The biggest complaint amongst long-term cruisers is always the same: Other boater's lack of anchoring skills.

These Sunday sailors are often both incompetent and inconsiderate. This skipper had no clue, set his anchor in the wrong direction (backing into the wind), then went to the beach with his tourists in the dinghy.

Of course his boat swung within poking distance of ours and we had to spend a few hours watching the stupid thing until he came back.

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I've begun transcribing the ship's logs of our passage from Japan to Canada, we'll release more daily. Be warned, some of this might be distressing to some people.

The modern web stinks. I don't even want to click on Twitter links anymore, because on our mostly slow internet it's just painful to watch it load all that rubbish and a big waste of metered and paid bandwidth.

All this to load up to 160 characters of text and a mildly amusing 51 kB image? You can't be serious.

So good to be back afloat. We celebrated relaunch with a friend from Licata who surprised us by showing up at the anchorage out of the blue. And lots of swimming. And a biiiig taverna meal.

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Back in the water at last! All went well and we launched this morning.

Finally time to rest and recover. @vaviurka is napping on the couch and I'm nursing a skin rash I got from the combination of sweat and fibreglass dust.

What a week! Maybe our next spring haulout won't be in July 👅

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When you have 30 projects running concurrently.... you get a tray system as a matter of survival. I work directly from the trays, moving them to/from my workbench. No cleanup needed to swap projects - just swap trays. #leanmanufacturing #engineer


The last seacock is installed (this one was a bit special). Spent most of today cleaning the boat, which was very dirty with salt, boatyard dirt and flying dust.

Launch scheduled tomorrow! ⛵ 🏗️

@milan Is there something funny going on with image uploads? Or are my eyes just really tired.

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RT @Kristy_Viers
I thought I would share how I, as someone who is visually impaired use my iPhone.☺️

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Von einem eingenen Körperteil verkloppt werden. Ihr kennt das...

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New cockpit drains done! I'm very excited about these two holes 😏

And the boat should be immeasurably faster now, because they're perfectly flush with the hull.

Just need Coppercoat. The ball valves and hose are all installed inside too.

Also totally indestructible and immune to corrosion!

Another day, another step closer to re-launching.

Glassed in the new skin fittings for the cockpit drains. Once that's cured, these two huge ball valves can get attached to them.

Excellent. This is how you educate the clueless people carelessly misplacing data:

And being that clueless, I'm sure many didn't have a working backup either. Good good. 😆

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