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Finally renewed my fellowship as they still seem the one organization closest to my ideals when it comes to software... hope it makes a difference... 😐

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Personal challenge for today: Give up on participating in discussions, both on- and offline, that just focus on (repeatedly and in strong language) pointing out problems but lack any ideas how to actually *improve* things. Yes we *know* there's a load of issues to be addressed, but *none* of them will change if we keep re-iterating what's wrong.

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Kristian, born 1977. Dresden. Software tech lead and senior developer by day. Dark music and literature enthusiast by night. Into philosophy, photograpy and FLOSS (mostly the political, social, business aspects). Firmly believes into technology as something that has to serve human beings as good as it somehow can. Desktop and user ever since the late 1990s. , dev. Sceptical user. practicioner.

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It's the third Thursday of November, which means it's #WorldPhilosophyDay. A message from Audrey Azoulay (Dir. General of UNESCO) talks about how practising philosophy equips & enables us for understanding & synthesizing knowledge, perceiving meaning & principle, exchanging views, and more. Read it here and UNESCO's page is here

A sharper focus for Flickr | Flickr Blog

"Unlike most photo sharing services, SmugMug is photographer-focused and has been for more than 16 years. We are privately owned and operated. We never raised venture capital to grow our business and we don’t make money selling our customers or their data to advertisers. That’s kind of amazing."

RT Ich bin gern Ostdeutscher, aber diese weitverbreitete Piefigkeit, Ressentiments gegen alles Fremde und Andere und der Umstand, dass die Weigerung, über den Tellerrand zu schauen mit Bodenständigkeit verwechselt wird, hat mich schon in den 90ern genervt... Migranten in Sachsen: 4%


Immer mal wieder Erkenntnis: Datenschutz scheitert dort, wo er einfache Bedienbarkeit durch technisch unbedarfte Nutzer als der Privatsphäre entgegengerichtet dargestellt wird, nur weil Fantasie, Wille, ... fehlen, *beides* zu wollen und zu versuchen.

Something else on my production system that has brought me through the last three(?) weeks by now. My environment choice gets more stable it seems, for ... reasons.

Sounds interesting, is a variant of the #Conversations #XMPP client which creates full fledged XMPP accounts based on your phone number to solve the user discovery problem. You can also connect you existing xmpp address with your phone number for a one time fee. Would be nice if Conversation would also query this directory (optionally) in the future.

Grad gesehen, daß vor der Bits&Bäume-App warnt, weil sie "unfreie Netzwerkdienste" bewirbt. Mag jemand erklären, was es damit auf sich hat?

RT I wrote a blog post about's release of the JHipster Mini-Book 5.0.!/news/entr

As mentioned in the post, I have a bunch of v4.5 books looking for a good home!


Praise our lord @leyrer, for he told us about "icdiff" which makes diff output SOOO much more useful.

All hail the @leyrer (and you might want to watch the rest of his (German) modern CLI tools talk at

You asked for more technical explainers, it's what you get.

Top article this from Tom. Basic overview, heads to decent technical explanation (I learned some things), and a comparison against other browsers and how they handle the same task.

How #Firefox assures your sync data is kept private. And not some bs version of "private" that has you rolling your eyes.

One should possibly follow this initiative even if I don't yet have a clear idea where they are now:

"Indienet is an initiative led by Indie to explore the development and deployment of Federated Personal Web Sites (FPWS) to empower people with individual sovereignty and a healthy commons in the digital/networked age. The first round of development (Jan-April, 2018) was realised with financial support and development resources from Digipolis at the The City of Ghent."

RT Wir befinden uns im Jahre 2018. Ganz Europa ist ist mittlerweile vom Internet durchsetzt. Ganz Europa? Nein! Zwei von inkompetenten Politikern geführte und von paranoiden Bürgern bewohnte Länder hören nicht auf, dem Eindringling Widerstand zu leisten!


Blätter und Licht
Schon wieder Mitte November. Geschäfts- wie auch Kalenderjahr sind quasi vorüber, es ist eigentlich Herbst, aber das Jahr fühlt sich in der Stadt wie Frühling an. Kein Morgennebel über dem Fluß, keine nassen Straßen, keine Stürme und kein Regen; stattdessen sitzen wir mit Hoodie und T-Shirt bekleidet im Hinterhof und schwitzen. Es ist nicht schlimm,…[...]

“‘Cambridge Analytica and Facebook have the same business model,’ says Balkan. ‘If Cambridge Analytica can sway elections and referenda with a relatively small subset of Facebook’s data, imagine what Facebook can and does do with the full set.’”

RT OH: “we’re working with the agile mythology”


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