Might not have a drone, but FOAF snapped a photo from their plane as they left. As we were the only boat in the anchorage, that tiny white dot must be us!

Still stuck here waiting for weather. Lots of CAPE coming this way on the weather models 😩

Finished scrubbing the hull clean, so we'll be quick when we finally go!

Big squall hit in the middle of last night. Gusts to 48 knots, lightning flickering everywhere, sea whipped up, rain and some hail. No damage and Mr. Rocna held well. And the solar panels are nice and clean now ✨

Postponed our planned crossing, as more thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon. September in the Med ⛈️ ⚡ 🌩️ 🌪️

Current best options for a Friday start to Sicily. The top one is two nights at sea, the bottom two start later and are three nights. Downside of the top one, we still have to hop down along the coast and the wind is wrong for that.

OpenCPN's weather routing plugin is awesome - just discovered the wave size limiter so we can sail in more comfort (2m waves in the Mediterranean are icky because they tend to be very steep and close together).

When the Taverna is on a _very_ shallow beach 🤣

Also some amazing bioluminescence to swim in after dark. Never seen so much of it!

Ormos Livadhi, north of Argostoli. One of those severely underrated anchorages.

In Argostoli today: Refueled by hauling jerrycans in the dinghy. Took two trips, but now we're all ready for the passage to Sicily. Just waiting for some wind, as we'd really rather sail than motor. Got some food too, of course. Lots of turtles in this bay!

Now anchored at Ormos Livadhi a bit north, much quieter than the town, which had a lot of ferries and construction noise going on.

Dr. Sheddy from Vet Tails Sailing Chuffed cruises around remote parts of the world and helps animals (and like all cruisers, spends a lot of time fixing the boat). Unlike most sailing channels, she doesn't just ask for money to support her lifestyle, the money helps support her voluntary animal work, which is pretty cool if you ask me.


Finally got around to writing down some rough polars for ⛵ Songbird. Then played with OpenCPN's weather routing plugin, which did a fine job last passage. Quite useful for predicting the best time to depart and also has a handy "Comfort" column :)

Just getting an idea for when to do the Greece to Sicily crossing. Still need to fill up Diesel and buy some food first.

Had to get up early to catch the wind, but finally had a good sail, after days of mindnumbing (and Diesel eating) motoring. Downwind with the barn doors wide open :)

After last nights horribly bouncy anchorage at Nafpaktos, we're now in the well sheltered bay of Messolonghi, surrounded by salt marshes full of birds. Very quiet and we're the only boat at anchor right now.


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Finally escaped the Meltemi and enjoying a calm anchorage in the Gulf of Corinth after a windy month in the Aegean. Yup, that's a herd of sheep grazing next to our boat. Saw a turtle earlier too.

Long day. Got up early to transit through the Corinth Canal (blog post to follow... eventually). Then sailed up to Kiato and anchored right in front of the Lidl supermarket, dinghied to the beach and stocked up on food (including the essential, but very heavy milk). Then another 30 miles to an anchorage that offered shelter from the omni-directional swell here.

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Unpopular opinion:
8K Television is a waste of resources (in almost all scenarios).

Except you wanna sit inside the TV screen (literally!).

Last anchorage's pancakes. Yum. We had some bad luck there at first, dropping the anchor in what looked like sand, but turned out to be stone. We hauled it up again, dropped it a bit further back only to find it didn't hold in full reverse either, so had to drop a third time, finally getting a good grip. On closer inspection, the stone turned out to be the ruins of a few sunken buildings! Nice freediving opportunity :)

Our route so far this year. Still more miles to go through the Corinth canal and back to Sicily, hopefully by the end of the month.

They've packed up today. The two(!) passengers transferred to the helicarrier and flew off. Looked like they couldn't fit all of their luggage in though. Then both ships raised anchor and left as well.

Apparently this is "Luxury Yachting 2.0" 🤦‍♂️


Mogambo, a 74m long pleasure craft. Nothing unusual around here. But the odd looking 53m ship behind is new to us. "Power Play", a superyacht support vessel - basically a floating helicopter platform that follows Mogambo around.

All of this (two ships+crews, dinghies, helicopter+pilot) likely for less than a handful of passengers on Mogambe. And you thought flying was unsustainable 😛

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