flew over, probably making sure they were leaving.

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Our friend and fellow liveaboard Sami has been trapped in a closed boatyard on his own for weeks now, with limited access to water.

In addition to being trapped in a closed social network :P

Day 20.

Reports of hungry people deprived of income demanding food in Palermo show social problems arising now.

The liveaboards are worried about money too. Many cruisers only go into marinas in winter when prices are low, then spend summer anchoring. Since nobody can leave, we're forced to pay high summer rates soon.

There's a discount, but it's still a big unplanned expense and some cruisers are not wealthy, living off savings, a small income or pension.

Day 19. Slept in, as is tradition on mess-with-the-clock-day. Nice weather.

Someone brought us a basil plant for the growing garden in our cockpit 🏡

Mast-mounted speakers on another boat did morning exercises and then a little afternoon music. Pretty tinny sound. Some people pranced around their decks to it - I watched sipping coffee.

@vaviurka asked me "What's the date today? Feels like March 61st" 😒

Watching Avenue 5, which we refer to as Dr. House in space.

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Ugh, it's mess with the clocks day.

I thought we were getting rid of this shit, but apparently not yet.

Day 18. Sunny after early morning rain. Marina arranged laundry collection because the washing machines are all broken, nobody can come to fix them and the town's launderettes are all closed.

Occasionally you meet someone on the way to the shower or walking past their boats and have a quick chat. After 18 days in prison, some are showing varying levels of mental discombobulation. Many alcohol bottles can be seen by the bins every day.

@vaviurka made Khinkali 😋

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