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Kristian / z428

Ein Bericht vom Gemeingütertag in Dortmund
„Eine Zeit, in der sich die Menschen befreien von den Konzernen, die die Gemeingüter als Privatbesitz betrachten, mit denen sie Profit machen und die die Welt beherrschen wollen.“

Das Röntgenteleskop Chandra hat offenbar zum ersten Mal beobachtet, wie ein Stern einen seiner jungen Planeten verschlingt.… #Astronomie #Chandra

The newsletter is out in 5 languages (DE/EN/ES/FR/NL):

read about #savecodeshare #rmll #lsm #publiccode

Today we're releasing a #NetNeutrality Defense Guide that includes everything you need to ensure your representatives learn how important an Open Internet is to you.

Can anyone suggest a business model to live off mobile apps, keep them open source or Software Libre and not depend upon advertisements or donations?

We at @fsfe are looking for a project manager to support our work to empower people to control technology.

Help us manage and organise larger @fsfe events in the legal, economic, social or political field & support our volunteers


Watch "The Hangman," a Classic Animated Film That Explores What Happens When No One Dares to Stand Up to Evil

"I am not a progressive. I think the idea of progress an invidious and generally harmful mistake. I am interested in change, which is an entirely different matter."

The Van Gogh Museum has digitalised and made available for download 986 of his paintings for non-commercial use! And there's contact information if you'd like to use it for commercial projects. A PDF with terms and conditions can be downloaded if you click the download button on a painting.
#art #vangogh

Do you think the had the same impact on fighting in Europe Twitter and other "large" social networks had?

We've just written to the European Commission to give insights on what we see as sustainable and progressive solutions to fight illegal content on the internet. tweeted by @mozilla

RT "Horst Seehofer hat den Anstand verloren. Daran gibt es keinen Zweifel mehr. Er täte sich und dem Land einen großen Gefallen, wenn er ginge."