@kaffeeringe I saw the original tweet the day it was posted
I still agree with that text

@kaffeeringe I used to use "smart oven" as a cautionary extreme end state for smart tech where it can literally burn your house down if someone gets access to it

but then I found out those actually exist

@ben @kaffeeringe There are also smart insulin pumps and smart pacemakers that can be controlled over Bluetooth. It's not quite IP-on-the-open-internet, but someone in the same cafe could give you a lethal insulin dose from their phone.

>mechanical windows
>my stupid ass: "How do you get a mechanical Microsoft Windows?"

@kaffeeringe was going to reply with caption only but gotta repost as an image, lol 500chara

@kaffeeringe I've had customers brag to me about their smart locks on their houses and cars and I just go 😬

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