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I changed my profile picture! If you follow me since a while, and you are also a visual animal like me, you might get confused by this. Therefore here my old picture (elephant).

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People who moan about "No real action is organized on your secure tools, foss nerds"

Wait for the moment where govt will start politely asking to start throwing sticks into your wheels form likes of Twitter and Facebook and we'll see from there.

I'm talking from actual experience where our social networks claimed to protect our rights and activism was enthusiastically organized on vk and ok.

Now both resources strangely delete groups, disclose chat contents and etc.

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Oh, was bought by Microsoft without me noticing.

Seems like the big tool sale is coming with Microsoft either buying all sorts of development tools or draining the tools money influx by providing a tool with same or similar functionality for free.

"Get all the free candy kids, I'm just a nice uncle Microsoft."


Are there any weather nerds out there? Where do your get your weather forecasts? Has anyone done a systematic comparison of quality of forecasts between the forecast providers? Any nice open source weather forecast projects?

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So a work colleague sent out an invite over Google Calendar to a videoconference hosted on our company Jitsi server yesterday, and because Google is "smart" they decided to add prominent links to *its own service* to the in more prominent than the actual link to our Jitsi server that we were using. It did so without asking permission or prior warning.

After the customer sat in an empty Google meeting for 10 minutes we phoned directly to direct him to the proper meeting...

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Siberia dries out as #forests #burn and #climate #heats

Residents of the small #Arctic town of #Khatanga have never experienced anything like it: their home is changing at a gallop as #Siberia dries out.
Khatanga – population around 3,500 – is well north of the #ArcticCircle, with usual daytime temp. at this time of year hovering round a chilly 0°C.

On 22 May the temp. in the town reached 25°C – more than DOUBLE the record to date.

#ClimateCrisis @climatejustice

Python programming shenanigans 

I just did "pip install update" and believe it or not it installed the package "update". That's not a suspiciously named package at all..

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"A New RegExp Engine in SpiderMonkey" by Iain Ireland

Interesting post. I knew Firefox used the same regex engine as Chrome, but it's neat to see the details.

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31 years ago, hope blossomed in Europe. In China, it was crushed.

For a while it looked like China was coming around. The 90s were a decade full of optimism for the future. China had been step by step liberalizing ever since 1978 after all. When Hong Kong was handed over to China, people were cautious, many people left. But as things seemed to stay normal, people and business returned.

Today, as strong and unified as China is, politically, economically and militarily, it's still too weak to speak openly about the past. Mention Tiananmen Square or 6/4 on Chinese networks today and nobody will see it. Many people born after 1989 haven't heard of it.

Freedom in Hong Kong has been continually eroded. Today for the first time in 30 years, the authorities won't approve a candlelight vigil in Victoria Park for the victims of 6/4, citing health risks even though businesses, swimming pools and schools are now opening up.

It doesn't look good. Not good at all.

#六四31周年 #hongkong #junefour #tiananmen
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I hate GNOME calling Videos to video player and Files to filesystem browser and all that because their real binary name is not that and I don't know which program should I code from the terminal.

At least I'm a clever guy and use `xdg-open` but... this is not good.

Also, time saver:
alias open="xdg-open"

Maybe I'll create a separate Firefox account on which I don't use any adblockers or tracking blockers. Just to see what it's like to experience the internet the way that most people actually do.

(everyone I know blocks trackers and ads too, that's what I meant with living in a bubble)

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When I do get advertisements (and of course I rarely get them thanks to uBlock origin), they are for completely random stuff that isn't remotely interesting to me.

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I just had an absurd experience that made me realize just how much in a bubble I'm living.

We're having an online language class (I'm learning Hebrew) and the teacher sent us a youtube link with a hebrew song. One of the other participants was unmuted. When she clicked on the link, we all heard (via her microphone) the video playing. But first, a commercial for baby formula. She was sitting in front of the camera with her baby on her lap. Apparently, such is life when you don't block trackers.

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If you want to migrate from #adobe After Effect for something that respect (not insult) your freedom, have a look on #natron project.

Natron is a Free and #OpenSource Compositing Software For #VFX and Motion Graphics. It is available for GNU/Linux, Windows and macOS.
#FreeSoftware #FOSS #floss

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