And this is the second #mechanicalkeyboard kit I soldered this weekend. It's a #Tex #Shinobi #DIY kit modeled after the Thinkpad X220 keyboard. It now sports #Millmax #hotswap sockets and #Zealios v2 67g #switches. I might change that to #Zilents if I'll take into the office—once I'll move back there from homeoffice.

The #keycaps are Tex #ADA keycaps and came with this keyboard as it requires key cap sizes smaller than the common key cap size. IIRC the F-row and cursor keys are 0.87u keycaps.

Bad Cat is sleepy and wishes all these loud people would get off her boat already and stop shouting about their board game.

Trying out friction welding on a 3d print - looks like it works pretty well! At least better than the layer adhesion on the white test print.

Checked our newly fitted AC power meter against the marina pedestal readings.

Works out to €0.32 a kWh, which is close enough to the advertised €0.30. The pedestal also meters water use (which is minimal), which explains the slight difference.

So during the cold winter months, we've been using ~5kWh or €1.57 a day on average, mostly for the 300W dehumidifier.

Also burnt ~150 liters diesel for heating (since October), which averages ~1 liter or €1.34 per day.

Hey , when you make an e-book reader that isn't waterproof, maybe choose a different setting for your advert?


Just a reminder in case your timelines are suffering from lack of evidence: arctic warming causes extremes in weather in both directions (warmer north and colder south)


To every website that says "please disable your adblock"

Fuck no,
- Jae

Just switched phone from Blokada to NetGuard, because of some DNS issues with Blokada.

NetGuard seems at least as good so far. Very much like that I get a list of apps and decide which ones do and do not access the internet (or separately for wifi/mobile/roaming). (also on F-Droid, but see FAQ).

Bei Reddit gibt es eine Community aus mehr als 130K Menschen, die sich zu QAnon im Freundes- und Familienkreis austauschen. Eltern die sagen, sie erkennen ihre Kinder nicht wieder & Kinder, die sich ihre "echten" Eltern zurückwünschen. Absolut traurig. 😢

Fitted an AC power meter on the boat yesterday to see why the shorepower top-up is trickling away so quickly! 🤑

Today's boat life surprise: A beer can stored in the bilge has leaked its contents. Luckily the mess was contained to one section, but still a big mess, as now everything that was in there is cluttering the cabin while it's drying, the kitchen floor can't be walked on and there's a huge floor board in the salon.

Oh well, at least that part of the bilge is squeaky clean now.

The can seems to have failed at a dent in the side.

The way Apple thinks I should update my software isn't compatible with the internet connections I can get.

MacOS has the most pitiful downloader ever. No partial downloads, no retries, it just times out and starts over at the start of a multi-GB file. And not even automatically at that, either.

And you can't just go on the website and get a download URL to feed to wget, that would be too easy. The updates aren't listed there and/or the search is super useless.

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