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Whenever mathematicians invoke theorems, I always picture them as anime characters calling out their attacks in a fight.

Dedekinnnndddd CUT! (slices across the real line)

Frobenius! Automorphism! (transforms into a car)

Taaaate... Shafareviiich... GROUP! (summons a swarm of sharp geometric shurikens)

RIEMAAAAANNNN!!! HYPOTHESISSSSS!! (ultimate attack, unblockable, ignores all defenses, huge mushroom cloud leaving behind a huge smouldering crater)

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This was super surreal. I was just reading through my RSS feed, and I saw that someone was colorizing public domain films, and I was getting ready to compare their results with mine when I realized that it was an article about me.

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Overall, which one would you use?

Please boost.

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Together with a group of Berlin based artists, students, and event organizers we want to open a Berlin instance of the new federated event platform Mobilizon @mobilizon (part of @fediverse) and get people out of the Facebook Events. We are looking for people to help us with the installation, maintenance, code of conduct etc.
@gnuHU_linux @clubdiscordia @cryptoparty_berlin @reclaim_club_culture

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Tonight in #CircusInPlace I'll be taking another desperately needed break from reality to move my body and chat with friendly people.

If any of those things sound appealing I'd welcome the company.

The #clown powered #acrobatic #circus silliness starts at 8pm UTC-5:

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You’ve heard of serverless cloud architecture :meowtired: :blobcatsleep:

Now, get ready for… 🥁🥁🥁

:blobcheerL: Cloudless server architecture :blobcheerR:

We’re offering features you thought you could only dream of:

Hardened database security: Databases don’t have to be exposed to the network thanks to the wonders of On-System Databases™ and Unix Sockets™, hardening security tenfold!
Latency-free database connections: As if that wasn’t good enough, On-System Databases™ allow you to dramatically reduce latency by bypassing the need for pesky network connections!
On-Demand Web Worker Process Spawning™ using the Common Gateway Interface™
Bare-Metal Access™ to On-Server Storage™ for unparalleled Read™ and Write™ speeds
Predictable costs: No more surprise bills. Pay only for what you specify! Our patent-pending Hardware Limitations™ automatically throttles your cloudless server if you reach capacity
Documentation: tired of trying to navigate through the jungle of outdated and incorrect Azure or AWS documentation? Don’t fret! Operating systems are documented by the most dedicated gangs of nerds you can find on freenode!

Maltimore boosted usage has hit a record high, likely due to European lockdowns. 80K+ IPs have visited in the last week opening 360K pads. Notably, registration and drive usage are up 30% from April, showing CryptPad users are here to stay! #privacy #e2ee #cryptpad

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I'll be talking about #Flathub tomorrow at 18:15 UTC on LAS2020. Drop by to listen about what and how we have been doing this year and what are the plans for the future.

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3-fold nested tmux 

I do everything on my laptop with tmux, and therefore in my bashrc I automatically start tmux.

If I ssh into a server, it opens another tmux there, so it's twice nested.

Now, due to some unreachable port shenanigans, I need to use docker. Within the docker image, I get another tmux session, leaving me with a crazy 3-fold nested tmux that is at times hard to navigate.

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I'm *so* here for plenty of trips down memory lane. I mean who even remembers all the craziness that came out of the White House when the Mooch was still around.

In 20 years, people are gonna ask "Where were you when they called Biden?"

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