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Installed AFWall+ via , I wonder how, these days, a pragmatic a sustainable business model for funding FLOSS development could look like. AFWall+ apparently advertises a paid "pro" version (which is non-free and thus "bad"). Everything in is free-of-charge, just some apps ask for a donation (which is not something you can rely upon if you want to develop FLOSS but want or need to make a living developing software).

"After you have exhausted what there is in business, politics, conviviality, love, and so on — have found that none of these finally satisfy, or permanently wear — what remains?”

Against Busyness and Surfaces: Emerson on Living with Presence and Authenticity, via :

Inspiring morning long-read for all those who want to be away from insanity just for a moment.

Free, Open Source Modular Synth Software Lets You Create 70s & 80s Electronic Music—Without Having to Pay Thousands for a Real-World Synthesizer

shoutout to for understanding how humans work #Confab2018

Synapse v0.30.0 just landed, supporting all your GDPR needs. Even if you don't care about GDPR, you might like the Server Notices feature that allows for 'message of the day' functionality.

Philip Roth (RIP) Creates a List of the 15 Books That Influenced Him Most

Interesting... I don't really like this approach. It seems Instapaper (and Pinterest) have successfully prevented dealing with GDPR for the last two years, and both are large enough for that. Yet it's a pretty big player with quite a user base, and it's these events all along with more general criticism about GDPR which, for sure, will make all work of trying to convince people to honour privacy and data protection more difficult rather than easier in a post-GDPR world.

Gestern dürften Facebook und Twitter im Raum Dresden wieder einen massiven Zustrom gehabt haben....

@z428 yeah I do not know. I was always of the thought it was pretty random. Wikipedia has perhaps the most info.

#1997 "Business Update" Show more

Wow. Da hat sich jemand echt Mühe gegeben . Findet sich jemand, der das auf Augenhöhe sachlich widerlegt?

21 Thesen zum Irrweg der DS-GVO – Blog

Wie ich das so sehe, scheinen alle mastodon instanzen von einer Spamflut überrollt zu werden. Ganz viel Kraft und Nerven allen Adminis. Danke für Euren Einsatz!
Und ja, ich finde es absolut in ordnung, wenn man jetzt mal Neuanmeldungen nicht zulässt, bis das vorbei ist.

Listen to some music. Make sure it's something you really like.

Wo ist die Grenze zwischen Panikmache und berechtigter Kritik?

"Die vorprogrammierte Enttäuschung der Datenschutzaktivisten wird zur Suche nach Schuldigen führen. Verantwortlich für absehbare Vollzugsdefizite werden jedoch nicht die Datenschutzbeamten sein, sondern naive und realitätsblinde Politiker, die mit der DSGVO ein bürokratisches Monster geschaffen haben, das die gezielt geschürten und völlig überzogenen Erwartungen nicht erfüllen kann und wird."