The next Private Citizen episode is gonna be special. We’re gonna get some historical education in.


What a pity that there can not be open discussion about what kind of ideas you included.
First, congratulations for the courage to tackle this immense topic.
Second, since you broadcast in English it's important to get this correct for the international audience albeit the needed generalisations.

Here some history on health systems (ref.: Bismarck created social security?!):
DieLinke ist a merger from PDS but also WASG.

OK, I continue to listen...

@nurinoas What makes you think there can't be an open discussion? I feature discussions with my listeners (I call them producers) on pretty much every single show. Just included a big bunch of feedback in episode 35, which I am going to record now. Contact details are in the show notes.

Misunderstanding. We are not diverting.

I was encouraging a live feedback like a jitsi / bigbluebotton forum.

In email based feedback there is a time lack, only.

@nurinoas Yep, but that way I can include it in the podcast and everyone can participate and gets value from it.

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