After a day off for rain and recuperation (my foot was hurting, of all the things), it's back to chipping away at the deck today.

Already got a bucket and a half. Found my rhythm now and working my way along the starboard side.

Have also cleaned up the old glue on the foredeck with an angle-grinder and a fine scotch-brite pad.

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Why is it that someone only says "Thank you again for your patience and understanding" when you really (and justifiably, IMHO) have had no more patience or understanding left.

Please note that if your clock did not automatically repeat an hour last night, your clock is working correctly. Daylight savings time is wrong, not the clock.

Ich finde übrigens, wir sollten so langsam das Handshake-Emoji 🤝überarbeiten:

Like I thought, the rest did not come off as easily. Lots of chiseling, then switching to an oscillating multitool with blade attachment.

Several people offered suggestions and some even lent me tools and products to try.

To remove the leftover caulking, a pressure washer works to some extent, but takes ages and a lot of water, so not efficient enough. Perhaps a stronger one might work? Several other ideas to try.

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Today I've started the epic task of chiseling off our 20 year old and well and truly fuckered teak deck.

So far, so good, but I doubt it'll all be as easy as it was on the anchor locker lid.

The great thing is, it's glued, not screwed, and separated reasonably well from the moulded non-slip gelcoat pattern that had been slumbering underneath, protected from the sun for two decades, and thus like new. After some serious scrubbing, that is.

Sailing is cool because you're basically giving the sea the finger and telling it "ha ha, you can't kill me". Until it does, that is.

A free font, HyperLegible from the Braille institue. for those with poor vision and to be unambiguous

Today's xkcd is something I've been thinking about myself. I can't recall when I've last smelled an actual rotten egg, if ever. They keep pretty well aboard!

If I found one, I'd expect it'd smell like a volcano or like our toilet hoses.

Reminder to help :peertube:#PeerTube attain their goal for live streaming

They are almost there and this feature could be a big one for getting people to move over from YouTube and Twitch. Every euro helps and will go towards making PeerTube better and better

Well, the previous owner of this #macintosh Classic II liked to play some #flightsimulator I see! Impressive how good it can look with just 1-bit graphics. #retrogaming

Winter is coming. We've test-fired our diesel air heater one chilly and humid morning and today I'm cleaning and pickling the watermaker, which needs to be done to protect the membrane from funky sealife growing in it during the winter months where we don't need it.

Dark skies today. And after sunset a violent cold front came heeling the boat over and lighting the sky up.

At least the boat get's clean!

A friend of mine who teaches elementary school, taught her class, “don’t yuck my yum”

It was like a class mantra, all the kids knew and understood the phrase. So, if a kid brought a bean burrito for lunch, and another kid said “gross! I hate beans” burrito-kid could just say “don’t yuck my yum”

It became the perfect phrase when one student liked something another student hated it. Quickly, it moved from the tangible (food, smells, textures) to the intangible (music, religion, quality)

By the end of the year “don’t tuck my yum” was woven into the culture of the class. They actually used the phrase LESS by then, because yuckers would check themselves before tearing anyone down.

And that class of second graders moved to third, secure in the knowledge that it’s ok to love the things you love, even if other people don’t.

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