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you weary giants of flesh and steel and votes and taxes and product safety regulations and financial transparency laws and water mains and sewerage systems and annoyingly visible homeless encampments that don't respond to a single left swipe

I got a trial package of yellow tea. Never had yellow tea before, and it's fantastic! It feels like a mix between white and black tea, more leaning towards black but with the smooth feeling of white.

Does someone here offer professional pen-testing?

A friend working for a quit-smoking app needs their app and backend pen-tested. Preferably he needs a German testing company. Could also be an international company but the testing has to be compliant with the German BSI guidelines.

They need a "white box" test with "moderate attack strength".

(Boosting ok/appreciated)

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@nytpu @afranke flatkill is fear mongering and very much inaccurate. I wouldn’t put much weight to the statements there. here’s a response:

You can use flatpak just fine on postmarketOS and other alpine-based systems. IIRC you just need to install flatpak itself and it’s dependencies built on top of alpine.

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RT @ExcelPope
Person 1: The glass is 1/2 full

Person 2: The glass is 1/2 empty

Excel: The glass is the 1st of February

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"If it ain’t federated, don’t fix it"

- Fediverse proverbs


I think customer support at most companies prefers you to send an email instead of calling, because it's less time for them to answer.

And in general I would also prefer email. But when I call, I get an answer in about 10 minutes, whereas I'll only get an answer by mail after typically a few days.

I think one could create an easy win-win situation if a company gives a guarantee on an email reply within, say, 30 minutes.

When I tooted this I was aware that probably most posts with the hashtag would be about the Desktop Environment, but I was still surprised by how many..

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Yesterday I drank a glass of oatmilk in which I had poured a good amount of cinnamon. Half an hour later I started to feel comfortably warm all over the body, I even had to take off my pullover.

Coincidence? Or does anyone else have experience with cinnamon for warming up? I searched the internet for it and of course found plenty of articles mentioning it, but you'll always find articles on any food-related effect imaginable..

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"One toot a day keeps the tw*tter away"

-Fediverse proverb


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Are you a software maintainer? Please upload your releases with source code to and make this a part of your release process. This will ensure that anyone wanting to use your software in the future will be able to find it. Please boost.

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Happy 25th Anniversary! Join us in celebrating 25 years of community values, software freedom and friendship.


I just received the update to KDE Plasma 5.23. Everyting feels.. snappier? I'm really happy with it so far, kudos @kde!

I've had my fair share of rants about Plasma in the past, but now I really think they've reached maturity (since some months).

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The most valuable thing you have is your attention. Take care of it. Don't give it away. Don't exchange it for things you don't need. Use it wisely.

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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was published 42 years ago today.

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On the "Mozilla" subject. Let's face it, we don't have a mature and truly open browser nowadays. Despite the fact that Mozilla exist as foundation they're on the quest for revenue. And this is the main problem.
We need an open browser which is not driven by revenue, backed by foundation, and truly Open Source. And it must be just a browser, no bloatware, no tracking, no commercialization at all.
The web is a public place and we need a browser for public.

#mozilla #browser #opensource

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