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LibreOffice rant (ish) 

- open LibreOffice impress
- enter some text
- search for ~10 minutes how to left-align my bullet points
- no success
- close LibreOffice
- open Latex Beamer

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Johnson and Johnson is the cool vaccine.

Social media is rife with vaccine braggarts claiming allegiance to #TeamPfizer or the #ModernaGang. You’d think I’d be jealous, since I didn’t get either of those vaccines. I got the vax that youths on TikTok are comparing to a flip phone. But guess what? I’m sitting over here, chuckling at those chumps and their two-shot vaccines. Why? I’m a one-shotter, baby. I received the coolest, the most efficient, the least painful, and the most elite vaccine of all. I’m J&J, all the way.

Very well written, fun to read!

#vaccine Johnson & Johnson Is the Cool Vaccine

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The public schools teach even less. Hawaiian language itself was *illegal* to speak in Hawaii till 1986, & in 2018, a professor from Maui (Kalekoa Ka'eo) was arrested for speaking Hawaiian in a courtroom (despite Hawaiian being an official language here).

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As the deadline draws near, even old conservative scientists start to realize that technological solutionnism led us into a wall (we're about to smash the 1.5°C one) and only immediate and effective reduction of emissions and consumption may help us stay below 3°C.

"If we want to keep people safe then large and sustained cuts to carbon emissions need to happen now [...] The time for wishful thinking is over."

#climate #environment #actNow #science

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I just heard that German health insurances do not cover the cost (500 Euro) for HPV vaccine for men (and also not women > 18 years (some cover up to 25 for women)).
At the same time, some cover the cost of homeopathy. Truly outrageous! HPV vaccine only for rich men, useless sugar pills for anyone.

I love that the community stands up against adding telemetry to Audacity. I do *not* love that everyone thinks they should flood the github PR with meaningless posts. I literally just read:

"I thought this is a joke. It's not funny. I guess all that had to be said about this has already been said."

If everything has been said, then why do you need to add your opinion? There are literally hundreds of answers already. You can give your thumbs up to those.

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An anarchist from #Azerbaijan Bairam Mamedov was found dead couple of days ago in Turkey. No details of the death are known yet. In 2016 he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for action against dictator Aliev and released in 2019 by president pardon.

#anarchism #anarchist

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Apparently the new audacity owners are adding telemetry to it :/ This is....concerning. Especially because that PR discussion has _zero_ opposition to the feature being added

Is anyone else regularly checking the covid-cases of Israel, only because it's so awesome that vaccinations actually work?

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Side note about this: Remember the Notre Dame fire when billionaires promised to donate to repair and restore it?

None of them followed through.


Because they all had demands attached to control the reconstruction.

Because it's not about altruism, it's about CONTROL.


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The fear of socioeconomic descent is real for me. Especially with certain things it bubbles to the surface. Right now I'm in a relatively expensive train (ICE in Germany). Every time I do this and the ticket gets checked, I have these thoughts around "What if one day I won't be able to easily afford a ticket and this check would be something to fear?".

I think this fear is part of what makes me stay in line with the capitalist system even though I dislike it so much.

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@Sylvhem Not only bots. I take issue with people having conversations on public timelines.

I think original posts should be made public, if wanted. Any comments on this post should be unlisted by default - unless manually changed to public. This would reduce noise in the federated timeline and improve discoverability for everyone.
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