Stories 2.0

- Federated
- Video Support
- Public or Private
- Viewer Stats
- URL Redirects (Swipe Up)
- Collections (Pinned to Profile)
- Reactions

We can't wait to ship this πŸš€


@pixelfed ... any app (available or soon) to support that? I'm continuously trying to convince Instagram users to consider pixelfed; finding an app that is somewhere close to Instagram on Android or iOS still seems a core pain point here. 😐

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Hi @z428 our friends at @PixelDroid are making good efforts on that regard. It's beta (but usable) on their git instance and @IzzyOnDroid repo (for @fdroidorg


@xosem Ok, thanks, gonna have a look at this. So far I tried here which works okay for me but is a hard tool to recommend to someone who's just into pictures and very much "used" to the Instagram app.

@PixelDroid @IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg @pixelfed

@z428 @pixelfed it's not exposed on the API yet and we can't support stories without that... But we've been told it will be. Eventually.

Plenty of other work to be done on the app anyway, so it's not super urgent.

@z428 @pixelfed @toni Do you think iOS users would pay for such and app, or were you thinking a free app?

@fahrni Interesting question..... Torn between saying "it should be paid" in order to avoid that Instagram/Facebook-"gratis-and-you're-the-product" trap - and the fact that users actually are used to having these services and apps for free(-as-in-"gratis"). 😐

@pixelfed @toni

@z428 @fahrni @pixelfed I believe that developers should get paid. I really like how for example MusicHarbor app is free for basic features but offers in app purchases for nice to have premium features. Pixelfed app could implement something similar?

@toni Generally I agree very much. One of the "problems" I see here: Paying for an app does just and exactly that - pay the app dev a hopefully fair share. While that's a good thing, I wonder whether it would require a more holistic approach to also fund, like, development of server sided components and especially hosting/running instances this way to get a more sustainable service...? @fahrni @pixelfed

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