> freebsd-update upgrade -r 13.0-RELEASE

Almost there with the upgrade orgy!

Then it's updating ports and rebuilding them, setting up a new letsencrypt client and maybe fiddling with some new stuff for fun.

Then probably not touching the server much for a couple years until I'm once again forced to give it some time 😛

Last week's job - repairing some concrete slabs that collapsed when the forklift delivering wood pellets for winter drove over them.

They were originally made in an odd way, poured in place with wood slats between them. I decided to imitate this style, but it meant having to fix the slats so I can smoothen the concrete by dragging over them after filling it in. Best I could think of was this, more concrete!

Also a lot of pickaxe work to remove the old!

Sunday BBQ was delicious again. Found some fruit tree logs behind the chicken shed for extra flavour.

Tried making some shashlik, which worked pretty well, although should be eaten right away while it's hot and juicy!

2/2 ...

Then used sat photos to work out the angle of the house, calculated the angle between tower and house wall and got the antenna aligned in one shot.

Had to bend the antenna reflector slightly to achieve the correct angle as it was slightly hindered by the mounting pole, but this worked fine.

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One good thing we managed today is to point grandma's TV antenna to a Belarusian broadcast tower across the border. The old lady is wheelchair bound, doesn't speak much Lithuanian and was really delighted to have some Russian language TV.

I looked up the stations: dvbtmap.eu/mapglobal.html

Ruled out one as out of range with a distance calculator: translatorscafe.com/unit-conve

1/2 ...

Ugh, today didn't go all too well. Woke up with a stiff neck. Later I slipped on a ramp and tore open my shin along most of its length and some of my arm to boot.

Now all patched up and thinking it's safest to sit around inside for the rest of the day.

Another tasty regional dark beer.

Have been trying a few and not really found any I didn't like.

Well, except maybe for the blackberry beer, that one had a bit of a weird aftertaste, almost like a bit of artificial sweetener, although not as bad. There wasn't any on the label though. 🤔

Also tried some mead (honey wine). Not sure about it. It was interesting, and definitely better served at room temperature, but kinda pricey and definitely not worth the money.

Cool, in Lithuania the power grid layout (and information about parcels, other utilities, etc.) are easily accessible online.

So you can figure out why your street has power when the relative's street does not.

Might go for a walk along the red branch later, see if we can spot the problem. Yesterdays thunderstorm had some hefty gusts (as well as lots of rain and a bit of hail), so could be a branch, tree or fallen power pole.

Ok, I need a new job... Anyone looking for an Erlang developer? #boost #job #remote #erlang

OpenWRT - turning crappy routers into useful equipment since 2004.

Gotta sing some praise for this project. I've installed it on many cheap consumer boxes over the years and it works very well, provides a great UI and/or command line access.

No praise for TP-Link whose OEM firmware was utter garbage though and rendered their product 100% useless if it weren't for OpenWRT.

When it's heat wave and the ventilator's are all sold out at Senukai -- but you got a garage full of random stuff:

"The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt."

-- Bertrand Russell

Angenommen, Ministerien würden jetzt schon mal für eine mögliche 3. Impfung planen, dann wäre sie bei Vorliegen der Impfung vielleicht sogar rechtzeitig fertig.

Hm. Wird das passieren? Eher nein.

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