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Personal challenge for today: Give up on participating in discussions, both on- and offline, that just focus on (repeatedly and in strong language) pointing out problems but lack any ideas how to actually *improve* things. Yes we *know* there's a load of issues to be addressed, but *none* of them will change if we keep re-iterating what's wrong.

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Kristian, born 1977. Dresden. Software tech lead and senior developer by day. Dark music and literature enthusiast by night. Into philosophy, photograpy and FLOSS (mostly the political, social, business aspects). Firmly believes into technology as something that has to serve human beings as good as it somehow can. Desktop and user ever since the late 1990s. , dev. Sceptical user. practicioner.

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If you can help it, please don't pirate works of fiction. You can check out ebooks from the local library, and that pays the author per checkout.

Yes, pirated books do typically cut into income because people pirating typically have, at minimum, access to a library. And writers make VERY little money, typically less than minimum. As do their editors and agents.

I can understand textbooks. Fiction? Go to the library.

Iron Maiden - "Caught somewhere in time"

... favorite (Iron Maiden) album. One of my favorite tracks they did. Maybe favorite guitar solo on any IM album. Wonderful Derek Riggs cover artwork filled with hints to Blade Runner as well as early Iron Maiden albums. I'm looking back at my 17-year-old self sitting in a dark nightliner bus on school trip to London. Moody in any way possible...

Mundart und so: Eigentlich steht dort "Feierabend-Bier". Nur echt aus dem erzgebirgischen Zwönitz. 😉 Schönen Abend Euch!

Current mission: Move my laptop from GNOME to and try to make most of my workflows, well, work again. Let's see how it moves on.

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First beta of /e/ , formerly known as eelo, is here to provide a "Google-free" Android phone based on . Seems worth taking a closer look.

"[...]He pointed out that Twitter was basically a better RSS feed, since it could show you what people thought about an article in addition to the article itself. It allowed you to follow people and not just channels. Gillmor told his readers that it was time to let RSS recede into the background. [...]"

While I don't generally agree, I think reading this article is a great help for understanding use cases, motivations and success of platforms such as Twitter or Fb.

Guten Morgen alle. Kommt gut in die neue Woche! 😉

A tiny Espresso Macchiato, now continue reading "The book of pf". Sunday - funday.

#coffee #openbsd

Musique noir...

Black Cloud, Lost Days, by Somewhere off Jazz Street

8 track album


Wenzel - "Ich hab mein Vaterland so gerne"

... wenn es liegt weit weit in der Ferne ...

Provided to YouTube by Indigo Ich hab mein Vaterland so gerne · Wenzel Viva la poesia ℗ 2014 Matrosenblau Released on: 2014-12-05 Composer: Hans-Eckardt Wenz...

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