Walked by some creative dinghy repair on Koru the other day. Extra points for the budget job.

These inflatables seem to be stuck in a constant repair loop or sagging sad and half-deflated in their davits. Just don't cope well with heat and/or high UV.

We've had our own painful lessons about things breaking down in the sun, but at least our Portabote can never deflate 🎺

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Diesel tank cleaning time. Some boaters spend a lot of money on fancy fuel polishing rigs, but it turns out all we need to do is suck up the dregs from the bottom of the tank once a year. Around 200ml of dirty fuel comes up and the rest is clean.

I run this through a cheap paper coffee filter and then it either goes back in the tank or is used for degreasing the winches.

Second picture shows comparison between first cup and then 300ml later.

Watched Jojo Rabbit last night. It was okay, but not that great. Some chuckles and some thoughtful moments but mostly ho-hum. Great acting from the kid though.


This is our 20 year old forced air diesel heater, which I've removed last night. Spent most of today fitting a brand new one from China in its place, which costs less than the spare parts for fixing this one.

Shame, but the new one runs nicely and uses a bit less fuel and power to keep the boat warm. ♨️

Might have taken me 18 years or so to get around to it, but I've finally finished the main quest.

Thanks to , the UESP wiki and a few mods.

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Replaced the broken LCD display on our engine RPM counter. For the first time since buying the boat we've got a readout of the engine hours.

Not bad at all - we put around 640 of them on ourselves, so the engine didn't have too much use when I bought the boat. And I did the timing belt change at the right service interval too :toot:

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Some photos from yesterday's trip to the mountaintop villages of northern Sicily and the Labirinto di Arianna.

More on my at eyeem.com/u/yngmar

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Keine Werbung mehr in der Post: Wie Amsterdam 6.000 Tonnen Altpapier spart! - In Amsterdam findet man keine „Bitte keine Werbung“-Sticker an den Postkästen, sondern welche mit „Bitte Werbung“. In der Hauptstadt der Niederlande darf nämlich nur dann Werbung in den Postkasten gelegt werden, wenn man das ausdrücklich will. Dadurch spart die Stadt jährlich 6.000 Tonnen Müll. #ShareDichDrum

"a study found that people were, on average, most unhappy at the age of 47.2"

Oh well, at least something to look forward to! :mastoflushed:

Blog updated: This is our infamous trip to Tunisia. Also, lots of cat pictures. Something for everyone.

We try catamaran sailing, get a taste of Tunisia and are intercepted at sea, forced to turn around and promptly fined for breaking the law.


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Made a new fruit/vegetable net for the stern arch today. Finer mesh than the old, and also more capacity.

Also it's a bit higher so we maybe don't bang our heads on the oranges when climbing aboard after a swim ;-)

Our heater back in 2015 when I bought the boat. I spent a lot of time and £300 in parts nursing it back to life and we got another 5 years out of it.

Likely could be fixed again, but it's just not economical anymore.

Also, I want a remote control so I can start the heating in bed and only get up when it's warm 😏

Our ancient diesel heater (Eberspächer 5DLC) died again. This time it's final, the parts prices are silly and it has many other problems and we've kept it on life support long enough now (it's probably at least 15 years old, likely even 19 - the housing with the type label was rusted off when I got it).

Ordered a Chinese XMZ-1 heater, which is a parts-compatible copy of an Airtronic D4. Should arrive in a week or so.

Meanwhile we have to heat with a fan heater on expensive shorepower ☃️ 💸

Finally finished the new guardrail by splicing on the Dyneema gates with nice stainless pelican hooks. Much easier to open/close than the old snapshackles, and everything is properly tensioned too.

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