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I'm elsewhere in the too, by the way: @blog is my weblog posting its content here more or less regularly, powered by plugin (thanks to @jdormit for the great work on that).

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The world needs more quiet, decent, doubtful, witty and empathic persons. Right now, there's no lack of noisy, demanding and offensive people who are constantly trying to claim way too much "space" in any conversation. It's a repeating mess, in each and every context, all social networks included. 😐

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Kristian, born 1977. Dresden. Software tech lead and senior developer by day. Dark music and literature enthusiast by night. Into philosophy, photograpy and FLOSS (mostly the political, social, business aspects). Firmly believes into technology as something that has to serve human beings as good as it somehow can. Desktop and user ever since the late 1990s. , dev. Sceptical user. practicioner.

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Unsere Argumente | Bürgerinitiative Gingst

„Es gibt viele Formen erneuerbarer Energiegewinnung, unsere unverwechselbare Landschaft und Heimat gibt es aber nur einmal.“ Wir werden weiter gegen das Windeignungsgebiet in Gingst kämpfen. Wir wollen keine Windräder in Gingst! Einige der wichtigsten Ablehnungsgründe: I. Windräder in Gingst gefährden Natur und Landschaft ..."

Interessant ... 😐


bei vorträgen erzähle ich manchmal, dass wir als kleines unternehmen steuern bezahlen müssen, die großen aber nicht. kommt raus: die großen bekommen sogar steuern gezahlt. umverteilung von klein nach groß. was für ein kaputtes system.

/e/ has been downloaded thousand times for testing, and we are now more than 500 users using ungoogle /e/ mobile OS and online services beta for every day use!

Support the project!

50MB online test account can be unlocked to 5GB for 99€/year at:

Es gibt jetzt übrigens wieder einen Account zu den Chemnitzer Linux-Tagen im :
➡️ @clt_news

"In Alternativlos Folge 35 reden wir über Diskurs- und Debattenkultur und die Facebook-Löschdebatte. "

Das sollte Pflicht-Programm für jeden werden, der sich in dem Ansinnen trägt, im Internet zu kommunizieren oder zu diskutieren. There's a lot to think about, in here. 😉

#FLOSS friends and lovers, jump on in and we'll add some discount to get @tom79 a shiny powerful development machine! ✊

"Utopia banished."
Browsing through my old Flickr gallery again. Some things unfortunately don't get old.

Supruga. Post modern darkness.
I got into more aggressive music in the early 1990s, which was an interesting experience: Labeled both "heavy metal" or "hard rock" synonymously from the outside, those who were into this kind of acoustic entertainment used to have quite some nuanced understandings of sub genres and styles that needed to be kept well separated. Back then, as well, music often was about things such

Lasst Euch nicht von den Schlagzeilen verkackeiern: §§11 & 13 sind noch nicht "beschlossene Sache" – 2 Stufen muss das Ganze noch durchlaufen. Zeit, Euren MEPs zusagen, dass sie dem MÖP Voss den Stinkefinger zeigen sollen!

Weg mit #UploadFilter und #LSR – letzteres ging schon national (mehrfach) gegen den Baum, und ersteres schadet allen EU Bürgern (nutzt nur den "Großen").

Und nein, es nutzt auch nicht den Urhebern – die gehen dabei leer aus.

Stromtrassen, die durch Wälder gehen, Vögel, die von Windrädern getötet werden etc.: Die #Energiewende an sich ist ja eine tolle Sache, aber wie verträgt sie sich mit dem #Naturschutz?…


Thanks to all #FreeSoftware developers, translators, designers, testers, and of course users! You give us the freedom to control our technology. You are awesome! #ilovefs

Started using SoftwareLibre on my desktops in the mid 1990s mostly after reading through the GNU manifesto for the first time. Always enjoyed how that community worked, even though it has considerably changed over time and might need change and maybe more structure to face some of todays challenge. Yet, without a doubt about that:

Despite my interest in working with distribution , maybe we should suggest a different kind of challenge for, like, the next month: Focus on using your computer as a *tool* to get something done, something that doesn't relate to technology. Start a blog or a photo gallery. Do some writing. Use audio software to record music or feed with, well, some mix tapes of yours. Express yourself. 😉

Any good (neutral, worth-reading) recommendations on how to get a sufficiently sane privacy configuration for situations in which you can't give up on Chromium (because in example you need to work with local Chromecast for screen sharing)? 😐

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